Win a germ-free pack from Purell! (CLOSED)

  • Marc

    No Daylight Saving Time, because it’s too hot.

  • Lily Kwan

    My summer plans are to spend time outdoors. Purell can help by keeping my surroundings germ free and sterile.

  • Marc

    Some lakeside adventure and boating requires some cleaniing with this Purell prize pack.

  • Rob

    I’m always exploring, in the mountains here, to collect rocks and minerals for my collection; so, some Purell cleanup afterwards would be nice.

  • Milt

    We do a lot of camping and hiking, and I would love to have this Purell germ-free pack around to keep things clean.

  • Rob

    I’m always exploring, in the mountains here, to find nice rocks and minerals for my collection, and my hands get very dirty; so, some Purell cleanup, afterwards, would be nice.

  • Gracie L

    We are going camping and purell can help me not get sick so I can enjoy myself.

  • Trisha McKee

    My daughter and I are taking road trips and one of them was to visit Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Christmas Story House and with the crowds, Purell can help keep germs and illness at bay.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    We used it the whole time we were in Kauai and we use it at home all the time I have immune deficiency disorder so using it is important to keep from getting sick from germs.

  • Kathryn C

    we always enjoy all the fairs and festivals in our county and neighboring counties


  • Buddy Garrett

    We are going to take a car trip to Orlando. The prize pack would be great for the car and the hotel room.

  • Sand

    We’ve been doing a lot of swimming and reading and Purell can help by keeping us healthy.

  • tallcapp

    Purely is always my best friend in my purse. I never leave home without it in summer (or in winter for that matter).

  • Rosey

    We plan on one trip to the amusement park still. Purrell can help by keeping us clean in the car and in the hotel room.

  • AEKZ2

    We went to Disneyland over the summer, and I used Purell after every ride.

  • Seyma Shabbir

    Our summer plans is to go to the beach. Purell can help by cleaning our hands after using public restrooms!

  • Laurie Emerson

    We did a lot of traveling and especially a lot of hiking and camping. Purell really helped to keep the hands clean and germs away.

  • Kathy Hanley

    We are touring colleges and traveling a lot so this would be great!

  • Cheryl Reinhardt

    Our Summer plans include going to lots of thrift stores, our favorite thing to do and the Purel would be a great thing to have touching so many items that everyone else touches.

  • Barb Stenby

    moving my son into college in NYC

  • Lisa Fonseca

    My summer plans are/were to go fishing as much as possible but I HAVE to have hand sanitizer when we do go. Can’t do without it.

  • Michelle Fuller

    We went to our family reunion in Las Vegas, NV in July.

  • We are going to sneak one last trip to the beach before school starts and Purell is perfect for cleaning up the inevitable messes the kids will make on this trip too :-)

  • Lisa Carr

    We are going to a few amusement parks before the end of summer. Talk about germs! Purely would sure come in handy!

  • Rebecca Simons

    We’ve finished our summer vacation plans but this will help my next project – cleaning the basement!

  • CandieL

    We spent a week in Cancun. We brought small bottles of Purell with us in case we were not close to cleaning sources. Thank you

  • krystal wethington

    My summer plans are going places I haven’t been and purell can help by keeping my hands clean and germ free.

  • DanV

    We are taking road trips so this would be great for the car

  • mike

    we plan to take our newborn to the park a lot.

  • Kim Neville

    Visiting farms and feeding animals so these would help tremendously to fight off germs

  • Philip Lawrence

    I plan to travel abroad this summer and Purell will help me stay germ free while traveling.

  • Corrina Hernandez

    Fall season is almost here and I need hand sanitizer!

  • Dawn Reid

    We are going camping at the beach and this would be a great help/

  • Carolyn Daley

    My summer plans include going to Loggerhead Marinelife Center and the beach. Purell can prevent me from getting sick by killing germs whenever I touch a messy surface.

  • Janine H

    We want to spend time at the beach, so we need purell to help us stay clean

  • John H.

    This would be great for camping.

  • We are staying home this summer but Purell would help us everyday to fight germs.

  • Shari Klyn

    I am a paraprofessional and need all the hand sanitizer that I can get.

  • Jennifer H.

    We are going to the local orchard – this is perfect to clean hands!

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    Lots of camping and canoeing.

