31 Slices to Giveaway


Designer Karim Rashid

No you’re not winning a slice of pizza. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Quality Park! They have a great new line of products called Slice. A brief history on Slice: The designer behind these nifty products is Karim Rashid. You’ll find his work at the MoMA in New York, the Design Museum in London, and in lots of stores around the world. Slice has bagged the norm of metal blades and introduced patented ceramic tools. I never thought ceramic would be able to replace metal but apparently it’s hardness is just below diamonds. (Diamonds – 10, Ceramics – 8.2, Metal – 5.5)

A few metal vs Slice ceramics comments:

  • Metal rusts, ceramic doesn’t.
  • Metal bends, ceramic doesn’t
  • Metal wears out quickly, ceramic doesn’t.
  • Slice ceramics look really cool, metal doesn’t.

Check out Slice’s website for more benefits of choosing ceramics and see the whole line of Slice products. Now let’s talk about how we are giving away 31 prizes! Repeat – 31. Keep reading to see what you can win and how you can win it!
Slice Ceramic Safety Cutter
Perfect for scrap booking and cutting out articles, coupons, and art projects. Features Finger Friendly design, stays sharp and never rusts, and comes with a built in magnet! Learn More (10 People will win this!)


Slice Ceramic Letter Opener
No more paper cuts. Tackle the day’s mail with ease and use the built in magnet for easy storage. Safely cuts envelope and not your hand. Learn more (10 People will win this!)


Slice Ceramic Precision Cutter
Razor blades and craft knives are mean. This tool cuts everything – cardstock and posterboard is easy. Ideal for intricate shapes. Learn more (10 People will win this!)

The Grand Prize
You get all three! One Safety Cutter, One Envelope Opener, and One Precision Cutter. One person will get this!

Here’s How to win:

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  2. Tweet how you’ll use your slice! Example “@shoplet I hate opening envelopes. I want that #slice.” or comment on this blog post.
  3. Winner will be announced Monday, May 24th!
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What you can win once again…

  • 10 will win the Safety Cutter
  • 10 will win the Letter Opener
  • 10 will win the Precision Cutter
  • 1 will win all 3! (that’s 31 prizes!)

P.s. You know the shoplet rule. You can win even if you’ve won before!

Here’s our 31 winners
Grand Prize: Ethan B
Other Winners:
Terri B
stacy G
Lesli O
Lisa C
Alyson L

  • I would love to win one to use to open all my packages and mail! #slice

  • James

    Not much of a blogger, but I have been tweeting @whitbord.I have a ceramic knife at home and it is amazing! I could really use a new letter opener since I use my good knife! Gross!

  • Sherri

    Would love to have this. I want to use this to wrap gifts.

  • Julie

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  • Julie

    Sometimes scissors make my hands hurt or give me cramps. A Slice safety cutter looks simple and easy to use.

  • vantalee

    These would be great for crafting!

    Following your blog under Vjmon24 and tweeting @vantalee, Thanks!

  • Terri B

    Following you on Google Friend Connect as Terri B

  • I hate to open mail, paper cuts! ouch! This would be a great tool!

  • Caleen H

    Boy, I could really get a “slice” out of life with these awesome tools!

  • maycel

    I need the slicer to open my mail, all the paper cuts and hang nails

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  • Lesli O

    My letter opener doesn’t work because it was designed very blunt so people and envelopes wouldn’t get hurt :-(. All the cutters look nice but I would enjoy a letter opener that “opens letters”.

  • Rebeca

    i’m following…

  • Diane

    Would love to have all three or anyone of them. I do scrap booking and they would be very handy to have.

  • Kristin H

    Man, I’ve been getting papercuts just about everyday lately. This could save my life.

  • James W

    If only my letter opener had a magnet so I could put it on the fridge when I need it!


  • James W

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  • Susan

    I am following your blog.

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  • This would be so awesome for quick mock-ups of our ads! I hope we win one to try, we would probably buy a whole slew of them once we saw how great they work!

  • Lisa G

    Following your blog on google tweeting @ladylisa1 The cutter for all my coupons! I hate using my scissors!

  • BJ

    Kool devices.

  • hiiiiiii following the lovely blog on google! the slice like awesome x10304390489034 :DDDD

  • Laureen

    Who can’t use another cutting implement? Love the precision cutter.

