5 Must Have Office Desktop Toys ( I mean office supplies)

Office desktop missile launcher

The Ultimate Office Protector

Wahahahaha, I couldn’t help but to start a blog post with this action packed missile launcher ready for office warfare. They are just too irresistible at first glance, stirring up all kinds of imageries of mischief and destruction in my mind. It gets even better, this toy, I mean office supply in disguise, comes with a built-in-webcam, allowing one to control the direction of this provocateur remotely through the magic that is instant messaging. Ready, aim, I dare you to come near my desk!

Office work calendar

Office Work Pacer

This wondrous calendar sums up my work philosophy in less than one sentence! Let’s see, today is Thursday, I thus far feel like I have put 23% of myself in, 3% more than scheduled on my calendar… better to pace myself a little.

Office post it

The Ultimate Post-Its

Now, will these Post-its really help me organize my to-do list better? Or will it just be another excuse for me to splurge on something I can scribble on, post it somewhere, take it off, and post it somewhere else?

Office Ipod Lego Speakers

Ipod Speaker for Desktop

Exactly what every Ipod and desktop needs! Another way to project sound, and dress up your most indispensable gadget. These Lego speakers will definitely bring out the kid in every Ipod, and possibly you too!

Office Zen

Happiness at Work Essentials

The key to happiness at work is to not get stressed out in the midst of things. Instead of teetering on the edge of insanity, hands ready to leap to your coworker’s throat, I would highly recommend one to direct one’s hand somewhere else. Everyone should have a miniature Zen garden at their desk, to tend away those frustrating moments at the office that seem to occur more than is necessary.

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  • Nirmal

    that was a brilliant list. i hope u’ll find more and expand it! i had a greta laugh!

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  • lol
    It’s to shot anyone ur annoyed with, get’em in the cam as the target, lock and shot!! (My Imagination LoL)

  • I haven’t seen that missile launcher ever in my life and still can’t figure out its main function.

  • That missile launcher has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen. My work is just like the show the office and I could see us all using it. If my wife wouldn’t get pissed at me I’d be buying that thing right now.