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T-shirt your favorite wardrobe item is already 100 years old! To celebrate, we’re delivering our Shoplet blog readers some fun T-shirt facts. Enjoy! 1)      Did you know that our beloved T-shirt was born as recently as 1913? 2)      By 1920, the word “T-shirt” became an

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We are giving away the perfect eco friendly way for listening to music from your Tablet, iPhone, or iPod. You will never have to worry about batteries with these super cool solar powered speakers! To enter: 1) ♥LIKE♥ our Facebook page ↗ Here 2) ♥SHARE♥

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DIY- Let’s Get Creative!

    How can we make being at the office a bit more comfortable and a lot more colorful? Easy- DIY laptop stand! Not only does it correct your posture but it will give your creative side a boost. Follow these steps and get

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Facebook to Become the New Yahoo

There has been plenty of talk regarding Facebook’s changing demographic; the 18-24 audience is slowly migrating into other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Some industry experts proclaim that demographics is the destiny to a successful social media platform. Do you agree? Share your thoughts with