Massive Duck Brand Tape Giveaway!

I’m super excited about our weekly giveaway for this week which is sponsored by Duck Brand Tape! I actually received a box of some of their brightly colored duck tape this week and I love the hot pink and the zebra. I’ve also used some of their packing tape which works great. (My husband is really wishing he could win that tape gun seen in the pic above)

The great news is that we have 10 Duck Tape Packages to Giveaway!! That is like a lifetime amount of duck tape and packing tape plus a huggable, soft duck. I’m super jealous of all the people who will win a prize pack.

Here’s a little bit more about the Duck Tape Brand – It’s high quality, a great value, trust-worthy, FUN!, creative, and America’s Most Useful Tape! You can join their Duck Tape Club where they talk about the Ductivities (we’ve featured some of them in the past) and the Stuck at Prom contest! They also have a lot of great ideas in their Solutions section.

Ready to Win?

Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite way to use duck tape!

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We will pick 10 WINNERS using who will each get the prize pack seen above! Winners will be announced Monday, October 24th. Good luck!

  • Lynn Klopstad

    I snow ski through trees and sometimes get rips in my clothes. Duck tape is a great way to patch the tears. I also like to hem my pants with it.

  • maddi

    i have made a
    book bags
    i love using duct tape and makeing stuff with it
    i would have to say that its one of mt hobbies :DDDDDDDDD

  • Elaine Kontra

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  • Elaine Kontra
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  • Elaine Kontra

    My daughter is the biggest duck tape user in this house. She makes flowers out of duct tape to “sell” at the market faire her class has. They make something and bring it to school and there is buyers and sellers. They use “money” earned in the classroom based on the country they form when school starts. They are so fun to make and I have one saved for me. She would def. use this duck tape to make more flowers and she wants to make frig. picture frames out of duck tape as well. I could def. see my daughter wanting to make a prom dress from duck tape in a few years.

  • Sharon

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  • Sharon

    I use it for so many things around the house …last week my hose sprung a leak and I just taped it right up. Round and round …..and it’s held so far.

  • I use duck tape to cover sharp edges.

  • Grandma Zielinski

    I use duck tape to cover sharp edges on my husband’s hospital bed and wheelchair as well as other sharp edges that can harm him.

  • Jeremy

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  • Jeremy
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  • Jeremy

    My favorite way to use Duck tape is to package things up for my girlfriend. I use just the right amount.

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  • ohohohhhh DUCK TAPE! I like to use mine to decorate care packages that I ship off to loved ones, also to fix things…… that i i break…. like a part of my desk, oh and to tape up sharp dangerous corners to keep my cousins from running into them. ha ha ha. ducktage is handy-dandy!

  • Donna B.
  • Donna B.
  • Donna B.

    I’m a confirmed email subscriber

  • Donna B.

    I currently use it on my passenger side door to keep the molded plastic inside piece of the door attached to the frame (the stupid little tabby things broke off and I’m not spending $100’s to fix it when I open that door maybe 4x a year). It works like a charm! I even made sure to get tape that almost matches the door so you can’t really tell :)

  • Margaret Porter
  • Margaret Porter
  • Margaret Porter

    We use it for everything. Reinforcing boxes, closing up leaks in our house, fixing tools and toys. Pretty much if it broken try duct tape!

  • Tami V.

    My daughter and I love Duck tape. We even made her Halloween costume with the Duck tape–a Devil Duck Tape dress!

  • Susan Byrne

    Oh, so many ways to duck tape. Wallets, Roses, Bracelets, Hair Bows!! Just so cool!!

  • Lora Dominick

    My favorite way to use duck tape it so have my son make duck tape wallets. I bought him a variety of colors and it has entertained him for hours. He goes on-line to u-tube to fiqure out how to make a wallet then he will draw a pattern with labeled measurements on paper. AT 11 age I was amazed how he was able to create a pattern and have the foresight to create a complex wallet with multiple pockets, etc. Great product!!

