Free Carl Heavy-Duty Rotary Trimmer!

It’s true! This weekly giveaway is sponsored by Carl! A few nights ago I was cutting out some small little handouts with scissors and man, they were crooked. Win this trimmer and everything will look more professional!

Here’s more about the trimmer you could win:

-Patented locking rail mechanism and premium carbide blade ensure a clean, accurate cut
-Adjustable magnetic paper gauge is great for making repetitive cuts.
-Durable metal base is calibrated and features alignment grid, ruler and preset measurements for common-sized items.
-Cuts mat board, card stock, plastic sheets, 1/8″ foam board, etc
-Handy storage compartment for extra blades and cutting mats.
-Trimmer Board Type: Rotary; Sheet Capacity: 30; Cut Length: 12 in

Plus a 5 star review!

Great time saver! I save so much time being able to put a stack of paper in this cutter and cut everything down to size with just a few sweeps.

(don’t wait to win it! buy it here!)

Here’s how to win:

Just leave a comment!

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Winner will be announced on Monday, November 15th!

  • I am a recreational photographer and would find the Trimmer very useful for trimming my photos


  • Ian

    A cut above the competition, Carl trims the heavy duty paper others leave behind.

  • Ron

    It would be great when working with my photographs, especially as the holidays approach.

  • I’m always borrowing someone else’s paper cutter. This one looks great! It will be put to good use.

  • Trimmer looks great – would love to win!

  • Jane

    I hear this is a wonderful trimmer. It would be perfect for the workroom at my school.

  • This would be perfect for our reprint orders!

  • Paul

    A trimmer is on my wife’s Christmas list. She would love this one.

  • This is exactly what I have been looking for! My mother in law desperately needs 1 of these! It would be the perfect gift for xmas.

  • Katherine
  • Aly

    Wow! I’ve been wanting one of these!

  • Heather G.

    If I won this, I would for sure give it to my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. I have volunteered and done cutting at the school, and their heavy duty cutter is falling apart and cuts crooked. Give it straight to Kolling School in St. John, IN 46373. Thanks!!!!

  • Robert

    straight cuts, unbelievable

  • Katherine
  • Nancy

    This year we had lots of staff turnover and one of our former employees walked away with our 2 paper cutters. Our school is in desperate need of a new paper cutter! This would be sooooo awesome!

  • B. Tidwell

    Would be a great gift for my niece, she makes beautiful scrap books.

  • Katherine
  • Melanie

    Liked you on Facebook

  • Melanie

    Subscribed via email

  • Melanie

    I’d LOOOOOVE this cutter.

  • This looks like it would be a great tool to add to my design toolbox. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Amy Stanford

    I would love this!!!

  • Cynthia S

    I follow @matzsmith and Like /matzsmith. I subscribe too!! This is a super cutter and read great reviews!! I couldn’t cut straight to save my life and have shaved off some of my ruler trying to do so! So it’s not straight anymore either!!

  • Mary

    I would love to have this in my classroom for doing projects with my students.

  • Kathy

    Would love one of these!!


  • This would be so awesome to have!

  • Fritz

    This sliding cutter makes it impossible to cut or injure oneself, even when distracted. A friend cut off the tip of one of her fingers with one of the scary old style cutters. This cutter is not only very professional, but also safe and free from user anxiety.

  • Mike

    As a new elementary teacher, this would be a terrific gift for my sister.

  • Brad

    I really need one!

  • Brad

    This would be great!

  • I would love to have this! It would be so handy for cutting invitations, photos, and other things that I now cut a bit crookedly with scissors. Thank you for the chance!

  • Patty

    The paper cutter I have now you have to hold your tongue the right way and make sure you only put 3 sheets in at the time and go very slowly and pull the blade to the left at the end or it will just tear the paper all up at the bottom!

  • @babydest

    I could really use this…

  • Iria

    This one looks great. The sheet capacitiy of 30 sheets at a time sounds terrific. We have an old one with the metal blades. It needs to retire. Thanks Shoplet for the chance to win! :)

  • Lori

    Would love to have this for my group….no need for scissors!

  • Wanda

    This would be soooo wonderful to have!

  • Audrey H.

    Subscribed via email.

  • Audrey H.

    am gollowing on twitter @pelletposy and sent a tweet. Thanks.

  • Audrey H.

    This would be super handy to have for all my crafting needs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Mikey

    They make a great product and I am pleased with its usefullness. However, it would be helpful if they put in a sheet of instructions in the box for those of us who are not preusers of these type of products.

  • Weimin Zhang

    Hope I can win it for my son. I am sure he will like it for his school works. Thank Carl for doing this.

  • Katy

    I would love to win this cutter, I have tried so many cutters, I feel like the cutter Queen, have not found one that I love..every thing that you have said about this Carl, May make it the one I love!

  • What an excellent tool to make quick work out of an otherwise challenging task!

  • woohoo this would be niiice!

  • Janice

    thanks for your giveaway :)

  • Michelle Simons

    Loving that tool to the max. #carl off to tweet. @MCJunkie

  • susan smoaks

    i would love to win! fb fan tony l smoaks @mrstls on twitter

  • Katherine
  • Brunetta Lafara Lingg

    If we had a rotary cutter like this instead of the chopping block we have now, we wouldn’t have what should be neat stacks of paper but that end up being too wide or too narrow or too tall or too short to stay neatly stacked!!! And then, when it’s time to File them, grabbing the top sheet is a nightmare!!!

  • Brian Patrick

    This would be just great for my kids.Now they can have a faster&safer way of cutting things that they need for school.I as a father think this is a good thing for everyone.

