Summer Look Book for your Marketing Campaign

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Every business has a specific vibe they want their associates to project. What better way to express your brand’s style and culture than through outfitting your staff!  One of the more difficult tasks is choosing the gear that speaks to the customers you want to attract. Clothing has a direct effect on how we feel about ourselves and it definitely has an effect on what customers think about your brand. Lucky for all of us, branded apparel has come a long way from the good ol’ box t- shirt. With all the amazing options to choose from, it can be tough trying to achieve a look that is right for your business.

There is a lot to consider when choosing apparel such as your target customer, the company mission, the current season, fashion trends and any philanthropic ventures your company might be involved in. Lets break it down and try to make life a little easier with some great looks for your marketing campaign.

Young  fresh!

If your target audience is young, this is a great look. Bright, vivid colors and body conscious cuts are super flattering on almost anyone while still erring on the side of conservative. Adding accessories like a color block baseball cap and a trendy backpack really pull this look together. Great for family friendly, youth, health and children’s entertainment brands.

Corporate casual

A classic polo is always a great look and super comfy. Paired with khakis, this look can go from office to the storefront. You can get creative with your polo by choosing fashion fabrics like a silken finish for a more formal look, performance polyester for the summer months, or a classic cotton jersey. Paired with a smart messenger bag, your team will definitely make a statement. Great for just about any brand with a corporate casual culture.

Executive chic

When you need to turn it up a notch (or two) This is a great look. Classic button downs shirts are always smart and flattering on almost any body type. Pair it with dress slacks or a pencil skirt and you’ll look put together in no time. A classic brief case or satchel is a classy addition to this look. Great for upscale, financial, legal, medical and corporate brands.

edgy  trendy

Hip, fashion forward and trendy, this look is great for brands with a little bit of an edge. A cool gradient tee and flowy tank top are relaxed with a little bit of edge. Add a floppy beanie or a graphic baseball cap and you really turn up the cool. The cross body bag’s acid wash detail is also eye catching and hip. Great for brands in the fashion, music & tech fields.

Green Get up

There’s no reason why you cant look good and be eco conscious as well! Everything in this collection is made from recycled products such as water bottles or recycled polyester.  If your company stands for an environmental cause ,like Shoplet does, this is a great way to put going green into practice. Your customers will appreciate the attention to details. Doing good for the planet has never looked so good! Great for everyone, especially eco conscious brands.


If sports are your life, then this is the look for you. Casual and ready for a good game, this tank and shorts combo is made of a light weight jersey material. Jersey is known for it’s superior moisture wicking and breathability. Who wants their shirt sticking to them when you are trying to score some points right? Package this set with a roomy duffle bag or a drawstring day pack and your team is ready to go. Great for fitness, health, performance, sports retail brands and teams.