  • Carol Calvin

    I love the colored tapes for mending boots, tents, seats and camping gear. The kids love the patterned one to apply to their bikes and craft projects.The clear package sealing tape is sturdy and easy to use for all of our mailing needs. Quack Quack! Love the change from ‘duct’ tape to this great name brand..recognition and a smile.

  • Kittie Kaulitz

    I love to use Duck Tape to do a lot of different things, like making bracelets, folders, and anything else, really!

  • Jen

    I love using fun duck tape to seal packages I ship.

  • Jennifer

    My daughter makes purses and wallets!

  • MelodyJ

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  • MelodyJ

    I would like to use it to bind handmade books.


  • Jess

    We use it to improve the grips on my kid’s practice sticks for martial arts. It also lets the kids tell their sticks apart.

  • COleen

    We use Duct Tape all over the yard – it works everywhere and lasts a pretty long time, too. I used Duct tape to make a vari-kennel into an outdoor home for two stray cats, it worked great!

  • jay w

    I made placemats from the bright color kind.

  • Esmeralda

    I always use the clear Duck tape to seal my letters and packages that contain mail art. I have also used the clear tape to make tape transfers (transparencies) for my collage work. My daughter loves the colored and printed Duck tape to make wallets for her and her friends…she even made a checkered sneaker!

  • Darleen

    “Duck” Tape saved my favorite lamb skin booties. I wore holes in the soles so I just taped them up and wore them for several more years – even on concrete the soles were fine.

  • Patricia Wise

    I use duct tape to attach things to my students’ desks -leaving the answer that I can’t find my______________a moot point.

  • Ellie W

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  • Ellie W

    My best friend has several cats and I always end up with cat hair on me when I ride in her car. We car pool to work. So I carry duck tape in my purse and use it on my clothes to rip that cat hair right away. It’s much better than a lint roller.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  • Stefanie

    It’s a great way to wrap up a gift and make the recipient work for the goodies inside! And of course practical things- like duct tape clothing!

  • Here’s a new twist on the use of duck tape. I show rabbits and use brightly colored Duck Tape to mark my carriers. Also use it to identify the rabbits in the carriers to make it easier to grab each one when it comes time to put them on the show table. A strip of Duck Tape, folder over and stuck to a paper clip, a Sharpie marker, and bunny identified for all to see. Hot Pink is used to identify rabbits for sale!

  • Cynthia

    My son and I use Duck Tape to make wallets and business card holders,

  • Tim Caldwell

    I use the clear industrial strength tape. It is very strong. The other brands are just as not a high quality product. Awesome product.



    Duct tape is the All-American item. Everybody needs it.

  • My favorite use so far for duct tape has been my car. When I was in college 3 years ago I got in a fender bender that only slightly scratched the car in front of me but really banged up the nose of my 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis. For the next year, until I found a junk yard with a matching car that I could salvage parts from, The nose of my car was completely taped up with duct tape. I used the classic silver duct tape because my car was silver. From a distance, it didn’t look banged up. I used enough layers to cover the holes in the frame of the nose and keep water/dirt/etc from getting into the lights and the engine.

    People laughed at my car when they looked closely but it was a huge money saver while keeping my car looking nicer.

    Duct tape is amazing!

  • Natalie Thomson

    I have been using duck Tape for years and my favorite place to use the colored tape is on my grandchildrens toys, chairs, etc. They love the colorful tape and even write on it to make it their special toy.

  • Janine

    Daddy always said “If it moves and it’s not supposed to, duct tape it!” Naturally, Being very young, I thought he said duck tape. I’ve bought Duck duct tape ever since. A basic neccessity to any toolbox

  • KellyG

    I use the tape for many things, last night I used the box tape to tape bags down on my furniture. it stays on well and when you take it off it does not harm the fabric. I one time had my carpet cut in a spot and it was only 3 month old. So I took the grey duck tape and put it through to the under part of the cut and then pressed hard to make the carpet stick to the tape; it worked like when they put two pcs of carpet together by a professional. When I replaced the carpet about 5 years later the tape was still on the cut and holding the carpet together. I always have some around the house.

