Shoplet Video Blitz: Here’s Where The Tags Are!

Thanks to all who participated in our Shoplet Video BLITZ Contest!

Before we present you with the answers, here’s a brief refresher on our video blitz contest last week. We’ve embed a short fun game within our e-procurement explainer video! We’ve asked participants to watch our “Learn how to save with Shoplet” video and find the green tags hidden throughout the unfolding scenes. There are 4 tags hidden throughout the clip. We had so many entries, but we were only looking for the first 10 participants.

Thanks for playing. Okay, now we’re ready to reveal the answers!

Curious about where all of those pesky green tags are hiding? Here’s where the tags are!

At 0.05 seconds – ST2:


At 0.30 seconds – SHPLT:


At 0:35 seconds – SC2:


At 0:40 seconds – PE3:


Love our explainer video? Do you love it so, so much?? We love it that much, too. Here’s to watching it again:

What’s e-procurement? We all know Shoplet has “everything for your business,” but did you know that Shoplet also has excellent web tools that help you manage your budgets and control employee spending? Well, we do! And you can access them all for free through Shoplet’s e-procurement platform!

Happy Friday!