Win a Samsonite Premium Bonded Leather Chair! (CLOSED)

  • Malv

    Th is a very nice and comfortable chair fir me to get more office work done

  • Paulet

    A nice chair like this would really help at work.

  • Marc

    This would be an amazing chair for more productivity.

  • Milt

    My old office chair is worn out; so, I need a better one for better work

  • Rob

    A beautiful and comfortable chair like this one, would help me get much more work done.

  • Xavier Carthen


  • Lily Kwan

    by creating a more comfortable work environment so I can be more productive

  • Elle

    My current office chair is probably 10 years old and uncomfortable. A new chair would be amazing.

  • Carolsue

    It would help me because it would be much more comfortable than the one I have now!

  • Amanda M.

    Well right now I’m using a hand-me-down woven chair with no wheels and no cushion that is falling apart in the seat area! Needless to say this chair would seriously be helpful in every way!

  • Jack Przybylski

    A new chair makes me comfy, and comfy means better work

  • John H.

    I think having a comfy chair like this would make it easier for me to do my work.

  • The chair will help my lower back from sitting so many hours.

  • The chair I am sitting in now is broken. A new chair would help in everything I do computer/desk related!

  • Jerry

    A new chair would stop snagging my pants

  • Tara McDuffie

    I would love to win this so my 88 year old grandpa would be more comfortable playing his FB games.

  • Evelyn

    A new chair would be a dream come true.

  • Marissa C.

    Right now my $20 wood dining chair from Ikea limits the time I can sit still to about an hour before I have to get up and walk around and stretch. I would LOVE something more ergonomic so I don’t have to break my concentration!

  • Edward M

    This chair looks awesome. Looks good for my long days of 12 hrs at the computer.

  • Tina M

    I really need a comfortable chair. I have back problems and sitting makes it worse. Could really use this.

  • Vickie Kulp

    A new comfortable chair would be wonderful for me! I’m disabled and spend most of the day on computer. A comfortable chair would be great!

  • Catherine Alger

    A new chair would help me tremendously since I have back problems.

  • Andrea Simpson

    A new chair would be nice to help me start a craft store on Etsy.

  • sam james

    I new comfortable chair would make the hours sitting a dream. I wouldn’t have to get up and move around so often. I could get some major work done. Both on the computer promoting my business or in actual creations.

  • sean fiorenza

    I need a comfy chair like that when I sit since I had surgery on tail bone its hard for me to sit long liked and shared

  • nicole ford

    I need something that looks great and feels great so I can do great things Thank you

  • Rob fiorenza

    I need comfort under me to get more out of what I do online thank you for the chance

  • My office chair is uncomfortable especially with back pain. I so could use this chair especially when I have to write reports.

  • Mellycons

    It would help because my current one keeps losing pressure and sinking me to the ground, which is annoying and hard to get work done that way.

  • Stephanie Swanson

    This chair would help me to accomplish my homework in a comfortable and pleasurable way!

  • Makes me feel more comfortable and being able to do my work. Thanks for the chance

  • impling

    It would help me to get back into ebay selling!

  • Shannon Kinkle

    I would love to win one of these chairs! Having a nice ergonomic chair would allow me to sit up properly, and have less neck and back pain. And who wants to be in pain while they are working? Oh! And just think of the great first impression that good posture and the beautiful chair will make!

  • Rick T

    A new office chair would help me tremendously as I have low back pain daily in the one I have now. This one looks great.

  • Denise C

    If I won this chair and gave it to my husband, who is not happy with his current chair, he’d stop complaining and I may be able to get some work done. :)

  • Shayla Roberts

    It would help me feel comfortable when I’m working on my computer doing multiple tasks for my small business! Thank you for the awesome giveaway and chance!

  • Jennifer H.

    I could get more work done if I was in a comfy chair like this.

  • Twila

    A new chair would help my sore back

  • This new Samsonite Premium Bonded Leather Chair looks so comfortable. I could just feel myself sinking into it and saying Ahh! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • lea louise

    It would help me sit longer, right now all i have is a blue card table chair that kills my back. I would feel so luxurious if i owned this gorgeous chair .

  • Leah Walker

    We have a cheap $20 desk chair. My husband and I both have bad backs so this would be wonderful!!! I know I would sit at the desk more instead of the couch. He would work more from home also I’m sure.

  • winning a new office chair would help by making it comfortable to be at my computer. My chair now has one arm broken off and hurts my back to sit in it.

  • Kim Powell

    This chair looks amazingly comfy for long computer sessions!

  • Melissa Porter

    Winning this chair will save my back. Currently, I’m sitting on the edge of my bed after major surgery. It’s too hard on my body. In other words, I have no computer chair.

