Day 3: Win an Eco-Products Compostable Dinnerware Set (CLOSED)

What’s our favorite part about holiday festivities? We’ have to say it’s definitely all of that delicious food! What’s our least favorite part? Cleaning up after all of that food. If you are an environmentally conscious person, we’re sure you have toiled over whether to opt for reusable or disposable dinnerware when entertaining. Opting for classic china poses risks like broken plates and heavy clean up after the party. On the flip side, disposables are easy peasy, but they also have serious effects on the environment. Well, toil no more! Today’s Grand Grand prize solves all of your issues in one sweet bundle. One lucky winner will score an Eco-Products environmentally friendly and compostable dinnerware set! Now you can face the holidays with no clean up and no guilt!

Grand Prize: Eco-Products Compostable Dinnerware Set

This set includes everything you’ll need to throw your greenest holiday party ever! You’ll get cold cups, hot cups, dinner plates, deep bowls and rectangular dinner plates. Each one comes in a pack of 50! You’ll also get a 75 pack of cutlery too. Let’s just say your holiday dinner party will be stocked the whole way through. All of these products are completely compostable, super sturdy and made from environmentally friendly sugar cane fibers. There are no chemical dyes and this set biodegrades in no time at all! ONE winner will score this awesome bundle. All this talk of holiday dinners makes us hungry!

Day 3: Win an Eco-Products Compostable Dinnerware Set

So, wanna enter for a chance to win this green dinnerware bundle? Just leave us a comment below answering today’s trivia question and you’re entered. Just click on the Rafflecopter box below to reveal today’s question. Scroll down to our comments section to leave your answer, then scroll back up to the Rafflecopter box and click “I Commented”. Completing other tasks through Rafflecopter may increase your chances of winning too! It’s that simple.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Lisa N.. You are the winner of this super green entertaining bundle from Eco-Products!


Naughty or Nice Grab Bag

It’s Friday, and you know what that means? It’s time to let loose! Today we have 2 prizes up for grabs and we have to say, they’re both pretty darn colorful! Are you oozing with curiosity yet? We can’t spoil the fun and tell you what the prizes are, but what we CAN say is that our elf has been pretty NAUGHTY. He might have thrown a stinker into the Grab Bag! Does something smell fishy? We think so too!  Make sure to play to see what you could win! At the close of each event day, we will post the winners and Grab Bag prizes, so you can see what our winners received. Cool huh? All you have to do is leave us a comment below answering the Grab Bag trivia question and you’re entered!

UPDATE: Hey John! Our elf says you’ve been super duper nice this year! Congratulations on winning our NICE Roaring Springs coloring bundle. Cheryll C. has been naughty and has scored a fabulous package of Unicorn Farts! On the bright side, these are edible! Trust us, we’ve tried some of our own and it’s delicious! HAHA. Hope you guys had fun! Congrats and enjoy!