One Winner Will Score an Awesome Keurig Brewing System! (CLOSED)

  • Tyneisha

    That type of tea is called Sweet Tea and it is delicious!

  • Angela Hendricks

    Sweet Tea

  • Nicole

    Sweet tea. Or the real southern way… overly sweet tea! The only way I like it!

  • Kerri Stewart

    Sweet Tea or Southern Sweet Tea if you want to be technical.

  • @MomLuvsSPORTZ

    Southern SWEET Iced TEA

  • Frankie

    Sweet Tea

  • Debbie Welchert

    Is it Sweet Tea.

  • sweet tea is the answer, would love a keurig to make this under a minute. Thanks for the chance

  • Margaret Rushton

    Sweet Tea

  • Lily Kwan

    sweet tea

  • Sheila Vives

    Sweet Iced Tea

  • Aaron

    Southern Sweet Tea, a perfect homemade tea.

  • Mary Becker

    Sweet Tea

  • Rob

    Sweet Tea – a cool summer treat.

  • Paulet

    Southern Sweet Tea

  • Marc

    Sweet Tea

  • Milt

    Sweet Tea; a style of ieed tea.

  • Katie A.

    Definitely regular old iced tea.

  • Malv


  • carol clark

    Sweet tea is the answer i got this from wiki says sweet tea is made by adding sugar to bags of black tea brewing in hot water while the mixture is still hot. The tea is traditionally served ice-cold with only sugar. who knew i love tea

  • Amber Cheras

    Sweet tea!!

  • Birdiebee

    Sweet tea it is.

  • Mariana

    sweet tea!

  • Sweet tea

  • Jessica

    Sweet tea!

  • Jennifer Peters

    My absolute favorite Sweet Tea

  • Margaret P.

    Sweet tea

  • Dana Esker

    Sweet Tea

  • Toni B

    Sweet Tea

  • Mike S.

    I’d go with sweet tea, hopefully not too sweet though ;)

  • Jonathan Zerbini

    The answer is sweet tea!

  • Gina G

    Sweet tea is my favorite! :)

  • Ann

    Sweet tea!

  • Cheryl B.

    Sweet Tea!

  • Nichole McK

    Sweet Tea!

  • Lisa L

    Sweet Tea

  • Rachel Travis

    Sweet Tea! :)

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    Sweet Tea!

  • Gabriela Jimenez

    Sweet tea my favorite following on Twitter Andersonitworks pintrest Jimenezsunshine Instagram Jimenezsunshinee

  • Carolyn Hernandez

    Southern Sweet Iced Tea

  • Colleen F

    Not sure if first response went through… spotty internet.
    Answer: Sweet Tea

  • Hannah

    Sweet tea!

  • Kay Moser

    Sweet tea

  • Shelton

    I’m gonna say, sweet tea.

  • Evans B

    It’s Sweet Tea!

  • Neeha Agarwal

    I cannot take hot coffee or tea at all even in winter. So this is just perfect: SWEET TEA

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Sweet Tea!

  • velder dixon

    Sweet tea

  • Tracey K

    Sweet Tea.

  • Maryann D.

    Southern Sweet tea.

  • Barb Carlson

    Going with “Sweet Tea” Thanks!

  • Mita

    Sweet tea!

  • Nicole Henry

    The deliciousness of Sweet Tea!!

  • Sweet Tea

  • Tunmun

    Ice tea.

    • Tunmun

      Sweet tea!

  • julie raye

    i think the answer is sweet tea

  • Annette H

    One of my favorites, Sweet Tea!!

  • Donna Kozar

    sweet iced tea

  • Ada Miller

    Sweet tea? Done some research and that’s what I came up with. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Teresa Organ

    Sweet Tea

  • Marci

    Sweet tea

  • Lori R

    I believe it is sweet tea.

  • Bobby

    Sweet Tea – my favorite!

  • Rick

    Sweet Tea, the only kind I drink!

  • julie

    It’s sweet tea!!!

  • Jody

    Southern Sweet Tea, like my momma made, of course! :)

  • Sonya Morris

    Iced Sweet Tea.

  • Kirsten

    Sweet tea.

  • Jameshia

    Southern sweet tea

  • Sohair

    Sweet Tea

  • Addrienne mertens

    Im not sure if its the right place? Theres no box in the rafflecopter to leave the answer.. Southern Sweet tea

    • This is the right place so don’t worry! : )

  • Geri

    Sweet tea!

  • Amanda DeCorso

    Sweet Tea

    Thank you so much for the chance to win! :)

  • Liz N

    I love Sweet Tea! Yep – add the sugar while the tea is hot so it dissolves!

  • Susan

    Sweet tea! :-) My favorite!

  • Southern sweet tea

  • susan smoaks

    the tea is called sweet tea

  • John W.

    Sweet tea!

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    It’s Sweet Tea!! My favorite. :) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • Amy C.

    The answer is Sweet Tea!

  • Sharon

    Sweet tea!

  • cris

    sweet iced tea

  • Melissa Craig Marcum

    The answer is Sweet Tea

  • kirk raymond lund

    great site
    great contest

  • “Southern Sweet Tea”

  • Gary Kantner

    Wish me luck.

  • angela banner

    I need this now too hot out

  • sandy

    sweet tea

  • Christy Caldwell

    I don’t have a Keurig, but several friends and family own them and I love them. I really need one for myself.

  • donna

    Thank you for the super cool giveaway. My answer is (southern) sweet tea <3

  • Mara Thomas

    Southern style sweet tea :)

  • I didn’t see a place in the raffle copter to post my answer so I am guessing sweet tea!

  • Giselle Cobb


    Thank you for the wonderful contest.

    I believe the answer is Sweet Tea :)

    I entered under my name and my twitter is @Devinemagic :)

    Thank you

  • Rachel Lewter

    Cool contest! I have the K-cups, no maker.