  • It would relieve the stress that my old chair puts on my back and would help me to be more productive.

  • How this stylish chair can help you get some work done this year is a comfortable place to do report cards! I am a teacher who spends a lot of time at home working on school things. This chair would make a tremendous difference by making me more comfortable as I work at home.

  • Richelle S

    This chair would start my new year off to a good start because the chair I’m using right now is falling apart.

  • Dee

    Love this chair! It would really help in our household. With a teenager needing to do homewrk and 2 home based businesses we do a lot on our computer. A good chair can help all of us get what we need done!

  • I have a bad back and this chair would help me be able to stay on the computer a little longer without too much pain!

  • Krystal Hernandez

    My office chair is around 6 or 7 years old. It is ready, screaming, to be retired. It squeaks and wobbles, and let’s not speak about the not so cushion-y feeling. With three kids that love rolling around in it, spinning in it, and sharing the space all at once, the chair is ready for a replacement. I would be able to relax more and enjoy sitting at my pc to get work done. I would love a new chair :)

  • Linda White

    I could sit a whole lot longer in this comfy chair! Mine is wore out! My legs and back wouldnt hurt so I could get more done!

  • Jessica bonnema

    I just finally got my own office but I have an old chair that tips over when you lean back. I would love a new leather chair! It would help me have better posture and keep me from tipping over!

  • Mandy

    I have a wooden chair…no need to say more

  • Sarah Tennant

    This chair will help me get work done by supporting my back better. I have scoliosis so back pain is a huge problem for me when I’m working on my computer. Thanks for the chance to win

  • Cindy Demaree

    I would think it would improve my production by removing the kink the one I have gives my back.

  • Ashley

    This chair looks so comfy i might enjoy working at the desk! That would help me get work done!

  • Michele Cupp

    I work from home and my current home office chair is apparently not well padded, since the framing on the seat is felt when I sit down. I’d love to have a new one.

  • Eric White

    This chair would help my bad back so much i could do more work by not having to think about my back hurting the whole time i am at my pc desk.

  • Quintana

    This chair would definitely help me get more work this year. I work from home and the chair I have really hurts my back and neck. This chair would really help me out make working more enjoyable.

  • I really could use a new office chair. I work from home and this would really help out because my office chair is warn out.

  • Holly

    A new big comfy chair would probably hell my butt and back not hurt from sitting long periods of the day. I work from home for a call center but cant just get up whenever i want.

  • Erika Davis

    I really need a new chair at work. Mine is so old that the fake leather is coming off and I leave a trail of leather pieces all throughout the office when I get up to walk around :)

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    I need a new office chair for my husband. He has basically worn the one he has out. He would love to have a chair like this one.

  • I had a broken femur bone going into my hip and a comfortable chair would make computer tasks so much better

  • Phyllis Kankula

    I have a very old computer chair. It kills my back and my butt after about 15 minutes of sitting! This new cair looks so comfortable! I could sit for as long as needed!

  • This chair would make life a lot earier to get around at my desk because I have problems standing and I could move around without leaving the chair. I had one and it broke so I really need a new one and I would love to win one.

  • Carol Yemola

    My computer chair is so uncomfortable. It is actually an old chair from my old breakfast table set. My hubby had to weld the shaft back on it after it broke. I really need a new one.

  • Shelley Taylor

    I would love to have this for my hubby! His current chair is awful! This would be wonderful!

  • 90 % of the the stuggle of a writer is the act of planting your behind firmly in the chair, with a chair like this maybe it will be less of a struggle :)

  • My daughter and I are trying to get our non profit educational farm going. It is to educate about why we have farm animals and farms. The biggest part of the farm is to help people that need animal therapy. The new chair would be a big blessing as right now we use a kitchen chair. Thank you.

  • Courtany

    I work from home and desperately need a new office chair. The one I have now is broken so sometimes I lean back and the lock comes undone and I always feel like I’m falling to my death.

  • Judy

    This chair would be so much better then the chair I have to set on at work!

  • Stephanie N.

    I’d love to win!

  • Bonnie Mahan Pedersen

    I could use a new chair mine is so falling apart! A comfortable high back desk chair would help my aching back!

  • Kat

    This amazing looking chair would help me and my business this year by letting me do more in front of my computer than my current chair.

  • Billie Jo Austin

    I homeschool my children (4 of them between the ages of 3 and 11), so I am at the computer most of the day. Unfortunately, I have scoliosis, arthritis and an absolutely horrible chair that I can not afford to replace. Honestly, this chair could change my life.

  • Amelia w

    It would help me because my current one hurts my back so bad and squeeks constantly. It’s so distracting!