  • Rachel Freer

    Our summer plans are going camping. We need a ton of hand sanitizer when we go!

  • Jennifer J

    I am moving this summer and that is enough excitement for me. Moving is dirty and germy and this would help. Thank you!

  • denise a

    Sight seeing in NYC, lots of places, lots of people, lots of times to use Purell!

  • Amanda Whitley

    my plans are to take the kids on a little mini vacation and go to an amusement park. purell would be great to keep germ free and not get sick from touching all the rides.

  • stephanie baker

    We just had a baby, she is 10 days old. We are quite protective of her so we keep a bottle of Purelle in several spots, including the car, diaper bag, etc. When people come over to meet her, we hand them a bottle to clean up before they hold our daughter. It has made me much less stressed about all the potential health hazards around her delicate system.

  • Erica B.

    We like to go to the zoo…and you definitely need purell there!

  • Megan Zuchowski

    We went to Atlantic city and love to stay germ free!

  • kathy pease

    We traveled to Hampton Beach and this would have came in handy for traveling on the road and in the hotel

  • Sarah Hall

    We are going to ballgames, swimming, and to local fairs so Purell would be great for a quick germ killer when we are around so many people.

  • Ruksana M

    We are going fishing and Purell can defintely help our family stay sanitised and healthy.

  • Nicole Carter

    We are going to Wild Waves and Purell could help because who knows how clean that place really is!

  • Lisa V.

    I went on a backpacking trip in the mountains of New England. I would usualy do 5 days in a row in the woods befoce coming to a road to get to have a night’s stay at a hotel before heading back out. I actually take a small bottle of sanitizers (those outhouse aren’t the greatest).

  • my summer plans are to stay home and go swimming

  • My summer plans involve hikes in a tropical climate. Being outdoors and eating while out and about make sanitizer a must-have.

  • Ed

    Al fresco behavior. This will keep my digits clean.

  • Maria Montero

    My summer plan include bike riding and what better way to keep my hands clean when I stop for a snack !

  • sheila k

    sending a gift box to my son and his wife and baby in China, since I have no money to get there. The Purell items would be nice to include.

  • KJ Skib

    This would come in handy at the park, picnic lunches and at the pool.

  • Going camping this September is one of our summer plans left to do.

  • Melanie

    We plan on going to the zoo, so Purell will be great there (especially after the petting zoo part).

  • Ashley C

    My plans are to spend lots of time at the pool, so this can help us make sure that our hands are clean and germ free before snacking and eating lunch

  • Jennifer Reed

    Well our summer is officially over as school started again this week but we did do a lot of traveling this summer and Purell Products definitely could have come in handy for germ protection.

  • Theron Willis

    I’m going to Mexico on vacation. The third world lacks American standards of hygene, hence as I precaution, I’d like to carry Purell on my person.

  • Jennifer Scheldberg

    I love having some Purell in the car after the kids have played at a park or after I’ve been shopping.

  • Brenda Burgess

    Oh this is great for those grandkids at school

  • Jeff

    My plans are to harvest the rest of my garden and Purell will be a big help after working in the garden

  • Lori Walker

    This is useful to have in my dog walking bag.

  • beth shepherd

    We are going to the zoo and this would be wonderful to win to clean with after petting the critters. Thank you

  • Monique Rizzo

    I have been spending weekends at the beach with my family. Thanks for the chance.

  • heather s

    Going swimming and relaxing

  • We plan to go to the amusement park, lots of hand sanitizer is needed there.

  • Brittney House

    I love taking the kids to downtown Chicago in the summer to visit the shops, museums, beaches, ect. It would help because my kids like to touch EVERYTHING, so it will help keep their hands clean while on the go.

  • jules m.

    we just hung out at home and went swimming in the pool but living with pets we always need Purell!

  • Breanna Pollard

    I traveled to San Antonio and it would help to keep away the germs.

  • Ron Miller

    Swimming, of course Purell after swimming in the lake!

  • jean l

    it would be great to have Purell for hair hands body

  • Denise B.

    We don’t have any summer plans, but we are going to the local petting farm when tourist season is over; and Purell would come in handy after handling animals.

  • Lauren Olivia Wood

    My summer plans are to go on a picnic. Purell will keep my hands clean of germs if a bathroom is not readily available.

