Win a Rubbermaid Pulse Mopping Kit!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Rubbermaid! Whoever wins these prizes better have some serious mopping to do because we are giving away TWO Rubbermaid Pulse™ Mopping Kits that are worth $160 each.

Here’s a little more about them –

Innovative cleaning tool dispenses cleaning solution right from mop handle to clean floors faster, easier and more effectively. Ergonomic trigger handle dispenses three streams of solution with each press. Requires 18″ microfiber wet pad sold separately. (although we will include some with your giveaway!) Lightweight construction weighs only 4 lbs. when loaded with solution. High-capacity reservoir holds 21 ounces of solution to clean up to 850 square feet of floor space. Full-length view window to monitor fill level. Large opening for manual refilling, or use with Pulse Caddy sold separately for handsfree refilling.

So basically it seems like a swiffer on steroids. Right? Like a super heavy duty awesome swiffer on steroids.

Here’s how to win:

Leave a comment on this post telling us how you will use your mop!

Extra Entries –
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We will pick and announce two winners on Monday, October 17th! Good Luck!

  • would Totally Be able to clean my floors like i Want to

  • Amy Bates

    I will use the mops to keep my floors clean for my Grandson who loves to play with his car…

  • Amy Rouse

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    Amy Rouse

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    Amy Rouse

  • Amy Rouse

    I’ll use it to clean my mom’s apt. Now that she’s immobile, I have to do her cleaning for her.

  • Wendy

    Wow, it would be so nice to mop without lugging around a bucket of water! The Rubbermaid Pulse™ Mopping Kit would be used in the kitchen, the sun room, the bathrooms, and the workshop. Thanks Shoplet!

  • Heidi Mason

    I sooo need a new mop!

  • Lori Nash

    i would use 1 mop for my kitchen and 1 for my bathroom

  • Patti

    Getting new laminate slate floors on Monday after water damage in Kitchen. I would like to start using the Rubbermaid Pulse™ Mopping Kit to properly clean them from the beginning and to keep them clean without damaging the surface. Quick and Easy! Thanks Shoplet!

  • Pat

    I will mop my bathrooms & kitchen with this new mop.

  • Abbie

    I just moved to a new apartment with freshly refinished hardwood floors. I would use the Rubbermaid Pulse™ Mopping Kit to keep them as clean and shiny as they are now!


    I work at a construction site, our office trailer is always in need of mopping – a pain lugging big mop with bucket …this would make it so much easier !!!!!

  • Erica Best

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  • Erica Best

    i would use it to mop my kitchen

  • D.B.

    I will use the Rubbermaid Pulse Mop on my kitchen and bathroom floors.

  • RGomez

    I will use my mops to keep my tile floors clean for my grandchildren!

  • Brenda Eggert

    I have a two-year-old who loves to eat his meals on the floor instead of the table. So mopping my floors is a more than once daily chore.

  • Laura B

    I’m a email subscriber

  • Laura B

    I run a ferret shelter… the floors need attention daily!

  • Julie Strickland

    I will mop the new tile floor we are putting in. Goodbye carpet! Hello cleaner floors!

  • Maureen G

    I will us the rubbermaid-pulse-mopping kit to mop my kitchen and sun porch.

  • christinaz

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  • christinaz

    I would use the mop to clean my house top to bottom

  • Wow that is awesome, would be great to use after our Environmental education classes this winter with all the school kids tracking in dirt and snow :)

  • Jess

    I will clean my house from top to bottom! I’ve followed as ilikecontests

  • Annette D

    Following on twitter @annedoggett

  • Annette D

    I could so use a new mop! We have almost no carpet, most of our floors are wood or tile, so I do lots of mopping!

  • Betty Ford

    I’m an e-mail subscriber.
    I Would use it to replace my regular old rag mop for my laminate floors.

  • Dixie

    I’m an email subscriber.

  • Patricia C

    I’m a facebook fan

  • Patricia C

    I’m an email subscriber

  • Dixie

    Have a lot of tile floors. This would make cleaning much easier, especially the kitchen. My husband and I are 75 and easier is good.

  • Patricia C

    I would use the Rubbermaid pulse mop on my kitchen, bathroom and wood floors.

  • Becky Bergmann

    I would love to have a Rubbermaid Pulse! I really dislike Swiffer, and this would be a great help to me. Cleaning is tough with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Max W Stroble

    I’ll use this mop to clean our several rooms of tile floors.

