pentel drafting pencils

I have been obsessed with these Pentel Sharp Mechanical Drafting Pencils for a very long time. Using them makes you look and feel smart which is nice. I tried out one in 0.5mm and one in 0.9mm – I like the 0.5mm one better because I thought the writing flowed a little easier. The problem I have with these pencils is their tiny, tiny eraser. But then I remembered, this is why most people have a little extra eraser with them. Because no matter how big they make the eraser, it is never big enough to outlast the pencil.

Have you tried these pencils before? What is your favorite pencil?

  • Grace

    I really want the blue! I didn’t see it when I was ordering mine but I definitely want to get the blue and the green next time.

    Thanks for the tip about the Pentel Click-Erasers! I have used those and they would be the perfect companion for this pencil.

  • OH and I use the Pentel Click-Erasers for an eraser…..they seem to last forever and erase very cleanly.

  • Ooooooh I LOVE Pentel pencils. I have the 0.7 one (the blue one, which is not pictured), and have used it a TON. I keep my checkbook stuff in a ledger, and actually prefer to use a 0.5 for writing numbers in tiny columns, but my .07 is great for daily writing. When I was in college full-time again a few years ago, Pentel “Quicker-Clicker” pencils were my choice for taking notes in lectures and doing math work in stats class. Those Pentel drafting pencils are very similar to what my father used (he was an electrical engineer), so I guess I get nostalgic about them too. Thank you for posting these :)