  • Ed Thornton

    Duck Tape is a wonderful product. If it can’t be fixed, stuck, attached, etc with duck tape. It probably can’t be done.

  • Susan

    I have used Duck tape to repair a tear in someone’s shirt who was being videotaped for a product demo. Didn’t have to worry about it coming undone mid-shoot! Excellent prize :)

  • Patty

    My daughter covers everything in duck tape! She also loves to make wallets and purses and anything else she can think of out of duck tape. Her favorite colors are the hot pink and zebra.

  • Be

    My son made a wallet out of “Duck” tape!

  • Be

    My daughter made a purse out of it.

  • Be

    My whole family loves “Duck” tape. A few of us have used it to repair shoes. It makes them last a very long time! If you wrap it all the way around the soles, it is even better traction for hiking.

    LOVE IT!

  • Lil

    Taught my nephews how to make tape roses for their moms this Mother’s Day. Lots of fun.

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  • Donna

    Duck is so useful for everything, especially since the patterns & colors make fixing things artwork, too.

  • Patricia C

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  • Patricia C

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  • Patricia C

    My favorite way to use duct tape is to repair things at home. Once had a vacuum where the plastic cover over the vacuum bag broke , taped that plastic with duct tape and used the vacuum for quite a few years.

  • Mallory B

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  • Mallory B

    Suscribed via e-mail :D

  • Mallory B

    Tweeted this also!

  • Mallory B

    I use Duck brand duct tape to make rose pens, hair bows, hair tie flowers, flower pens, flower rings, wallets, clutches, purses and pretty much anything you can think of!

  • I make art out of duct tape!! I love it! teehheee

  • I use duct tape for art projects so i can hang them in my room!

  • Deissa

    I use duct tape for art projects so then i hang them in my room! :)

  • I use duct tape to make purses, wallets, roses, hair bows, card holders, ties, and so much more. I sell my duct tape creations at local fairs and markets and occasionally take online orders. It would be an insanely huge help to my business if I won this giveaway.

  • Sarah Blakebrough

    We use Duck tape all the time, to fix things, hold things in place etc. What a great prize! :)

  • Kirstie

    I use duct tape everyday to send packages at work! The gift set looks so handy!

  • B Patel

    I use white colored duct rape on the rubber gasket of the hotel commercial washer door so that it does not leave black stains on white sheets.

  • Deborah Johnson

    We use duck tape for everything. Always have a couple of rolls.

  • Andrea W.

    My husband is a photographer so duct tape is always handy for taping a branch out of the way, or adjusting an ill fitting dress or costume. It’s also great for sticking up a backdrop in a hurry.

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  • Duct Tape wallets! My son makes them and they are awesome! But we love duct tape for so many things, from packages to scateboards, Duct Tape works best!

  • Billie Kasper

    I always carry a roll of black and of white duck tape in my possibilities bag. I am a florist and when we are setting up a wedding, those 2 colors come in handy to repair anything!( tuxedo pants that rip, tablecloths that won’t stay put…)

  • Connie McCallister

    I love Duck Tape, especially the new colors and patterns. I use it everyday, and constantly finding new ways to use duck tape.

  • Valerie Hoffmann

    I use Duck Tape to decorate my notebooks and binders for class and to make some quick personalized tee shirts.

  • Sandy McKenzie

    Subscribed by email. sandym204 at gmail dot com

  • Sandy McKenzie

    We duct tape everything. When I was younger, my friend duct taped the motor up in her car and it held for years. Honest! Duct tape is Great!!

  • Bethany

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  • Bethany
  • Bethany

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  • Bethany

    I once made a purse out of duct tape and the legs of an old pair of jeans. These days, I mostly just use it to keep things from moving if they aren’t supposed to.

  • Lisa Grassetti
  • Lisa Grassetti

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  • Lisa Grassetti

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  • Lisa Grassetti

    I like to use duct tape for covering rips on our outside tarps and I like to use it around my windows in the summer when we install the air conditioners to keep the bugs out of those tiny places they get in haha. I hate bugs! I use it to mail out things to other people or returning items I buy and don’t fit or are broken. I use it quite a bit.

