Win a $250 Pentel Prize Pack (CLOSED)

  • Milt

    My favorite Pentel Pens are the Medium Point Blue Ballpoint ones.

  • Rob

    I love Pentel Ballpoint Pens, Medium Point, Black.

  • Lily Kwan

    I like ballpoint pens because they feel comfortable to me.

  • Diane Richards

    I love gel pens, but usually my husband takes them and I never see them again, LOL.

  • Krista M

    I do like ballpoint pens!

  • Gina M

    I love all kinds of pens for various purposes, but I think my overall favorite is a really smooth gel pen! I also love all of the fun colors that they come in.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • Charlotte

    I like median ballpoint, thank you.

  • Angela Saver

    I love & prefer to write with a medium ball-point pen because they are reliable & smooth to write & doodle with!

  • Gloria

    A felttip pen is just so much fun

  • Ericka Coello

    Gel pens are my favorite. It’s like painting with a very fine paint brush.

  • Karrie Millheim

    I love ballpoints

  • John H.

    I like ball point pens.

  • toni wright

    I love medium ball point pens.

  • I love both fine and medium tip pens! I love to swirl and create different types of handwriting and it’s so much fun! I’d use all the colors if I could!

  • Jessica Coker

    I love ballpoint pens.

  • Evelyn

    I really love the rollerball pens

  • Autumn F

    I use all types of pens

  • Jennifer H.

    I like ball point pens the best!

  • I developed a love of pens while employed at a locally owned office supply store! One of my favorite things to do there was to organize the pen aisle because I developed a great love (and collection!) of pens along the way! I love all writing instruments, but my favorites are still gel pens. The writing style is so smooth and they come in a large variety of fun colors and styles!

  • Jennifer

    I love the gel rollerball!!!

  • jennifer aguero

    These are literally the ones pens that I use at work. I need that extra grip and reliability. I hope I win. I would be ecstatic.

  • Loraine Ellis

    I like ballpoint because it brings me back to a time in middle school of passing notes to friends.

  • Rick T

    I buy several ballpoint medium boxes at a time. I’ve never had one fail on me.

  • Susan

    I like gel pens the most

  • Kristen Vines

    I love felt tip pens! Especially the colorful ones!

  • Ballpoint, they feel reliable to me

  • Chris

    My kids go through backpacks pretty quickly, so having an new one would be fantastic!

    Pens are always good, too, particularly if they can be used for art.

    Off to Tweet about this!

  • Amy S

    I’m an English teacher! I absolutely adore the ball point pens, but not picky I love them all!!

  • Evans B.

    Love ballpoint and gel pen ones. Love how it writes, great for drawing, doodling and office work!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Gel pens for me!

  • Stacy

    Rollerball if my favorite! I love the gliding feel when writing.

  • Geri C

    I’ve used ballpoint medium pens for years – just love them.

  • Love writing w/ a gel pen , smooth and love the look

  • Lori A.

    I love gel pens! Especially glittery ones. :)

  • Theresa J

    I love felt tip

  • Lori R

    I like gel pens the best.

  • em

    i love to write with a purple Ballpoint pen. i love the smoothness when I’m writing and i just love purple

  • Jennifer Scott

    black ballpoint ftw!

  • ellen beck

    I really like felt tips . I think because there isnt any skipping, and they come on all kinds of thicknesses now. I just like them.

  • sady


  • Amber

    We love fountain pens!

  • Margot C

    If it’s this type of pen, the kind that you carry in your backpack; I go rollerball. With a rollerball you can get a certain amount of flair, a little like a fountain pen. It’s nice to draw with too.

  • Erin Ellis

    I love gel pens because they come in so many fun colors and they flow nicely.

  • Marsha Webb

    I like rollerball pens because they write so smooth.

  • margaux retrophiliac

    i love gel pens because like me, it takes it easy

  • Angela Newsome

    Gel Pens are my favorite!!!

