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  • Birdiebee

    I am looking forward to seeing family members that I only see once a year during the holidays as they live out-of-state.

  • Aaron

    Hoilday music, tasty recipes and colorful pictures

  • Malv

    Chhristmas ornaments, gift giving and twinkling lights.

  • Paulet

    Santa Claus, Christmas stars, colorful lights and singing carolers.

  • Marc

    Christmas music, movies and mistletoe.

    • Marc

      Christmas music, holiday movies and mistletoe.

  • Milt

    Family gatherings, holiday meals and pumpkin pie.

  • Rob

    Christmas tree decorations, hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies.

  • Kim Neville

    Eating and drinking lots and catching up with my family and friends

  • Hana

    Looking fwd to soooooo many things1 Getting healthier too with my father and kitties! holiday music! And followed by a successful musical recital with my students! So many things to love about ht holidays. Annd great sales!

  • Robin

    I am especially looking forward to seeing and spending some quality time with my son. I don’t get to see him often and I miss him very much.

  • DJ

    I am looking forward to baking goodies for my family.

  • kara kudro

    looking forward to time with friends and family and time to take a nap!!!

  • John W.

    I’m looking forward to having vacation time off from work to be with my family. Not going anywhere. Just want to be home with everybody.

  • Donna K

    Opening presents with my family on Christmas

  • Amy Z.

    I’m looking forward to holiday decorations and time with family!

  • Toni Nicholson

    spending time with family

  • marsha webb

    Time with family

  • Angela Saver

    I am really looking forward to spending quality time with my family & cooking & hanging together!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, making new memories!

  • Ada Miller

    Spending a lot of extra time with the kids when they are out of school for the holidays.

  • Mike S.

    My favorite thing about the holidays is that I get some time off work.

  • Samantha Loughlin

    Spending time with my beautiful family

  • Patricia C

    I am looking forward to spending time with my family during the Holidays

  • Mary Helene

    Looking forward and thankful to spend Thanksgiving with my entire family this years. First time in eight years.

  • mel

    Looking forward to some time off work.

  • Donna K

    spending time with family

  • Angela Flowers

    I love shopping with my mom, my sister and my aunt! Spending time with all of my family is also great!

  • I’m looking forward to holiday movies and music this holiday season.

  • Marygrace

    I look forward to cooking, gathering recipes, hanging with family and decorating the house.

  • Kat

    Honestly? Just having my family all together again.

  • I am looking forward to spending time with family

  • Carolyn Barnett

    Our family and lots of laughter and good food and the look in our daughter’s eyes as she opens her gifts!

  • julie reuter

    i’m looking forward to seeing extended family and friends

  • Rochel S

    Being with family!

  • Gina N

    I am looking forward to seeing and spending time with family and friends, good food, seeing all the holiday decorations, begin my Christmas shopping and most importantly watching the kids open their presents. The looks on their faces is always a priceless memory!

  • Colleen

    I am looking forward to time away from my classroom :D

  • Soha Molina

    I look forward to spending it peacefully.

  • mary ballerin

    I’m looking forward to Christmas cookies, holiday parties and chillaxing.

  • Nanci Wilson

    We look forward to our 5 yr old coming up after Christmas & staying til New Year’s Day! Her & I love crafting together! We just love having her here with us.

  • I am looking forward to spending time with family members that I haven’t seen in a long time.

  • Good food and family fun!

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    I want peace and quiet! Yes!

  • L Raines

    I cannot wait to spend time with family!

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I’m looking forward to seeing family, good food, and our favorite holiday movies.

  • I look forward to cozying up with my family in front of the fireplace.

  • Erin Ellis

    I’m looking forward to holiday dinners and parties!

  • livivua

    I like the traveling time which is not far but it is always fun to catch up and its kind of like our family sitting at the table discussing things but just in a car.

  • I’m looking forward to being with family.

  • cris

    Looking forward to all the delicious foods that I get to make with my family and spending quality time with them.

  • Susan

    I am looking forward to being with my family. That is the most important thing.