  • I like to use duck tape as creative as possible, to me, there are actually infinite ways to us duck tape, I basically use them as if they were fabric. So I would usually stencil them out on my sketch book, it’s hard for me to explain but I just use them in every way possible!

  • Emmy

    I LOVE using Duck tape to make awesome wallets and trendy accessories<3!!!

  • Duck brand duct tape – what’s not to love? That all-purpose utility strength meets cool colors and the whimsy of the cute little duck! Although the name does have the tendency to confuse the many who honestly think the product is “duck” tape! I suppose if one has an inflatable duck with a leak, the Duck brand duct tape would be the epitome of repair material choice!

    We’ve used it on ducts, of course, as well as packages, emergency car repairs, damage control (cats) and crafts. My favorite memory is getting to the church for our wedding and finding that the lint roller did not arrive. Duck brand duct tape makes a WONDERFUL emergency lint roller and and four black tuxes entered the nave sans cat hair! Thank you!

    Just ducky,


  • Lisa K

    The first thing I ever made with Duck tape was a wallet, but now I’ve mostly been useing it to make flowers (roses, lilies, ect.) for my wedding!

  • Lisa S

    This summer I used duck tape to construct a giant inflatable fish in the basement of the church (I could actually stand up inside it!) for Vacation Bible School…and yes, you guessed it…we were studying the story of Jonah!

  • Susan L

    My daughter used her “hot” pink duck tape with cardboard to create a stylish cover to our sliding door’s metal handle. Located in direct sunlight, the handle gets very hot. This unusual, yet “cool” design provided style and function to our home. After 2 years of wear in the elements, we now need to replace it. Hey perhaps with a new awesome color. What a great idea!

  • Janice

    Love Duck Tape! The bright colors are great for marking boxes in storage. If I was really organized I would seal boxes with different colors coded to what the box contains. As it is, I just write on the tape with a sharpie – using the tape to seal and label.

  • melinda g

    I like to use a small stripe of bright colored tape on my luggage to help it stand out in the sea of blue luggage when I travel

  • Mary

    I have used duct to patch the butt of a co-workers jeans when they ripped.

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  • I like to use duct tape as a quick fix for holes in jeans, or shoes. You can duct tape practically anything

  • Cindy

    My kids love to use it on all kinds of things, fun to see what they come up with.

  • Kristen DeWitt

    Duck Tape is a MUST have for Destination Imagination. We use it EVERY year and last year, made costumes out of it for our trip to Global Finals in Tennessee. THANSK!!!

  • steve tengood

    i use duck tape to seal up boxes for trash removal

  • Kathie

    one of the most versatile products on the market…and with all the new colors and patterns, even more so!

  • MIchael Allen

    I use Duck tape on my sofa to repair the shredding caused by my cat. The tape color matches perfectly.

  • I do outdoor craft shows and I never go without a roll of duct tape. It is indispensable. I’ve used it to seal a leaky tent, tape down signs that were flapping in the wind, make an impromptu handle for a shopping bag, tape town, the list goes on…

  • Lorianna

    I LOVE crafts, and do alot of mixed media crafts.
    I find that duct tape is the best adhesive for my needs!!!
    Keep it coming, love different colors!

  • Jennifer E

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  • Jennifer E

    I subscribe via RSS (Google Reader).

  • Jennifer E

    We use it for securing packages that we want to keep extra-safe.

  • I use duct tape a lot at work to send supplies to our remote locations. This would help tremendously!

  • Terri Tyler

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  • karen

    on any and everything!

  • Terri Tyler

    I have an email subscription to Shoplet

  • One of the best gifts i had ever received was a wallet made completely out of Duck brand duct tape. It even had a clear window for my license.

  • Terri Tyler

    My sons love making wallets from duck tape. Each one is so unique!