  • I cut a LOT of coupons and could definitely use a nice cutter (that doesn’t cut ME!).

  • Jennifer Phillips

    I follow with Google Friend Connect :D

  • Nancy

    Imagine–ceramic replacing metal. I would very much like
    to win any or all of these amazing new products. Working in
    an office, I open quite a lot of mail. I am an avid crafter
    as well and these would make terrific addition to my crafting tools. Thanks for the opportunity.


    Really want to win all three!!!!! I have so many good uses for
    them all!!! No more paper cuts, no more tearing envelopes, and a
    great cutter for all sort of projects!!! Love them all!!

  • Would LOVE to receive some of these awesome products…do a ton of coupon clipping and this would save lots of time! I’m a Google follower too! Thanks much.

  • Sheryl

    I would love to have the slice to help cut out all the coupons that I cut out all the time!

  • Yik-Ting Lee

    The Ceramic Safety Cutter looks like it’ll be perfect for cutting or should I say “slicing” out coupons! =)

  • Erin Walsh

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  • Erin Walsh

    Subscriber and I’d definitely use it for coupons.

  • Joanna Orr

    This would be FAB for my sister for her cardmaking!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Glenda Lowery

    I could use all of those cutters. I think I should have them. LOL

  • Jenna

    I’m following via Google and I tweeted @KissesForUsAll. Thanks for the chance!

  • Martha

    Would love to win the paper opener. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would use these tools for EVERYTHING!! They sound GREAT! Coupons, homework & crafting, BILLS! I want some!!

  • katmagick

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  • katmagick

    I think the ceramic safety cutter might work for removing the wrappers from DVDs,CDs and video games. That would be my first choice, although I really like the precision cutter. That would work great for making collages. Well, I could definitely use them all.

  • Kim Kenty

    Would love to win any one/or all of the three ceramic tools!! Really NEAT!! I hate getting paper cuts. THANKS.


  • katmagick

    Follow @shoplet on twitter @katmagick & subscribe to your blog by email

  • Mara Richardson

    I need that letter opener – finally one that doesn’t rust!!

  • Shannon Schulte

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  • Erica Best

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  • Erica Best

    i would love the Safety Cutter for coupon.

  • Erica Best

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  • shel

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  • Kamikilako

    I’d love to win a slice, any slice type… would save me from hunting scissors, tearing coupons out leaving jagged edges. Even better I could use it to open those impossible plastic packages it seems like they put everything in, it takes a degree in bomb disposal to get what you bought out of those packages.

  • Dietra Fuller

    this would really come in handy around my home! would love to win it!

  • Miranda

    I followed using google and would love to win one, would use it in my new business!

  • Glynn

    Looks like a very good set of products, would like to win, could give the crafty items to my wife for her biz & I could keep the rest for the home office!


  • I’m following via Friend Connect.

  • I’d use the safety cutter for working on my scrapbooks. It looks small and portable.

  • Bonnie S

    I would use the slice to make cutting coupons so much easier!

  • Bonnie S

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  • Bonnie S

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  • Tracie Shumate

    This would be great to win ,since I’m a coupon Queen

  • tom p

    would be a nice way to open all the packages we get

  • tom p

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  • Jennifer B

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  • Jennifer B

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  • Jennifer B

    I would love the safety cutter!

  • Oooo! I’d love a slice of lime green!

  • I hate paper cuts! Slicing sounds better.

  • Brad

    Awesome I would love to win one

  • I could cut individual letters out of magazines to compose mysterious letters to coworkers…”I know you stole my coffee mug. Give it back or your philodendron might not be there in the morning.” That’s what I would use it for anyway.

  • stacy glossian

    I want these products. I am too dangerous with knives, I cut myself.

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  • Jamie Holzinger

    Most fashionable products I’ve seen for cutting paper. :)

  • Carole Spring

    Great Prizes! I would use them for clipping out coupons and slicing open my mail. I’m sure they would save me some paper cuts on my fingers!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

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    This would be perfect for mail opening and clipping coupons.. what a wonderful invention. would love to win one.

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    I hate paper cuts! Slicing sounds better.

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    awesome would love to win one would use them for my crafts!