  • Mickey Pappert

    My back would be eternally grateful! I am using a 25 year old chair that I have to keep tightening up or the back falls off!

  • Brittany Williams

    This chair would be amazing to have! Mine is old and very worn out I hardly ever use it anymore. This would be perfect for me since I am still finishing school and have a new job coming up where I will be working customer service from home on the computer! Thank you so much for the chance!

  • Jen Rodrigues

    Makes me feel more comfortable and being able to do my work.

  • Debbie Welchert

    A new chair would help my back, neck and legs from being so sore and in turn I could get more work done. I feel like I am on a ski slope. The seat of my chair feels like it is pointed downward and I could slide off of it any time. It really is hard to concentrate and type with wondering if my chair is going to fall apart or not.

  • This beautiful chair would let me do my work in comfort. The chair I have now is falling apart and I am always having to get up and fix it while trying to get my work done.

  • Melissa Hendrickson

    I would love to win this comfy stylish chair! I work at home long hours and need something that doesn’t kill my back and posture.

  • I don’t work but this chair is beautiful and would be more comfortable than the metal chair I have now.

  • Pattie Webb

    This chair would enable me to slide from desk to desk and get not only my work done, but my sick co-workers work done with

  • Jennifer Paquette

    This chair would be great for my daughter. She is using a broken half chair right now after getting a desktop computer for Christmas.

  • I work from home but I’m still setting up my office space. This chair would be perfect to help me finish my office and really get to work!

  • brandi hawn

    my current chair is so uncomfortable, my legs are constantly falling asleep. If I had this comfy chair, I could work without having to have so many interruptions.

  • I could seriously use this new chair for my desk. My chair is so old and tore up and uncomfortable. It would help me a lot when im at my desk couponing, paying bills and keeping up with our family finances.

  • Jennifer RinusDallas

    I could use one. This kitchen chair is getting hard on my backside.

  • I would love this chair. I have a high back hard table chair that I use. It would be nice to sit on something soft.

  • katheleen mallar

    this chair would be awesome would get me off of my couch using it as chair right now as my other one was old and is broke now ty for chance to win this cool chair

  • Amy Gettys

    It would provide me a comfortable place to sit so I could be much more productive while I was working, right now I’m using a plastic lawn chair. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to win such a beautiful chair!

  • Heather Newland

    This chair would help me so much since I work from home and do my school work at home, my current chair is not so comfy and I need something a little more comfortable that one will do the job!

  • Erin

    My current chair at work is older than I am and no longer stays in an upright position if I move even slightly. This char looks so supportive and comfortable, which when you sit for the majority of your day doing data entry is ever so important.

  • Amanda juarez

    This chair would help with my posture so much! The chair at my office is at an odd angle, have to sit forward. I could be more productive and it would be easier to help patients if I wasn’t in pain all day

  • Zona Brisson

    It would be comfortable to sit and get work done.

  • I would use this comfy chair to transfer all of my photos to my USB, which is going to take forever, especially in my old uncomfortable chair

  • Elizabeth Davis

    I could really use this for desk at work. The one have really needs to be retired!!!

  • Heather Darnell

    I would love this stylish chair for my home office. After several procedures on my back I feel this chair would be the perfect fit for my comfort with my back problems. I am currently using a broken chair and this would look great with my office furniture!

  • Stella Methvin

    This chair would make all the difference since mine is a hand me down with no cushion left on it.

  • a new chair would be awesome, I am using a hard wooden chair right now for my work and it is very uncomfortable….. thanks for the chance

  • Tamara Bognar

    Being comfortable when sitting long periods of time while working on the computer always makes it more productive! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • lisa mccloud

    This chair looks so comfortable. My computer chair makes my back hurt and this one looks like I would be able to be comfortable and get work done

  • Bonnie Arbuckle

    As a teacher and continuing college student, this nice chair will make the many hours I spend at a desk much more bearable!

    • Bonnie Arbuckle


  • Janice Breuchaud

    I would love to win a very nice, beautiful , relaxing, comfortable, new Premium Bonded Leather Chair…….

  • Shanese Hamilton

    If I have this chair I can return my kitchen table chair back into the Kitchen full time. It would help with back support as well because sitting on a hard kitchen chair while using the computer isnt comfy at all

  • donna harwood

    I would love this.Beautiful.

  • Amanda Shearouse

    This new chair would help me get some work done because I would be looking forward to sitting in it!!

  • Amy Z.

    A new office chair would help me stay comfortable when working for long hours.

  • This new chair would allow me to be more proficient in preforming my work (I work from home) and my desk chair is horrible!!!!! Looking forward to a new chair which I wouldn’t have to have a pillow to sit on!!!