  • pauline miller

    I’ve recently married and could use this to mop my new floors in my new home

  • Yvonne D Bowling

    Switching to all wood and tile floors. Have 2 sons and 2 nephews. Needless to say, methe boys can be very messy.

  • This would be a great win for our office!!

  • Patricia Henderson

    We would use the mop to clean our offices and also the apartments before we rent them out.

  • If I win the mop, I will use it in my home, which is entirely tile throughout. We adopt homeless dogs and give them a forever home, but sometimes they tend to have “accidents,” particularly when they are sick or elderly. The mop will be a great help!

  • Kay

    If I win the mop, I’ll use one to clean the new office I’m opening. But I’m taking the second one home!

  • Annette

    Too much white tile, too little time. I really need this high tech mopping solution1

  • Sarah

    If I win the mop I will use it to clean the 900 square feet of tile in my home. With a new one in the family getting ready to crawl, a clean floor is a must!

  • Would love a new mop to clean my laminate floors in my new house! Thanks for the chances!

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  • Ed Higgins

    Why, I would use the mops for my two business office locations to maximize the ffficiency of cleaning just like we do for the business workflow to get the job done faster to have more time to provide value added services to our insurance cuistomers. What could be a better motivated use for something as simple as a mop and to give the plain old mop some real class business/marketing posiiton??

  • Marianne

    If I win the Rubbermaid Pulse, I will use it in my facility where cleanliness is key! We have a health facility where youth development, healthy living and social responsibility are our goals that we strive for. In our housekeeping department, we have been using the old mop and bucket process. I would love to implement this new and amazing process in our facility! Implementing this new process will certainly keep everyone happy and healthy!!

  • Kathy

    Looks pretty cool!

    I’d mop my tile kitchen floor, which seems to get dirty within seconds of being cleaned…

  • Jenny Flowers


    reference to hyperboleandahalf.blogspot
    please read, her stuff is AWESOME!

  • Mabel Lou Brown

    I have to get down on my hands and knees to get my horrible kitchen floor clean. This would be a Godsend for a 74 year old great grandma. It is getting so hard to get down and back up and my husband is suffering from Post Polio. and can’t help me.

  • I am friends with @shoplet on twitter @way2go32

  • I’m sure my wife can find a good use for this!
    I follow your blog by email!

  • Ann C.

    In the 32 years we’ve been married, my husband has never mopped a floor in our home. I think it’s time for an old dog to learn a new trick. The Rubbermaid Pulse Mop would be a perfect teaching tool.

  • Cindy Anderson

    I really want the mop! I DONT love to clean and this would make it go by faster!!



  • Edie Evans

    Also, I subscribe by RSS. Love it!

  • Edie Evans

    5 rescue dogs ranging from 15 to 175 pounds. We do a LOT of mopping!


  • Erin R.

    I subscribe to the Shoplet blog by email

  • Erin R.

    I have hardwood floors in most of the house, so I’ll use the mops to clean the floors. Thanks!

  • My entire home is ceramic floor and this mop would be ideal!

  • Debbie Welchert

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  • Debbie Welchert

    I will use it to clean the kitchen, bathroom and my wood floor in the living room.

  • Mami2jcn

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  • Mami2jcn

    I’ll use my mop to clean my kitchen!

  • Marsha Webb

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    email subscriber

  • Marsha Webb

    I would use this mop to clean my kitchen.

  • This is exactly what I have been looking for. I like the idea that it is only 4 lbs. with the solution in it. I have had some back trouble and this would be perfect. Clean floors here I come.

  • We will use these on the floors of the beautiful suites in our little hotel. They will help ensure a clean environment for our guests.

  • Deborah Curran

    I am a facebook fan

  • Deborah Curran

    I follow you on twitter @treetrout1

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    I subscribe to your email

  • sws

    I would use the Rubbermaid Pulse Mopping Kit at our non-profit animal sanctuary, where serious mopping is a daily necessity!

  • We’re slowly restoring a 1959 split level home in rainy Portland. With lots of wood floors and stairs, and how often we’re tracking in mud and dirt from the yard, a Swiffer just won’t cut it! We have so many projects, we have no time to mop as often as we need and would save valuable time (and money!) with the Rubermaid Pulse. But honestly, I’ve been looking for a mop like this ever since I spilled my bucket of dirty water down the stairs.

