Celebrate World Oceans Day During Our June #careSHAREgrow Party!

Beach season is right around the corner. For some of us around the US, beach season might already be in full swing. If you’ve already had the pleasure of enjoying the ocean waves, we’re sure you have seen a thing or two floating around in the water that perhaps shouldn’t be there. Floating water bottles, plastic bags or maybe even nasty hygiene products could be just a few of the things you might have had a run-in with on the beach. That’s why World Oceans Day is so important.

If ocean trash totally grosses you out then you’d might want to brace yourself for what’s to come. Ever heard of the Marine Garbage Patches? According to oceanographers, there are garbage patches or gyres in the ocean that can be as large as the state of Texas! We’ll leave it to you to do the research but as it turns out, we’re all swimming (and eating) from an ocean made of plastic trash.

World oceans day

The Kamilo Island landscape, A map of the planet’s Marine garbage patch locations and the most common type of plastic found in the oceans. These aren’t small rocks, they’re plastic Nurdles from the plastic manufacturing industry.

The gyres are made of various plastics, chemical sludge and other man made debris that get caught up in the ocean currents. The result is that these debris settle in 5 different areas around the world where ocean currents converge. The largest being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which rests between Japan, California and Hawaii respectively. Due to the garbage patch, the Hawaiian island of Kamilo Beach has suffered greatly. This has resulted in the island being dubbed the trash beach. The vast majority of the trash that washes up is plastic.

That’s why for the month of June we’re dedicating our #careSHAREgrow event to World Oceans Day.

world oceans day inviteLet’s celebrate our planet’s beautiful ocean and make a difference in the way we consumer this summer. We’ve got lots of fun trivia and environmental facts lined up for you. We also want to hear from you guys and would love for you to share your thoughts on the subject.  What are you guys planning on doing for World Oceans Day? We’ve got lots of amazing prizes for you and are looking forward to chatting. Make sure to R.S.V.P. for our World Oceans Day chat! Stay tuned for a sweet prize preview and we look forward to seeing you guys soon!

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