The #CareShareGrow Twitter Party: Prize Sneak Peak

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Get ready for some fun! Our Twitter Party is tomorrow and we are ready to give away prizes to our hardest partiers! As a reminder, here is the exact time and date for the #CareShareGrow Twitter Party. For every tweet with #CareShareGrow during the Twitter Party, we plant 1 tree in your honor. So ,help us plant as many trees as possible by joining in, inviting your friends, and tweeting with us!

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Of course, our party wouldn’t be complete without awesome prizes. We are giving all of you the #CareShareGrow Twitter Party: Prize Sneak Peak, to show what you can win by tweeting with us! Here is a sneak peak at the bundles!

Kindle Fire HD from Deflecto

The new Kindle Fire HD, courtesy of our friends at Deflecto.

Prize 1

This package has an Ampad EZ flag legal pad, a seriously slick Contact Keeper binder and a Westcott Eco ruler and scissors. The ruler and scissors were the same ones used in our CSG video!

Prize 2

This set includes HP’s New EcoFicient paper, reusable sleeves from Globe- Weis and Pentel pens.

Prize 3

This package includes HP EcoFicient paper, colorful Pendaflex drawer folders and a Charger Leash for your divices!

Prize 4

Printworks top punch paper, a package of Bic EcoLutions pencils and an Ampad Reloadable Simple Sort Legal Pad.

Prize 5

Awesomely organized with Cardinal’s Super Life Binder, Kleer-Fax Green Tab Series Indexes and Hammermill paper.

Prize 6

Holiday mailings made simple with a Kleer-Fax Wallet, a box of Quality Park Eco envelopes, Bic EcoLutions pens and Westcott eco scissors and ruler!

Prize 7

Plan ahead and organize your holiday ideas with a 5 pack of colorful Kleer- fax file pockets, a recycled House Of Dolittle calendar, and Bic Ecolutions pencils.

Prize 8

This package of Neenah Astrobrights Eco paper was used to make our super cute planter in the CSG Video! This set also comes with Bic EcoLutions pens and white. out.

 So if you wanna help save the earth, plant more trees, and win awesome prizes, join us for our Twitter Party. No RSVP needed but we would appreciate it if you let us know if you are attending by going to this event page. See you all then!