Coolest Office Spaces


Wearable office space

Wearable office space

Designed by Fashion Superstar Hussein Chalayan, who consistently pushes the boundary of fashion in terms of material, construction, and spatial configurations. In this dress, designed for the 2000 winter collection, where he explored the relationship between furniture & fashion, he was able to turn workable surface into a fashion statement, and vice versa. Now if only someone could turn office work into something just as fashionable, or as easy to get in or get out of? Mmm, now that’s food for thoughts!


The Google Plex

The Google Plex, need I say more?

Probably one of the more guesstimated, gossiped about, or simply googled workplace since its inception. The Google Plex, located in Mountain View, California, home to some of the most sought after employees in the world, include office amenities and benefits that are truly the stuff of legends. Just to name a few, the Plex come fully stocked with micro-kitchens, giant rubber balls, Legos, and is comprised of 11 cafeterias of diverse selections, various sports facilities, and laundry rooms. Now, the eternal question, does the office make the employee, or employee the office?


tallest office with the best view

The office with THE VIEW

Taipei 101, residing in the heart of Taiwan, Is currently ranked as the world’s tallest building at 1667 feet upon completion in 2005. However, the building’s boast to fame may not be for long as the Burj Dubai in Dubai, UAE, is in the final stages of construction and awaiting occupancy in 2009. Is it just me, or has Dubai being attempting to outrank everyone and everything in breadth, width, and height?


Office on the go


Office on the go
The next time you feel frustrated working with coworkers, doesn’t seem productive at all, senses and minds dulled by the humdrum sounds of the office appliances, take a spin on this phenomenal device and take your office duties outside. I am sure the collaborative efforts required and the rush of fresh oxygen will boost not only camaraderie, but brain cell and muscle cell productivity. Anyone up for a collective ride?



The cheapest office suite lying around- you can own one too

OpenOffice is an all inclusive office suite released in 2000 with the aim of providing people with a high qualified alternative to the Microsoft Office, in an attempt to reduce the monopolistic hold Microsoft has on the word-processing sphere. This is not exactly the first thing one would think of when one mentions the words cool office suite, however for the unlimited white open space allotted for one to exercise their productive imagination, at the relative price of none, I am getting one and so definitely should you!

  • It can really be amusing how inventors go far just to show their innovativeness. I am really awed by the skirt turning into a table-like furniture. Cool stuff!

  • Vogmi

    My office could definitely use any of these cool features. With a wearable desk and the conference bike the whole meeting could be transferred to the park without even taking a break on the way there! Well, all in theory.