Best of Weekly Round Up: Coolest Office Supplies

Weekly Round up 197We’ve explored the net far and wide for cool things and discovered some really unique and funky stuff. On this round up, we’ve found various interesting items from fun toys to creative peripherals to some really geeky office equipment. Enjoy this roundup of the coolest office supplies on the internet!

Tetris LED LightsNever get bored and play tetris with this LED desk lamp!
Tape DispenserTape dispenser. I see what you did there.
Lego Mug

This looks like a pretty fun mug to use, despite looking like it might be a tad bit uncomfortable to drink from.
Camera Lens MugAnd here’s another mug, but in the shape of a camera lens
Camerea Lens ThermosSpeaking of camera lens. Here’s a thermos also in the shape of one.
Magic BookGot some important office notes to write? Make it seem like the secret of the ages with this magic book notebook
Message In A Bottle USB DriveBut if you prefer a paperless way to write a message, here’s a message in a bottle USB
Staple Remover This is probably one of the coolest staple removers to have ever been made
Letter Opener Need something a little sharper and geekier? How about this Lord of the Rings styled letter openerDesktop Skee Ball When you’re done admiring that new fancy letter opener, have fun with this mini skeeball. Like and Dislike Stamps Finally here are facebook styled like/dislike stamps. And speaking of likes… if you enjoyed this article, like us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop with our future blog posts!