  • Tari Lawson

    I am taking vacation at the end of the summer. I would love Purell for when I am using public transportation to help me avoid getting sick while away from home.

  • Penny Snyder

    We plan to go hiking in Michigan – these would be great to carry in our backpacks!

  • Amy Pratt

    I plan to garden a lot. Purell can help get those germies off.

  • Cynthia C

    I like going to the park and sometimes take snacks. I like to make sure my hands are clean before eating.

  • Leela

    Road trips with the kids. Lots of opportunities to need purell!

  • Lori

    We are headed to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm! This would definitely help keep hands clean!

  • I love to win this as during my summer I work with my flowers and back yard and I have to keep my hands
    sanitized all the time for I had a double mastectomy and easy to get infection, so when I seen this giveaway thought I would try an win,

    Thanks Becky

  • Denise S

    We go fishing a lot and these would help us stay clean.

  • Chad Gustafson

    Fishing, believe me purell helps!

  • Roy

    This would be great to take fishing with us. Hands are always getting dirty

  • Betty B.

    Beach trips, picnics, hiking. Purell is a yr round must have for me i always carry it with me wherever I go.

  • I am a 3rd grade teacher and this is the only hand sanitizer that I request on my school supply list!! I would love to win!!!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    We are going camping.This would be great to protect us from germs!

  • Susan W.

    Purell can help us clean our hands when we have a picnic out in the woods.

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    My summer plans are going on vacation, spending time with family and relaxing. Purell is always a great thing to have when we are out to protect us from germs.

  • Patricia Mingozzi

    My summer plans are to go on a Disney cruise and Universal studios. Purell can keep my family clean and sanitized before and after dinner.

  • Jeanne Rousseau

    THe beach and it helps to keep germy hands from exploring from going into our months when we snack!

  • Charlotte W

    We have no summer plans. I want to win the prize pack for my husband who can’t afford to be sick.


    I’m going to Australia and the purell would come in handy on the plane.

  • Anne Siegrist

    Germfree! Yes!

  • Ann Fantom

    We are going to the beach and Purell sanitizes our hands after visiting public places

  • Anna Wang

    Well, with the remaining of my summer I plan to spend as much time as I can on the beach, doing some hiking…So keeping my hands sanitized will definitely help when lunchtime rolls around in the middle of a sandy shore or a hiking trail in the woods.

  • John Kirkpatrick

    My wife is very ill. Fun for us is going to the occasional movie and then to dinner. Wipes & hand jell are forms for any outing. Guaranteed – Purell is there!

  • Stephanie V.

    road trips and not always near water so need to keep us healthy on the go!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Donna

    We are seeing many outdoor concerts this summer, and Purell will help keep us germ free.

  • Jamie Murphy

    We’re going to Disney! We need all the help we can get keeping the germs away from us lol.

  • Purell keeps me feeling germ free even in the dirtiest situations!

  • Beth

    My summer plans include going on a hike

  • Geena S

    There are very tiny insects coming through the windows because we put them open in summer. They especially are feeding on paper and wood which is all over the house. I would like to clean doors and windows especially with Purrell so that my house get clean, perfectly sanitised and ready to inhabit through the winter until summer comes again..

  • Diane baum

    Sorry, I forgot to include my summer plans-hiking

  • patricia delgado

    We love visiting the park and the zoo and there are a lot of dirty hand opportunities but not a lot of sink opportunities so Purell keeps us covered.

  • Diane baum

    I would love this, as my job requires a lot of traveling

  • Shannon Baas

    We have spent a lot of time camping and this would com in handy.

  • Tammy Thomson

    The rest of my comment didn’t show!…..
    I can’t wait to meet my first group of firsties

  • Tammy Thomson

    I’m a first grade teacher! Enough said.

  • Our last blast for summer will be to go camping for the week. We’ve picked the most obscure campgrounds without even realizing the showers and water were 8 miles away. lol.

  • Susan Day

    Our summer is over since school has already started but we did go to the beach! These items will be great for school!

  • Angela Mittner

    My summer plans are to try to keep my son as active as possible. We’ll need Purell to clean his hands after using the public restrooms or touching what a hundred other kids touched at the playground or mall. Yuck!

  • Benita

    My husband is disabled. I’m at home taking care of him. Purell would help to keep his room germ free.

