The Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts

The votes are in. Thank you guys for voting. For a complete description of the dads we identified, please see the post on Which Dad is he? It looks like overwhelming amount of people have dads from the past, followed by ties between the tree-hugging dad and the trophy dad. The dad who never was came in a close third, and the mom among dads came in last. Now that you guys all have identified your dads according to his work habitats, it’s now time to get that gift that will make his day. Presenting Shoplet’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts… For the following dads, we recommend:


Dad From the Past

Conclusion: he missed the lesson on the information economy, and the burden and speed of the 21st century is really catching up with him, anything to help him minimize, digitize and organize would be a great gift.

Lenovo Thinkpad

New laptop: with the recent advance in technology, computers are practically approaching negative pricing. Laptops are great because they are powerful, portable, and they don’t take up much space. Your dad sure could use more computing power and more space in his office. This particular laptop is the award winning Lenovo Thinkpad, which is currently priced at only $516 at our store.


USB: these quirky USBs in the shape of tree branches provide extra storage space on your dad’s computer. They will also look quite fitting next to the old computer. For more interesting USBs, please visit our recent post Flash Drives that will make your mouth water.

Digital voice recorder: a digital voice recorder could really help out your dad in managing his thought processes and his to-do lists.

Scanner: a typical scanner tend to be very flat, light-weight, and portable, thus they are great for digitizing all those papers in your dad’s office.

Filer: a filer could really help your dad out in managing those unruly papers that seemed to have taken on a life of their own.

The Tree-Hugging Dad

Conclusion: anything to help him weather the natural elements would be great.

Voltaic bag: this bag will sure to aid your outdoor dad on his toughest adventures. This backpack contains solar panels, and is able to power every one of your gadgetry needs.

Burt’s bees spf 30 sunscreen: This sunscreen provides great protection against the effects of sun damage, is completely chemical free as well.

The Mom Among Dads

Conclusion: he needs a break from the perfect dad routine.


Skydiving: sometimes the best release a man can have is to fly high through the sky. With this skydiving trip, your dad will sure to break from his responsible self, and let his inner daredevil out.

The Trophy Dad

Conclusion: he is too good at compartmentalizing at work, thus it’s really time to invade his work space.

Digital picture frame

Digital picture frame: this digital frame will hold as much cherished family memories, in both photo and video format, as possibly could. Put one in your dad’s office, and he will be sure to be reminded of his family, constantly.

The Dad Who Never Was

Conclusion: it’s time to move on from the absence of your father, which is much easier said than done.

Voodoo kit: take out your inner vengeance on this voodoo doll this father’s day, it might be quite therapeutic than you think, so don’t knock it till you try it.

Like these ideas? For some neat practical gift ideas, visit for all your needs! Happy Father’s Day, everyone! Missed our first post identifying the types of dads? No problem, you can visit our post here!