  • Katherine
  • Kathleen

    I could use this. I work in a public library and make up the cash slips. They were so ugly before I started doing them on the computer. The only thing still ugly is how badly they’re cut. Wish I could win this!

  • I’m an email subscriber :)

  • Thanks much for the chance~!

  • Mary Williams

    Would be great to have for new photography business.

  • Leyla

    I’ll love to have one of these!!!!

  • Katherine

    Looks like a great tool

  • Robynn

    Our office is wanting to upgrade to a rotary trimmer, and this would be perfect!

  • shelley

    This would be great to have at work for quick projects

  • Crystal M

    This is a great givaway, who wouldn’t love a nice trimmer like this.
    Also your website has great prices. I have found so many items
    cheaper and have saved lots of money shopping @

  • Marge

    With all the projects on my desk right now, this would so speed up the progress!

  • susan n

    We have one of these in our task room at the office it’s wonderful. Don’t know what I’d do without it. Would be great to have one for the folks on the first floor.

  • Gwen

    Looks pretty handy

  • Mallory

    I get excited thinking about how much time I could waste playing with this magnificent toy :)

  • Laurie

    Exactly what I need.

  • meri

    You know, I was just looking for a new rotary cutter last night. I loaned my last one out to someone long ago, and ended cut myself on my guillotine cutter. You could save me from further unnecessary bloodshed! :)

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  • Jerry Fair

    an e-mail subscriber to Shoplet… it’s the BEST!

  • Jerry Fair

    I really could use this.. I have lots of repetitive cutting, and our old paper cutter is about worn out! I need something to make my work look more professional! this looks like just the right thing!

  • K

    Oh to be able to punch large documents in the same place more than once.

  • LisaT

    This is one of those tools that once you have it, you ask how you did without it for so long. Would REALLY love to win this!

  • Marsha

    What a great giveaway. Hope to win it!

  • Jan

    Would love a paper-cutter and this one looks like a winner!

  • Michelle

    I would love this!

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  • already an e-mail subscriber

  • Crystal


    cbrocious1984 AT gmail DOT com

  • Crystal


    cbrocious1984 aT gmail DOT com


  • Glenda

    Standard cutters do not “cut it” for the large volume of 5 x 7 calendars I make and cut late each year for church staff and friends. Also make 40+ 8 x 11 inch laminated yearly calendars, all of which require two cuts after laminating.

  • Boy I sure could use this Carl Cutter and would love to win it.

  • Crystal

    where have you been all my life carl

    cbrocious1984 AT gmail DOT com

  • Stan Caspary

    Just what I need for my work. I always get the cheap kind that fall apart after a year…this one looks very good and well made.

  • This looks like a tool that I would use daily, for my greeting card business.

  • Lisa S

    The handle on my paper cutter keeps falling off; plus, someone used it to cut adhesive labels, so now it’s sticky! I think the Carl professional would be great!

  • Darlana

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    This would be awesome for scrapbooking!

  • Jay

    Can’t wait to see the professional results!

  • Paula

    Our office would definitely benefit from a Carl Heavy-Duty Rotary Trimmer. Sharp clean edges are so much more professional.

  • rhonda

    5 Stars! * * * * *

  • rhonda

    Cutting cardstock would never seem so easy using this!

  • rhonda

    WoW! This would be so neat to have. I currently use a very old cutting board and have to line up the paper ‘just right’ or it comes out crooked.

  • I own a craft business and am a paper freak. Over seven years ago, I bought the least expensive Carl rotary trimmer I could find, have used it A LOT and it still works great! I am however ready for a newer upgraded modle and this one is perfect!!!

  • Christine

    This product would work out Great when I am doing projects for Church, work, or the children’s school.

    Please pick me, I could really use this :)

    Thank you!!!!

  • Wow! This would come in handy! I am using an ancient cutter at work and the grid isn’t even square to the blade!

  • JoAnn U

    This would be awesome for the phamplets which describe the properties we are leasing or selling. It would be so professional and outstanding.

  • Jason Brown

    I really would love this. I am tired of using scissors

  • KCMo

    This would be the bomb compared to the little Fiskers I’ve been using. My daughter is at college and quite active in leadership so she left with my Fiskers. She just had me look at this very trimmer on a web she sent to me. This would help immensely. I told her to wait it out for Santa!

  • Riz Momin

    This would be great for my kids School Project..

  • Julie Lawrence

    It would be nice to have this, so I can work on my project better and faster.

  • This would be a real help! Much better than the old paper cutter we’ve had since 1994.

  • Jeri

    Perfect for trimming photographs to send to the family during the holidays.

  • Lynn Siler

    I can’t cut straight with scissors, either!

  • Jon

    Ready to use it to the max already.

  • I need this paper cutter in the worst way. I have a huge project on my hands and it will be perfect.

  • I can’t stand uneven bottoms of pages. This would be great.

  • SooGarvz

    This would be awesome for both work and the home crafty projects I would sneak in to the office.

  • Dawn

    could definitely use this in the office! We have an very old fashioned one on the other side of the building that is heavy, huge and a bit rusty. This is more practical and would be used more often!!!

  • Valerie

    This is just what I need to cut the hundreds of papers that I have to send to more than 700 students weekly. This would be beneficial and would make my job a great deal easier!–I was typing too fast on my first post. That happens at school when every minute counts! Break is over…

  • Valerie

    This is just what I need to cut the hundreds of papers that I have to send to more than 700 students weekly. This would beneficial and would make my job a great deal easier!

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  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….just what I need. My classroom would so benefit!