  • Darlana

    I once asked a counselor if they had any advise for a parent with a 16 year old daughter and they said “Got any duck tape”

  • Patricia Edwards

    Always carry when I travel. Over the years I have found many uses. Once had to duck tape the bumper of the rental card after a slight mishap with a railing. Colorful duck tape great for marking your luggage. Also wardrobe fixes.

    A friend of mine used to say that if you give her husband a clothes hanger and a roll of duck tape he can repair or make anything.

    We love the Duck!

  • Robert

    I use Duck Tape to wrap around torn flip flops to give them extra life.

  • Brandon

    There an old saying in my family. If it moves and its not suppose to… duck tape it.

  • Amanda

    My favorite way to use Duck Tape is the colorful kind. It can be used for anything. Most recently I used it in my cubicle at work to keep cords down on the floor, but with style of course!

  • Mara

    We could use it to tape things up securely for our haunted house we are making. Also for taping the candy drawer shut!!

  • Debbie Welchert

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  • Debbie Welchert

    One of the things I like to do is tape boxes closed.

  • Sarah Scott

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  • Sarah Scott

    My favorite way to use Duck tape is to use the colorful tapes to tape up my packages I sell on ebay.
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  • Katherine

    My favorite way to use duck tape is to hold boxes together for yard sales and donations to charity after spring or fall cleaning.

  • I really like to use duck tape as a craft. I volunteer at my local library and they’ve had two different activites where they work on wallets or bags or something…I want to try my hand at these and more!

  • Erica Best
  • Erica Best

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  • Erica Best

    im following with goggle reader

  • Erica Best

    i use duck tape to fix stuff all the time

  • I follow on twitter and here is a tweetlink:!/tkharmonic/status/126111343282630656

  • Tina Rath

    I use duck tape to hold all of the extension cords up and out of the way in the attic. Duck Tape is used in my household for every mending chore.

  • Favorite way to use duct tape? To reinforce flimsy boxes and plastic toysets. Really hard to choose a favorite, but I’d say reinforcement because it extends the life of toys, things that hold toys, just about anything.

  • domestic diva

    We use it to hold things together that might get wet (e.g. broken toys).

  • I like your facebook page and left a comment on your wall.

    (FB name StuffSmart’s Blog)

  • I am an email subscriber.

  • I love using duct tape to be a hero! As a mom, I can repair anything with duct tape.

  • wayne

    I tape my kids to the wall when they are not behaving

  • Mary

    We use Duck Tape on our windows to help keep us warm in the winter.

  • Sara Phillips
  • Sara Phillips

    I follow you as @Doodle741 and tweeted:!/Doodle741/status/126092555011112960

  • Sara Phillips

    I get your emails!! :)

  • Sara Phillips

    My favorite way to use duct tape is to make duct tape flowers!! :D (I use them as anniversary flowers for my husband!)

  • Amy Walker

    And, I posted about it on the Shoplet FB page:

  • Amy Walker

    I also subscribe via email.

  • Amy Walker

    The question isn’t “what is your favorite way to use duck tape?” but “what DON’T you use duck tape for?” I keep duck tape hidden away everywhere… in my glove compartment, around the house, in the garage because you never know when you’ll need it!
    It is the best for quick repairs, or even for covering things quickly so they aren’t damaged from other things.

  • Brenda Eggert

    I tweeted, VerasDaughter.

  • Brenda Eggert

    I’ve used duct tape for so many things it’s hard to think of the best. From repairing my son’s toys books, to holding car parts together. The possibilities are endless.

  • Brenda Eggert

    I’m an e-mail subscriber. Yours is the only blog I get that I really like.

  • Brenda Eggert

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  • Michelle Gardner

    I love using duct tape for pretty much everything! My favourite way to use duct tape is using the patterned duct tape as a border for projects.

  • Marsha Webb

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  • Marsha Webb
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  • Marsha Webb

    My favorite way to use duck tape is to use the colorful kind to seal boxes.

  • Mike S

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  • Mike S

    I’d enter next year’s Stick or Treat contest in style!

