DIY: Make A Duck Tape Valentine!


Word on the street is…Shoplet + Duck Brand are hosting a Duck Tape Valentine Making Contest! And if you post a picture of your heat-felt valentine to Shoplet’s Facebook wall, you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa gift certificate…but where to begin??

Well, for a little guidance, here’s a short, sweet DIY Duck Tape Valentine tutorial we scraped up this piece at our Shoplet desk! At least now you know how to make a Duck Tape Valentine to display your profound love!

What You’ll Need


-Scrap paper

-Duck Tape

-Your favorite pen

Step 1: Cut a heart out of your scrap paper & stick some strips of colorful Duck Tape to the side you’d like to make pretty

1 2

Step 2. Trim the extra Duck Tape off the edges

3 4

Step 3. Cut another heart out of your scrap paper that’s just a wee-bit smaller than the Duck Tape covered heart. Center the small heart over the Duck Tape heart


Step 4. With your favorite pen, write a message to someone you care about on the smaller heart!

Because I used penguin patterned Duck Tape, I tried to relate my message to arctic temperatures. Not to mention, February in NYC has been pretty brutal so far, hence: “You keep my heart warm throughout these chilly months…”


Step 5. To keep everything in place, I used Duck Brand HP260 clear packaging tape


Step 6. Again, trim the extra Duck Tape off from around the edges


Step 7. Viola! You can now bestow your love & affection unto that special someone on Valentines Day! (But before you do, make sure to snap a pic of your Duck Tape valentine & post it to our FB wall to win some moola!).