  • Linda Knight

    Rollerball, nice & smooth

  • Tina M

    love the gel pens

  • Shelton

    I like using a gel pen because it takes very little pressure to write with and I have a light touch.

  • Naomie

    I’m Ballpoint all the way

  • Geena

    I love gel and fountain pens as they look really royal and very smooth when writing. But they tend to finish off soon. My regular lover is ball point pen because there are so many different varieties in terms of thickness and color available in it and I mostly like famous brand pens. I love love love pens so much and I often try to switch between different kind of pens.

  • Susan

    I love pens with blue ink!

  • Mary Helene

    Ballpoint-fine is my pen of

  • OH, pen love forever :)

  • Angela Flowers

    I love gel pens, but really it depends on what I am doing.

  • Katherine

    Ballpoint fine ONly one for me

  • Jerry

    Give me a smooth writing Pentel pen, all of them work well for me!

  • Melody Johnson

    I like them all because I can achieve different effects with each one.

  • John W.

    I use a good ole ball point pen. I buy the big packs of them.

  • Awesome. Pens are always needed when you have a thought to write down.

  • Kalyani N

    Gel pens are my favorite.. I feel the gel pens write smoothly!! Thank you

  • Christina A.

    I love rollerball pens as I just love a pen that writes and moves smoothly–it’s so much easier! I do love the elegance of writing with a real fountain pen though!

  • Brenda E

    I’m a gel girl all the way.

  • angela smith

    i like roller ball pens or easy smooth writing..and lately i’ve been getting into gel pens.they’re colorful and easy to write with

  • Vicky D

    I love the way gel pens write so smooth!

  • anne

    Rollerball has the smooth glide I love when I’m writing.

  • Alicia Webster

    Ballpoint. I am old-school, traditional, highly organized, and efficient. I have places to go, things to do, and people to see, so I don’t have time to piddle around with different colors, tips, designs, etc. I want to sign on the dotted line, and I want my ink to be hard-working and unforgiving (none of that erasable business for me, thank you.) Blue or black, tried and true, reliable, and trustworthy–This is what I expect from my pens, and I have never been disappointed with Pentel.

  • I love Pentel. pens and products! This is an awesome giveaway thanks for the chance to win!

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    I haven’t found a pen I didn’t like!! :)

  • If I have to pick just one I say gel pens. I have a pack from a dollar store right now and one of the six won’t work properly though.

  • Jenny Kerestus

    I love gel pens especially bright colors, glitters, etc.

  • Beverly sayres

    I love pens too!! Gel pens are my fav!

  • Angeline

    Rollerball or ballpoint are my faves, but I can find a use for just about anything.

  • Toni B

    I like rollerball pens….they glide across the paper. :)

  • Jennifer Essad

    felt tip and rollerball are my faves, I love colored ink too

  • Kirsten

    Rollerball and ballpoint. I like the feel of the flow on the paper.

  • Dollie Williams

    I love any and all pens. Pretty pens, old pens, random pens, hotel pens, I’ll use any and all of them :)

  • I love the gel pens but love all of them for different projects!

  • Mike S.

    I’m a big fan of gel pens. They seem to write the smoothest, don’t have “startup issues” like ball point, and generally look very nice on paper. I do use a fountain pen occasionally when I’m feeling nostalgic or elitist though :)

  • Jennifer P

    I love all pens and how each creates a different style of art, the fountain pen and the elegance of calligraphy, felt tips you can paint with like water colors, ball point is more for sketching and so many more pens that do so much. I just love pens and the art they create from something to gaze at to something to read and be lifted to somewhere else in time or space. They are a wonderful creation.

  • Annette

    I love a good gel pen.

  • Helen Wagner

    I love fountain pens!

  • Ada Miller

    I love roller balls pens because I think they right so much better and the pen glides across the paper.

  • Samantha

    Depends on what I’m writing. If I’m writing a card or need neat writing I love fine tip rollerball and medium for everyday writing.

  • Rhonda Best

    I like to use different pens for different things, my favorite is a rollerball.