  • Diane Bassette
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    already a subscriber :)

  • Diane Bassette
  • Diane Bassette

    This is funny, just within the last hour I duct taped a broken handle on my trash can..worked perfectly, so my favorite thing to do is fix things!! (it fixes anything!!)

  • Debbie C

    I use Duck Tape to reinforce binders around the edges and along the spine. With all those great colors, I can match or creatively contrast the Duck Tape to the binder and it looks great.

  • cindy c
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  • cindy c
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  • Elizabeth :o)

    I love using duct tape for cute additions to gifts!

  • Maureen G

    I use Duck Brand Tape for anything in the house that needs to be sealed, patched or connected. It has been a house staple for years.

  • Sherry Lykins

    i use it to fix EVERYTHING!!!

  • Leah

    Love the checkered tape for hula-hoops! And the zebra for wallets!

  • Nikk M

    I love this duck tape. I like to use these colors for my business and when mailing off nice gift packages. :) It makes your packages stand out more than others and it’s very cute. I like putting my labels across the color tape…fun part!!!

  • jessica marinaccio
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  • jessica marinaccio

    We use this around the house for everything but lately – we need tape to keep our 3 yr olds diaper on – we have tried it all – pajamas on backwards – tighter clothing – she just hates to wear clothing and her diaper so we have come to duct tape – it keeps the diaper in tact and on her butt – who would of known duct tape is good for so many things – from cars to drywall – to butts and babys.

    My daughter is blind and has extreme sensory issues – she likes to feel the carpet or the hard wood floors against her skin – so the duct tape has saved us.

  • Dyanne

    I’m using it for my son’s halloween costume

  • anissa
  • anissa

    subscribed rss

  • anissa

    I’d make a purse!

  • Julie Strickland

    Duck (or duct tape) is used at our home to fix things or for arts and crafts. I would like to get some really funky colored Duck tape and try to make some shoes.

  • Dee M.

    I like you on Facebook — Bella Mia

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    I follow you on Twitter — MyBellaMia

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    I subscribe to your emails.

  • Dee M.

    We use Duck tape all around our home inside and out for a variety of things including repairs. If it’s broken and needs a quick fix, Duck tape works wonders and fast. Of course the colored tape can be used for prettier things and I love that I can make things such as bags, and even apparel if I really want to. These are things that are sure to last when created with Duck tape.

  • Have used Duck Tape for anything and everything… works like a charm!

  • Ptricia H
  • Ptricia H
  • Ptricia H

    I use it for many household fixes since my husband wasn’t born a handyman.

  • Beth

    My nephew recently told me he used Duck Tape to make a guitar pick. Who knew?

  • Kathy

    I love this! i send lots of packages, and this would be great to “dress them up” a bit. :)

  • Laura Alumbaugh

    Me and my kids like to make christmas ornaments and different crafts with them. The colored duct tape is the best! Would love to win a package.. would really come in handy when we start crafting next month for the holiday season. :)

  • KevB

    Duck tape becomes an important tool while running a painting company.

  • Sheila
  • hminnesota

    wrote on your wall:heta s



  • Michelle Simons

    Wow those in the photo are some great prizes! I could use them for scrap booking and crafts. Even using to box my storage items.

  • hminnesota
  • hminnesota

    email subscriber with same email address.

  • hminnesota

    I use them to decorate plain papers while scrapbooking, card making.

  • Sheila

    I subscribe to your blog via email.

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  • jeannine m

    left on comment on facebook page (jeannine D-S)

  • Sheila

    My favorite way to use Duck tape is on packaging gifts for family and friends.

  • Jodi Kozloff

    My daughter loves this tape..she uses it to keep her cardboard forts together!! LOL and of course “decorate” it as well. I use it all the time for packing away my winter/summer clothes and various other reasons..they are endless!!

  • jeannine m
  • Crystal Moyer

    I subscribe RSS

    cbrocious1984 @ gmail dot com

  • Crystal Moyer

    I love to make thingsl ike wallets with ducktape!

  • jeannine m

    my teen uses it to make wallets

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