Duck Tape Package Winners!

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Thanks for all your great comments and duck tape ideas! I copied some of my favorites below. Now we’re on to our next giveaway for Halloween! Enter to win Orange and Black Office Supplies!

– Make bracelets and folders
– Mend boots, tents, seats and camping gear. The kids love the patterned one to apply to their bikes and craft projects.The clear package sealing tape is sturdy and easy to use for all of our mailing needs.
– Make Hair Bows
– We use it for everything. Reinforcing boxes, closing up leaks in our house, fixing tools and toys.
– I currently use it on my passenger side door to keep the molded plastic inside piece of the door attached to the frame (the stupid little tabby things broke off and I’m not spending $100′s to fix it when I open that door maybe 4x a year). It works like a charm! I even made sure to get tape that almost matches the door so you can’t really tell
– I use duck tape to cover sharp edges on my husband’s hospital bed and wheelchair as well as other sharp edges that can harm him.
– My husband is a photographer so duct tape is always handy for taping a branch out of the way, or adjusting an ill fitting dress or costume. It’s also great for sticking up a backdrop in a hurry.
– I use white colored duct rape on the rubber gasket of the hotel commercial washer door so that it does not leave black stains on white sheets.
– A few of us have used it to repair shoes. It makes them last a very long time! If you wrap it all the way around the soles, it is even better traction for hiking
– Daddy always said “If it moves and it’s not supposed to, duct tape it!”
– I have also used the clear tape to make tape transfers (transparencies) for my collage work.
– Colorful duck tape great for marking your luggage
– Seal a leaky tent, tape down signs that were flapping in the wind, make an impromptu handle for a shopping bag
– I have used duct to patch the butt of a co-workers jeans when they ripped.
– We need tape to keep our 3 yr olds diaper on

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