Our Feel-Good #careSHAREgrow Prize Preview Is On View!

Tis the season to be jolly and what better time to start than right now! This month’s #careSHAREgrow Twitter party is dedicated to all things good and wonderful. Are you ready to share some amazing and awesome things you remember hearing about this year?  We sure are.

Here are a few feel-good to start off with

No matter how small, good news should be celebrated. There are lots of good things going on in the world. We just have to work a little harder to see it. Have you experienced any great moments in 2017? Did you host an awesome Thanksgiving dinner that goes down in the books? Beat an illness? Overcome a life obstacle and are looking forward to future plans? Planning to donate your time or money to a cause close to your heart? You can also share some good news you heard about that inspired you to do some good. This is the Twitter party for you!


So now that you guys have all of the important details, lets see what prizes are in store! We have an awesome assortment of prize bindles that are up for grabs at this month’s event so make sure to mark your calendars! Speaking of calendars, you can expect to find some of our prettiest At-A-Glance and House of Doolittle calendars to help get your 2018 off to a productive and memorable start! We also have some awesome Pentel and Schneider pens for you guys too!

CSG prize preview

As always, every tweet using #careSHAREgrow will plant a tree in the tweeter’s honor. We are super proud to say that our efforts are really making a difference, all thanks to you guys! We hope to see you all then!