Stamp Pad Test

I’m really into stamps and stamp pads these days so I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned. Always always go for stamps that are made for the Office or archival or use some sort of industrial words in the title. Never ever choose washable Kid’s stamps (unless they are for kids of course!) The “professional” stamps get a lot more impressions and they have so much more ink in them.

The Carter Stamp Pad – $1.65 – is great. I didn’t realize that Carter is actually owned by Avery, just so you know.

The “Premium Stamp Pad” was 3 or 4 dollars and I grabbed it at the store real quick one day. I love this one! Very deep, dark blue and easy to stamp.

The Archival Brilliance Stamp Pad by Tsukineko – $9!! – It is expensive but the gold is soo soo cool.

Melissa & Doug Rainbow 6 Color Stamp Pad
. 5 bucks. Not a big fan. Really sad about this purchase actually. They are very watery with not a lot of color. The last pic in this post shows what they look like. I guess they are good and safe for kids?

Inkadinkado Black Stamp Pad from Target – 3 bucks? – I’ve had this one for a little while. It’s pretty good? The thing is, I got a pink one that is the same brand and it does not work at all. So Inkadinkado is hit or miss.

Do you use a lot of stamp pads? I’d love to get so more recommendations of other ones to try. Tell me which brand is your favorite!

  • Grace

    ooh thanks for your tips! I’ve never heard about storing them upside down. One of my stamps came with an extra tight fighting case that fits exactly over the pad which I think is smart too.

  • LisaT

    I have also found Inkadinkado products to be hit or miss (mostly miss, in my case). My tips: Store your stamp pads upside down, it keeps the pad nice and “juicy”. Baby Wipes make very good stamp cleaners, if you don’t mind the fragrance in them .