  • Pamela Dourm

    This would be great to have when going camping this fall!

  • Joe K

    Whenever I travel, Purell keeps me from getting sick, especially on a cruise (summer plans).

  • Matzsmith

    I like to get in yard and get dirty frequently rinsing my hands. Purell keeps them safe to the tough before I wash up fully.

  • Susan B.

    would love to win! Will help me with my 18 Girl Scout Troop!

  • Danielle Marie

    i plan on going to disneyland. i would like to stay germ free.

  • MelodyJ

    I’m doing arts and crafts this summer. Purell helps me clean up my mess.

  • Kathryn Gutierrez

    Purell is great stuff.

  • Teresa Organ

    My plans are just spending time with my lovely family and Purell will help us to keep the germs away.

  • Kim Barnes

    My plans are to spend as much time with my family and friends as I can.

  • Katie Bellamy

    I love going garage saling. I need Purell in my purse to keep me clean!

  • Ruby

    We have been restructuring/rebuilding our backyard to make it more “dog friendly” for our three ‘kids’ – Maggie, Ani, and Beau. Maggie will be 4 years old in Ocyober. Ani just turned 2 years old in May, and Beau just turned 1 in July. Threre is a lot of dirt, chips, and cleaning involved!

  • Margaret P.

    Time for some major back to school shopping. I know they never clean the keypads of the card machines at checkout. I always use my Purell afterwards. I don’t want my kids sick before school even starts!

  • Jennifer O.

    We may go camping, so Purell is definitely helpful when there is no running water around.

  • marybeth i

    We are going to soccer games and this does come in handy!

  • Ashley

    My summer plans are over due to school starting (tomorrow)! Purell is a staple in my purse and throughout my classroom with the hopes of keeping myself and students healthy. ;)

  • Leanne Campbell

    My summer is over, but, I sure could use these products in my classroom!!!

  • Misti

    fishing. Purell can help keep our hands clean

  • michelle hill

    Beach days with Purell to use before lunch at the beach

  • Meredith

    Our kids at school are already sick. We could really use this in our classroom.

  • Bianca Munoz

    Thank you for the giveaway! This will help once school starts for sure!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    Our summer plans include road trips and camping, so this kit would definitely come in handy!

  • Amy Brown

    We are taking the kids to Legoland and I can only imagine the germs that are running rabid. Awe but the memories are going to be well worth! Thank you

  • Rhonda P.

    Summer is pretty much over for me. However, I could really use this at school in my classroom!

  • Mary Helene

    We are camping at the beach in a few weeks and will be taking Purell with us.

  • Susan Tice

    Spending lots of time at the beach.

  • Coco Knight

    Purell comes woth use everywhere….to our Beach trips and our days at the park.

  • Gloria

    My summer is almost over but it would be great to pick some apples and make applesauce

  • Jenelle

    Going on a bus trip. This would help keep me safe from germs on the bus!

  • chickie

    Since I live in A z and I’m sweating to death I think libraries are good [places for me to go!

  • Erin Ellis

    This summer we are enjoying our backyard and playing with our kids. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  • going to the zoo and will need to keep hands clean

  • Sunnymay

    My summer plans are to visit my daughter and grandson in Boston. Plus to go on my usual twice a week walks at the Nature Center and the paved walking trail by the Rapid Transit. By being around nature, especially by water, I feel refueled and refreshed.

  • Visiting my brother and his family in Texas and having plenty of Purell to take along for the trip!

  • brittany

    Im just spending time with the kids and it would help my kids not be sick with all the germs.

  • Ed Gibson

    would like this.

  • I am a teacher, and I always have Purell available for my students. Summer germ-fighting is almost over and it’s time to face the fall season at school. Thanks for the chance!

  • Gina Rock

    Lot’s of traveling! Purell is my go too for staying healthy when I’m away from home.

  • Sheila Vives

    My summer plans are to spend some outdoor time getting dirty digging for diamonds in the volcanic crater at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

  • Dana Matthews

    Our Summer break is over with and we are back to school….three kids had a good summer…lots of water and visiting…germ free makes it all better…now with back to school…they keep products like this in their backpacks in in their cubbies as school.

  • Would LOVE to have this to help fight germs at work!!! Part of my job is delivering to doctors offices….lots of germs!!!