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    I prefer gel pens but I also like pens with a fine tip.

  • I love the ball point pen because I think my writing looks so much better when I use one.

  • I prefer felt tips <3

  • Shannon Kirby

    I love rollerball for my everyday writing!

  • I like a gel or felt tip pen easy flowing and easy to write with

  • margaret p.

    I like gel pens. Actually, I like any pen that dries quickly. I’m a lefty and some pens smear.

  • Jennifer Davis

    I use Pentel more than any other ink pen…I’m running on E!!! I love their pens!!! I could use some more since I’m in college and am ALWAYS writing…

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    I need to write with a Pentel! Yes!

  • I like roller pens because they glide.

  • I use all kinds of pens for writing! Love gel pens for colorful notes and other pens for more “serious” things. LOL…
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Paula Caudill

    The rollerball and gel work best for me. Thank you!

  • alessandro p

    love gel pen..they are awesome..they are so cool

  • Elise

    Definitely have a thing for pens. I agree what pen you choose says a lot about a person. I confess to having a few too many favorites to choose just one. Great giveaway!

  • Ty

    I love the way a roller ball pen feels when I am writing.

  • Sweeeeet prize. Love it! For me and to share.

  • I love rollerball pens!

  • Heather S.

    I love ballpoint pens. After 21 years of teaching, I think I have tried every type of pen, but Pentel Wow! pens are my absolute favorite! They are medium ballpoint pens.

  • Rust

    I love a fine tip felt tip pen, for the traction.

  • Nicole Shaffer

    I love using gel pens because they write smoothly and don’t skip on the paper.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    For most things I like a black rollerball—very smooth. For fun things I like gels in lots of colors :)

  • Linda R

    Love ballpoint pens! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Pamela Rehm

    I’m a fan of the felt tip. I can write/draw longer before my hand cramps up

  • love them all.but the gel is my favorite

  • Amy C.

    Ballpoint is my favorite!

  • Marylou Sakosky

    love this and reason to write again/ ..thank you for the chance

  • Lisa Carr

    I love both gel and rollerball pens. I love the solid flow.

  • Debbie Welchert

    My favorite style of pen to write is a fine point gel pen. It just seems to write so much smoother and prettier.

  • Jeff

    I love using a ballpoint pen myself. It seems more sophisticated.

  • brittany

    I love the gel. I just love the way it looks.

  • Edward M

    love gel

  • Karisa

    Ball point

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    For everyday writing, I prefer a black ballpoint pen; however, I love to use different colors–especially if I’m writing to my grandchildren.

  • Coco K

    Love all styles of pens, especially gel pens

  • Anne Stull

    I love gel pens!! They write so smoothly and come in lots of fun colors!!!

  • Mary Fagans

    I am a ballpoint pen kind of girl because I think they write the smoothest!!

  • Claire Oxley


  • Maureen Howard

    I go between roller ball and gels…. I like to change things up!

  • I love to wrote w Gel pens! Love how smooth they write & love the even flow!!

  • Skiffywife

    I’m a felt tip kind of a gal because I like to add a little flourish with my writing

  • …gel pens bring out the creativity in me!

  • Jennifer O.

    I love writing with gel pens because they come in such fun colors!

  • Allison CB

    Love felt tips….appeals to the artist in me!

  • vera wilson

    A very nice set. Thanks for the chance.

  • Patrice P.

    I like ball point pens. They produce the best results for me.

  • Maryann D.

    I like any pen that glides smoothly and helps me to write better, probably rollerball is super for me.

  • love the gel pens

  • Rick J Bryant

    For family and friends kids and a few for myself!!!!

  • I’m more concerned with the grip and size of the pen.

  • Chris S.

    I love to write with Gel Pens, for some reason its the one i have the best handwriting with

  • Laurie F

    I like ballpoint because it is sharp and clear.

  • Cindi Shafer

    I love the fine point ballpoint pens in bright spring colors! Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  • Julie B

    Love Rollerball Pens!

