Inspiration for Your My Teacher Rocks Contest Apple

As you know, we are hosting the My Teacher Rocks Contest to give some of the best teachers out there over $500 worth of school supplies! Did we mention that 3 teachers will win? That’s a lot of school supplies. To get everyone motivated and working on their apples, I thought I’d show you some sweet apple craft ideas I found. (My idea is above. I took an apple from my fridge that wasn’t worth eating anymore, traced a heart with a sharpie marker, and cut it out with a knife! So easy. Not for kids though.)

In case you forgot, here’s the how the contest works:

1. Create some sort of apple like object, picture, drawing, etc.
2. Email it to, along with the teacher’s name you want to nominate and a few sentences on why he or she should win.
3. We’ll post it to My Teacher Rocks Contest .com
4. Send your friends over there to comment on your post! The entries with the most unique comments will win!

The contest ends September 7th so this is best weekend to get that apple project done! (before the kids go back to school and you totally forget about it)

Mini Red Crochet Apples found at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

Make apple printed backpacks – found at AlphaMom

Little Apple Yarn Favors found at Makes and Takes – perfect project for kids!

Find an apple outline or template online and paint/color it in!

Make an apple out of words to describe your favorite teacher! so cute!

Make an apple inspired cookie!

Draw an apple with crayons or markers!

Make an apple printed clothing item! This onesie is so cute. Found it at Red Bird’s Crafts

Easy apple prints on paper! Just like finger painting. Found at Mozi Esme

A little bit harder – carve an apple out of an old paperback book! Found at Cheeky Magpie

Yummy apple cupcakes! There is a great recipe on Martha Stewart for the cupcake part. I think you could add red food coloring to the mix and frosting + lots of red and green sprinkles!

Just in case you were thinking, i wonder why we give teachers apples? (I was thinking that) Here’s a pretty good explanation:

People associate apples with teachers is the tradition from the 16th century until 18th century in various countries including Denmark and America, in which parents pay educators with foods like fruits. During this time, teachers do not receive enough salary to sustain the cost of living in their places. To help them with their basic needs, parents give the teachers of their children potatoes and apples. During these centuries, apples are considered special and expensive because these fruits are difficult to plant, cultivate and harvest. To compensate the efforts of educators and to make them feel special, parents pay them with different varieties of the fruit.

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to see your apples!