Esselte Giveaway!

I know that picture looks intense but it’s true! We are giving away 6 Esselte Sliding Cover Expanding Files this week, courtesy of Esselte. And I have some serious experience with this one. I used it when I was working full time to hold all of the different brochures and info I would receive from the different vendors. I also used these expanding files in highschool to organizer papers for my different classes but here’s the difference between those ones and this one – the sliding cover! How annoying is it when you open one of those things and you are fighting the cover while you are searching for something. With this one, you open the cover slide it back, and it stands up while you look for what you need! I love it.

Here’s how to win one:

Comment on this post and tell us what would you organize using this expanding file? (receipts, pictures, etc)

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6 Winners will be picked Friday, April 29th! Good Luck!

Update: Congrats to:

Kathy D
Reva S
Michelle L

  • Richard Peterson

    Keep tax info there!

  • I am an email subscriber.

  • I “like” shoplet on twitter.

  • I follow both of you on twitter and tweeted.!/StuffSmart/status/63476696266981377

  • I would love to use the esselte file to organize important school papers for dd.

  • This would be great for organizing customer invoices/payments and other business related financials…

  • Denise L

    Wow! What a great idea! This would be great for me! I file my receipts for taxes in files folder but this one is great! My file folder is keeped inside my filing cabinet until the year is up. With the slide cover the top would not be in the way when I do my filing. Wow!

  • Anthony Hollister

    love one

  • Karen

    I am a teacher, what can I say!!!! There’s any number of things for which I would use the file folder. I need portfolios in which to store my students’ work, or maybe even all the worksheets I create. I am on several committes and it would also be great for storing forms, minutes, etc. It would not take me long to find a use for it.

  • I have been using Pendaflex Pendaflex ViewFront Standard Pocket Poly Booklet Envelope
    Boolet envekopes to deliver Life or Annuity contracts. I am looking at this product for mutiple policy/contracts in a family – I have many!

  • Lisa S

    I would use one of these to organize the accounts payable and payroll each month.

  • Liz

    use these kind of files for taxes thoughout the year. great for couponing !

  • Pat

    Love the hide away design. Easier to use.

  • Pat

    Use for kids’ school work.

  • Pat

    I would love this for articles I need to clip and keep.

  • Pat

    This would be great for organizing lots of things

  • Pat

    Great for bills

  • Phoenix

    This looks like a great tool for organizing my hard copy tutorials for various creative processes, and it’s portable so I can keep it with me when I travel. The pockets can hold papers as well as any disks or flash drives associated with the project, or even fabric samples or beads and findings. The possibilities are endless!

  • I am the Executive Director of the Davison Area Senior Citizens Center. We would have so many uses for this item.We provide programs, events and classes for our Senior Citizens. It would be so helpful to organize our paper work.
    It looks so professional and user friendly.

  • As a traveling educator I could really utilize this type of organizer in my car to keep travel documents (motel, meal, gas receipts) organized, as well as class outlines and handouts for the classes I am traveling to teach. I could even keep quotes, invoices and pay stubs to other instructors. GREAT LOOKING product!

  • pauline miller

    I would use this to keep track of all my tenant rent checks that come in every month


    I would organize all my credit card receipts for the office.



  • Gary

    Use for office

  • I would use this to organize my home. I have lots of paper for reference, for inspiration, and stuff I need to keep like receipts. One of these would be wonderful – just the thing I need!

  • Summer

    I like this to keep track of financial stuff.

  • Summer

    I like on FB

  • Summer
  • Summer

    I would organize all our family bills.

  • Mara

    I follow on twitter @mittenmommy

  • Mara

    This file could keep my receipts so organized. Then when hubby wants one, I can actually find it!

  • Marsha Webb


  • Marsha Webb
  • Marsha Webb

    Email subscriber

  • Marsha Webb

    Like Shoplet on Facebook

  • Marsha Webb


  • Jan T


  • Jan T


  • Jan T


  • Jan T


  • Jan T


  • reva skie

    I would organize my work schedules and documentation sheets by month.

  • Michelle Lee

    I subscribed to the blog via email.

  • Michelle Lee

    I really like this poly envelope folder. Tres chic!

  • Alice

    I subscribe to the blog through email.

  • Michelle Lee

    I would love this file folder to organize many of my studies for university next year!

  • Alice

    I would use one to hold all the recipes I have wrote and copied in the making of books for my daughters.

  • Shawna

    I would use this to organize and keep my important documents such as my bank account statements, paycheck stubs, tax info, etc.

  • Amy K

    Oh, I would LOVE one of these to help organize my homeschool stuff for next year! I’m always looking for good, easy-to-use files to get myself sorted out. I like the great design too!