  • kathy

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  • kathy

    I will use it on my kitchen floor since I don’t have one adn I am doing it the old fashioned way on my hands and knees

  • Tina Renee

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  • Tina Renee

    I will use this mop often since I have several kittens! It will be used in my kitchen, dining room, laundry room, etc. I wish I had it earlier this evening when the kitties broke a decorative bottle
    of chili & garlic infused vinegar! Whew!!!

  • Mike S

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    I subscribe

  • Mike S

    If I win, I would indeed mop the floors…you can tell my wife. (did my wife put you up to this?)

  • like Shoplet on facebook too!

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    Just relized 2 winners…not one winner with 2 mops. So maybe pass it on to my Sister or keep it for myself. LOL!

  • Love being an email subscriber!

  • Oh how I need this mop. I have tile floors throughout my house. So needless to say I am contantly mopping. This Rubbermaid cleaning system sounds like the tool I need. With 2 dogs, one who is 13 and leaves me puddles from time to time, 2 teenage Grandsons that are in and out often, it would be used to clean these tiles, and… did you say we get 2? If so, Iw ould passs one on to my Sister who also has tile throughout her home where she has her Daughter and 3 Grandkids living with her….and dirty floors all the time.

  • Jose J. Lundquist

    I work at a dump; literally! My office is a small trailer at a landfill. I am in and out all day with work boots on – when it rains or there is a light snow it is really bad. The tracking in just doesn’t end -even though I try to “watch where I step”. This Rubbermaid Mop Kit would be so much more convienent than getting the mop and bucket and wringer from the main building and shoving, pushing, pulling, and cussing the bucket and wringer across the parking lot. I don’t like to do because it is such a pain (obviously), before I even get to the mopping part. The dust gets very thick in here on a daily basis as the trailer is not “air tight” and garbage trucks go past all day long kicking of clouds of dust, dirt ,and God knows what else. It would be such a help to have this Rubbermaid Mop!

  • Marcia

    Ceramic Tile Floors need touch ups between the big cleaning efforts and this Rubbermaid Mop Kit can do both. This mop has the pad depth to catch the grout lines as well as the tiles. Won’t mention ones that won’t. I could get excited about mopping using this unit. Because I really do get excited about clean floors!

  • Debbie L

    I’d use it to keep my supply room clean at work and the never ending task of kitchen /bathroom floors. Anything that makes my life easier and faster is what I want….

  • hminnesota

    fb fan :heta s

  • Latonya R

    I will use it to mop my home. I year anniversary in november. I also have a lot of traffics, spills, and stains on my floor in which I have to mop every week.

  • Francesca D.

    Mopping is such a chore that is a hassle for many people. Society has led us to be on the move that we usually forget to pick up after ourselves and clean up. Especially in college, kids accept the fact their dorm is messy or that there is a spill on the floor. Paper towels can’t clean that stain up right, and some just leave the spill there to clean up for later. The amount of germs and bacteria on the floor is gross and just makes kids sicker. So, with the Rubbermaid Pulse Mopping Kit, I would be prepared to clean my dorm better when I get into college. Nobody wants to miss class due to something like strep throat or the flu. I’d battle it early by just simple quick cleaning instead of icky paper towels.

  • hminnesota

    twitter follower:hminnesota

  • Andrea W.

    I have three kitties and a puppy that visits occasionally. Plus I am pretty messy! This would be a great help with my cruddy old tiles!

  • hminnesota

    blog the way, I love the look of this blog page. really cool.

  • Cindy Cowan @cin_20

    I would use this mop to clean clean my dirty floors!!!

  • hminnesota

    I am going to use this on my kitchen floor , hopefully with this DH wouldn’t mind taking care:) . There is always a hope!

  • amy dendy

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  • James Whitbord

    I’m a single dad with teen-age boys…need I say more. The bathroom and kitchen are a disaster area..DAILY!

    Follow on twitter @whitbord and facebook jwhitbord.


  • Cindy Cowan @cin_20

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  • amy dendy

    so useful for moms.

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  • SunRae

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  • SunRae

    to clean up after the grandkids leave!

  • HeatherLeah Wright

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  • HeatherLeah Wrigh

    That is an awesome mop!! I bought one of “those other mops” when we moved and the bottle is empty after mopping the house twice – and we don’t have that many hard floors! I’ve been forced to figure out how to refill the bottle because I was going broke buying solution. Now I’m trying to convince someone to crochet covers for me so I can stop buying the expensive pads. Now this Rubbermaid mop —– *drool* :)