Win a Rainbow Gift Bundle (CLOSED)

  • Paulet

    The deep red of Ant Hill Garnet is really, very lovely; those pesky, little ants are always busy mining gemstones.

  • Malv

    I’m a sorcerer and love the Malachite green for spell casting.

  • Milt

    Blue quartz is great for cool vibrations, and Turquoise amulets offer me protection from misfortune.

  • Marc

    I gain cosmic knowledge from indigo Azurite.

  • Aaron

    The orange of Tangerine Quartz really spices things up for creativity.

  • Rob

    I like to sharpen my psychic awareness with the purple of Amethyst; there is a mine in the Four Peaks Area.

  • Jeff

    color me mellow yellow…

  • Shelley E

    I’d have to say my favorite color is purple-all shades and hues!

  • Deb C

    Blue best suits my personality. It can be happy or serious.

  • phl

    My favorite color is green, but I think I’d describe my personality as more of a frosted/translucent white.

  • Rick T

    I’m definitely a blue. Ninety percent of my clothes are blue.

  • I love the color blue. A deep blue always makes me think of the ocean and the skies in Ireland

  • crystal taylor

    Purple always seems to make me happy!

  • Crystal McKinley

    I’m probably pink. I love to be cheerful and childlike. It keeps me from getting old.

  • Melissa Moody


  • Shelli Galloway

    I’d have to go with yellow, I love the sunshine, the warmth, I love summer and everything to do with it!

  • Tiffany Pierce

    Blue. I am not sad or anything. Blue makes me happy. Love the color.

  • Tammy

    Im definitely a purple. :)

  • Kiersten Dennis

    I’d definitely say hot pink because I stand out, and I’m outgoing!

  • sherry bard

    i think orange is the color that represents my personality . it makes me feel alive and happy , plus halloween is my birthday so orange is the perfect color for me :)

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    Purple is my color for sure.

  • Brittany D.

    Good question. I’m gonna have to go with Red. Im feisty and fiery :)

  • Karen Brightwell

    Purple or eggplant are my colors. I have a passion for decorating my home.

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    My son always says I act like a Queen so I’ll have to go with purple. Purple is associated with royalty after all and just happens to be my favorite color too. LOL

  • Melissa Cunningham

    I’d say teal

  • Natasha Scott

    Red is my favorite color and suits me well. What a great giveaway!!

  • Angela Smith

    dark favorite me its a happy color and i love my dark purple petunias

  • Christina 8

    Love rainbow bright colors!

  • Angela

    Love the bright colors. So refreshing!!!

  • sandra davis

    I think orange represents me…….bright and cheery

  • Miriam

    Nice prizes!

  • Naomie

    I’m Chill, blue

  • Sohair

    I’m totally chill blue

  • I am rainbow because red is my passion for family love and art, pink is my corky girlie side that I have a huge love for hello kitty and make up, orange is my loud side sometime I laugh out loud or I make other laugh out loud, yellow is my expression side sometimes I go wild make up to express my emotions Or the way I feel. Green is my mother naturing side I feel like I’m always a mother when if comes to my friends being in trouble or feeling down or even with my nieces and nephews:) blue it my calm escape side where I just listen to music relax or meditate :)

  • Jennifer Kyle

    I am Supermom Purple

  • Evans B

    Calm as blue :)

  • Jamie

    I’m a blue

  • Amy C.

    I don’t know that it represents my personality, but my favorite color is green!

  • mamotts

    yellow- sunshinee and happy

  • Angela Saver

    The color that best represents my personality is green!

  • Marybeth Isaac


  • Mari Lewis

    I’m a green!

  • Martina

    I’m pink.

  • Kelly


  • Lorri

    Yellow – Happy!!!

  • Mary Dailey

    It would have to be red!

  • Jennifer Davis

    Blue!!! It is my favorite color and it also represents the Zetas.

  • Amanda Saddler

    The color that represents me best is yellow. Its bright and reminds me of the sun. So cheerful and happy!

  • Maria Judith Agosto

    Green like Hope!

  • Doreen Kuster

    Green – practical and down to earth. Plus I chose a career in accounting $$!

  • Natalie

    BLUE and GOLD!

    As a UC Berkeley alumni, blue and gold have been my colors for years. There’s just something about what they stand for that inspires me in my life!

  • Nicole Acuna


  • Since I’ve kept it my profile pic for so long I’ll say hot pink.

  • Susan

    Blue or Gray is my color because I love the rain and cold! :-)

  • Barbara R.

    I like bright strong colors and Red is my first choice.

  • Mary Mac

    Blue is my favorite color and represents me the best.

  • Angela Flowers

    Would have to be teal!

  • Jerry Fair

    Red all the way!

  • Toni B

    I’m BLUE….nice & calm.

  • L Green

    Today I started out a bold fire engine red. Later in the day I felt pretty pink. As the day went on I cooled down to a cool blue.

  • Geri C

    Blue is my color!

  • Gloria marquez

    My color is blue

  • amy guillaume linderman

    blue….i love water!!

  • Susan

    Today I’m orange, warm and vibrant!
    What a fun and lively pack

  • Marci

    I think red

  • Nancy reid

    Pink….. I love to look at life through rose colored glasses and see the good in people!

  • LoriR

    I am blue like the ocean.

  • Susan Tice

    Blue is definitely my color

  • Elizabeth Carpenter

    Yellow is my color because I get up in the morning ready to take on a brand new day with a smile. I hope by sharing my smile, I can brighten someone else’s day. Even when I’m feeling blue, I remember there are people who have it worse than me so I always try to share my love of life with the people and children around me.

  • Pamela


  • Nicole Shaffer

    Blue is my color

  • Blue represents mine

  • ceo


  • Gloria

    Blue would be mine

  • Colleen F

    Green :)

  • Olivia B

    I am a mellow yellow!

  • carol johnson

    red would be the color for me

  • Bright lime green fits me.

  • Donna L

    Green color best represents my personality.

  • sandra

    A sunny yellow color best represents my personality.

  • Sheila K.

    I would say that black represents my personality—LOL!

  • Amber Bourland

    Red. I tend to be high-energy and intense, but a tad hot-tempered, too.

  • Definitely green! I’m an outdoor-girl and few things make me happier than a lush green landscape after a big storm :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Blue is definitely my color, a nice light shade of it.

  • jessica c

    The color of my personalty is turquoise. Not only is it the only color I wear but it is my favorite color it everything I get.