• bobby

    love to win

  • Kelly

    I’m currently using a chair we bought a few years ago at officemax. The WORST CHAIR EVER. The seat broke and was originally being supported with an ACCO binder we jammed underneith. The boards on the binder have since bent and now you sit on half of the seat while the other half dangles. The two arm rests are also broken and if you lift up on the right one, the entire back of the chair moves. I’m surprised it’s still able to be sat in.

  • I definitely could use a new chair. My current one is just not ideal for any work environment. It’s in bad, bad repair to say the least. I have osteoarthritis and the lower back support plus all the other features would really help ease my constant pain so I could be more comfortable as I work at my desk.

  • Rita

    Currently using a ‘cheapo’ office chair, which is not very comfortable, and a simple, old folding chair in our home office. These sleek, modern, well-built chairs by Hon (whose reputation is tops) would certainly improve the seating comfort and bring an updated look to our home.

  • Theresa

    My chair was purchased in the 70’s. It is wobbley and has screws falling out. It was the best of what the company had that no one was using when I came to work. :( I REALLY need a new chair!

  • Love the design and features. Would be a great to use at work. Love the counterbalance features, lower back support remains constant.