Naughty or Nice Grab Bag Day 2: Win an Interstuhl Ergonomic Stool (CLOSED)

It’s day 2 and we’re having a blast with this year’s holiday games. Today, we’re going to switch it up a bit and see how funny you guys can be. Everyone who has a pet knows that animals can be pretty darn hilarious. Things become even more hilarious when holiday decorations are thrown in the mix. Who can resist climbing that giant tree or chewing on your freshly packaged gifts? Definitely not the family pet!

Grand Prize: Interstuhl Ergonomic Stool

The Interstuhl Up Stool is a height adjustable ergonomic stool that allows you to sit while still staying active. This beautifully designed stool has a round base which encourages you to keep moving and helps you to avoid the stagnant nature of normal office seating. The Up Stool is height-adjustable, allowing you to easily sit at the proper height for optimal comfort. This stool comes in a variety of fun colors and will definitely bring a little bit of holiday cheer to any office. ONE winner will score this awesome stool in the color of their choice!

DAY 2- Interstuhl Stool

So, wanna enter for a chance to win this sweet stool? Just leave us a comment below captioning this video and you’re entered. Completing other tasks through Rafflecopter may increase your chances of winning too!


Update: Congratulations Robert B. you have your choice of one of these sweet Interstuhl stools!


Naughty or Nice Grab Bag

Hmmm.. so what will today’s Grab Bag be? It’s a secret but we’ll have some holiday spirit and give you guys a clue. Today’s Grab Bag is so sweet it’ll keep you coming back for more. Still not sure what it is? Maybe our trivia question will provide another clue. Just click on the Rafflecopter box below to reveal today’s trivia question. At the close of each event day, we will post the Grab Bag prizes, so you can see who the winners are and what the prizes were. Cool huh? All you have to do is leave us a comment below answering the trivia question and you’re entered!

Update: Congratulations to Maryann D. You win this Nice and delicious Office Snax Bundle!

DAY 2- Office Snax

*Open to U.S. residents Only

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