Office Weekly Roundup: Epic Ice Sculptures

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Building snowmen when there’s an abundance of snow everywhere you look is as inevitable as snow angels, snowball fights, and sledding. It’s also the best time to make ice sculptures that are just as unique as the snowflakes you are catching on your tongue. For this week’s roundup, we’re taking a look at the most elaborate works of art done entirely with ice.


This sculpture reminds us of the 1995 animated film “Balto,” a dog that was part of a dogsledding team tasked with delivering medicine to a small town with sick residents. It’s actually a little befitting that Balto is immortalized here in ice (assuming, of course, that this is a likeness).

Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival in Brugge

This legendary ice knight rides off into battle to protect the ice king and the ice kingdom from its enemies, which we assume are made out of antifreeze, fire, or a combination of both. The detail in the knight’s armor is phenomenal. We wonder how the artist managed to make the knight’s sword?


We just got an idea for the perfect winter romantic walk: You and your significant other are taking a walk through the woods in blissful peace and solitude, and then you take your partner through a path that leads to this marvelous ice sculpture of an angel. We’ll let you come up with the perfect line to say and how to say it.


We’re just glad that this mosquito isn’t too interested in making a meal out of our arms and legs. That would be one epic drink we wouldn’t wish on anyone. We’ll just treat it the way we treat bees and squirrels: appreciate it from a distance.


These larger-than-life ice sculptures were all made in China and are not only huge, but have a level of detail that makes us believe they were made with oversized, industrial-grade 3D printers. Or maybe some humans are so accurate that they don’t need machinery; you never know.


Some ice sculptures just look divine in natural light, but this one takes the cake. Not only does the sunlight coming through this sculpture look like it’s not of this world, but it’s even positioned in an open embrace towards the sky. Simply marvelous.


Cold is not what immediately comes to mind when you’re thinking about things that go fast, especially motorcycles. But this motorcycle has flames on it, so it might be a puddle by the time you’re ready to hit the road.


Given the location, we think that this bird of prey was in the middle of catching its daily meal when both the bird and the fish were flash-frozen by sudden, extreme cold. They are now forever immortalized in this sculpture (but that bird is definitely still hungry).