Best of Weekly Round Up: Turkey Food Art

Fruit Turkey Blog Master

It’s that time of the year again. When we think of November, we think of Thanksgiving. When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of FOOD. And when we think of food, we can’t help it but think of turkey. Oh, and we’re not forgetting our favorite feast- the mash potatoes, mac n’ cheese, broccoli/spinach dip, ham, cake, yum… Right? We have to say that logic totally makes sense! So for this roundup, we’ve gathered a bunch of turkey-like snacks! Enjoy these amazing turkey food art ideas, get inspired, and maybe you can try some of them for your Thanksgiving meal. Just try not to eat the page! (OK, we kid.) Happy November!

Cupcake TurkeyHere’s a chocolatey delight, turkey cupcake! Looks sweet!

Fruit TurkeyHealthy fruit turkey. It looks sooo delicious!

Rice Crispy TurkeyHere’s a turkey rice cake!

Snack Bag TurkeyTurkey trail mix? I’m down for some of that!

Turkey PopTurkey pops anyone? Inspired from our favorite cake pops.

Turkey PuddingChocolate pudding turkey. This one’s pretty cute!

Turkey Nutter Butters Nutter Butters is one of my favorites. Love the eyes!

Turkey Sandwich Peanut Butter Sandwich turkey face!

Turkey CakeSo fancy,  so detailed, so sweet, so awesome!

We told you these ideas were awesome! Anyone planning on trying some of them? Let us know what dishes you’re planning for Thanksgiving this year by leaving a comment below!