  • Breanna Pollard

    Felt tip is my fave!

  • Tiffany Becker

    I love Gel Pens! There are so many pretty colors!!!

  • Kelly D

    Ballpoint pens are my favorite.

  • I also love gel pens because they don’t take a lot of pressure from your hands to write with

  • Ashley Agner

    I love ballpoint pens!

  • Heather Adams

    I love gel pens because I love all the pretty colors they come in

  • Janice Cash

    Rollerball is definitely my favorite, but when I feel like being colorful I go with the gel pens.

  • Nicole Henry

    It honestly all depends on what mood I’m in or what I’m writing/writing on. I think my fav is a rollerball though. My most used, anyway.

  • Kathy Pearlman

    I love pens.It’s one of the things I always get as a souvenir from vacations – and not the hotel pens!

  • Gyle Harris

    I love writing with Gel pens because of how smooth and easy they write. I also love all the different colors of gel ink!

  • Mary Vantil

    The new gel pens really bring my writing to a whole new level! I love them Thanks for the chance!

  • Colleen

    I have to pick just one? Ballpoint for writing, felt for coloring.

  • Maria Judith Agosto

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  • Tamara B.

    Sorry I forgot the reason I like a ballpoint pen is it writes more smoothly for me

  • autumn eaton

    Gel because they are fun and easy to write with and comes in all sorts of fun colors

  • gel. like how it rolls on to paper

  • Tamara B.


  • Gel pens feel so comfortable in my hand.

  • Rochel S

    I only like black ink and it has to be a Fine point. I actually ONLY use the Pentel RSVP pens. I order the supplies in my office and that is the one I make sure to get. Been using them since Highschool ;)

  • I love writing. Sometimes it’s a gel pen, sometimes it’s a ballpoint and sometimes it’s even a pencil but I love the feel of a nice instrument in my hand and scripting the letters on paper.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Gel pens are my favorite because they write so smoothly and they come in fun colors!

  • I love gel pens…….they’re fun to write with……if I can hide it from my granddaughters! Ha!

  • I am always writing so this would really come in handy. I use Rollerball and Gel pens the most.

  • Felt tip is great for grading papers and color coding my planner!

  • Twila

    I absolutely love writing with fountain pens.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I love any type of pen that has a good grip. I love love These pens and Pentel!

  • deanna hanson

    roller ball or fountain

  • Melanie Meredith

    I like rollerball and gel pens the best for grading and writing. They are smooth and easy. The gel I would use when I am putting comments on report cards and such so they pop and parents would read them. Roller ball help more when I am grading 40 math or science tests. This prize pack would really be a blessing for me and my classroom!

  • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    My favorite pens are Rollerball! I wish my teenagers would stop taking them from me!

  • Wooohooo i love pens!

  • April Hurst

    Love roller ball or gel pens

  • Ronda Six Garnett

    gel…but I love all pens!!! And Pencils.. :)

  • Charlotte Sparks

    The better the pen is at writing, the more I like to write! Gel pens are awesome!!!!

  • Kim

    Rollerball all the way!

  • Jennifer D

    I love writing with a gel tip pen. I feel it just glides on without much pressure. My favorite pen color is blue and the blue gel ink is vibrant and it doesn’t smudge.

  • Marygrace

    I love me a good rollerball pen, smooth writing and looks nice while writing cursive.

  • Arica Hutchins

    I love the felt tip and roller ball. I love them all tho

  • Stephanie N.

    Gel pens! I love using them in my adult coloring books:)

  • I almost always have a ball point pen on me.

  • Rita F

    Love Gel pens they write so smoothly

  • Tracy Heyer

    Roller ball is my favorite.

  • Roller ball, is my favorite.

  • Rollerball for best writing :)

  • Kelly Brown

    I love to write with felt tip pens…colored ones are great too!

  • Cheryl

    I love to write with gel pens. They’re colorful and comfortable.