  • jenna

    Id love a new chair! My parents clamed my old one when I moved out :(

  • Rebecca Kerchner-Love

    A new desk chair would help me get more work done because hopefully it will be more comfortable than sitting at a table on a hard chair or on the floor and I can actually get some writing done.

  • Melissa White

    This office chair can help me get a lot more done this year by not being the “office chair” I have right now! It’s old and so uncomfortable and doesn’t even qualify as an office chair! With this chair I could take on every day tasks so easy peasey!

  • Valerie L

    If I have a comfy chair and I can stay at my desk and work longer hours and not feel any pain

  • nancy fiorenza

    This gorgeous new chair would make a big difference in my life. It would so much more comfortable than my old hard chair and make me get more work accomplished .

  • Anna

    looks super comfy

  • Chauntel

    I’ve been dying to get a new computer chair!

  • Kayla Ramseur

    This chair would help so much with sitting for long periods of time. This leather looks super professional and would look good in many settings. It also looks very comfortable.

  • April Hurst

    Really need a new computer chair that one looks awesome

  • It would help me so much because this chair would hurt my back. My current one is broken and it leaves my back sore. Thanks for the chance!

  • Lorina Padgett

    A new chair would make a big difference in my life. Let’s face it. I got bigger but my current desk chair did not grow with me. Sitting in a chair that is better suited to my body will mean I no longer have to keep getting up to stretch my legs so I don’t get spasms and I can remove the extra cushions. When you are comfortable, you are more productive.

  • Ruthanne

    This chair would help me to be successful with my goal of getting my crafting business off the ground. So far it’s always a folding chair or kitchen chair I am sitting it. It would be wonderful to have a beautiful and comfortable office chair to sit in while I do the one thing I love to do and that’s to create something beautiful.

  • Karen Johnson

    We do not have a computer chair, just a card table chair at the computer. Maybe we would use the desktop more with such a nice chair!

  • Cathy C

    Not sure if I would actually get more work done, but I would enjoy what I do get done even more!

  • Jan Pope

    What a beautiful chair and looks comfortable too!

  • Michelle Stewart

    I would love to have the Samsonite Premium Bonded Leather Chair . It sure would help me sit comfortably doing computer works . The memory foam on it would be nice. The multifunction 4 position locking recline on it would help too my husband who have back problems when sitting so long. It would be a great chair for us. The leather seat is a great detail on it. And no tools needed to assemble. What a great chair it is. Hope to have one.

  • Melissa

    A new chair will make doing homework so much more enjoyable

  • This chair looks great, bet it is comfy too!

  • chuck derr

    This would be so much better than what i have

  • This chair looks awesome. It would help with busy typing days on my laptop

  • jayson w

    It would help my back the chair i have now is really old it….

  • My husband works from home and I would love to win him a new chair. He has degenerative disc disorder so a nice new chair would be fabulous!

  • Patricia Biggar

    I’m starting a new business this year & this chair would be wonderful! The fact that it can roll in all directions will be helpful since I will likely be going from one machine to the next in my office. And of course, the fact that it’s leather, makes it even better!

  • Tiffany Vaughn

    I need a comfy place to sit and rest my knees so i can hit the ground running caring for my mother

  • Kim Se

    This chair would help me back and my bottom. It will also allow my arms to have a rest while typing. The current one I have is from a school that I found at a garage sale. I use a throw pillow to sit on for cushion since the chair is hard and it has no arms. Thanks for the chance.

  • Carol Perkins

    This would really be much better for my back!

  • would love to win this chair.

  • Wow this is super nice Looks super comfortable and would help get your jobs or fun things done in style.

  • Christina Pickens

    This chair would help me so much with my bad back when I am needing to be at my computer grading my daughters work and making her schedule for the week.

  • Deb

    We had to throw out our old chair because someone in our house kept leaning back, etc, wore it out. using our son’s former college chair, small, flimsy, uncomfortable! I have resorted to a folding chair! sure would help my husband and I get our work done faster and look great in the family room!

  • Shelley

    I could definitely use this chair. My current chair is a cheap half-back chair and I have scoliosis and other back problems, but I use my computer for work, games, and social interaction (teamspeak, ventrilo, facebook, e-mail, etc.) so unfortunately am at the computer in my chair a lot of hours every day.
    This chair would be a godsend, as I can’t afford a new one currently, and it looks like it would be far better on the back than my current chair and it would look great too.

  • fawn

    this chair would be so helpful for my back, I am using my bed right now because my old chair broke and cant afford to get a new one, thanks for chance

  • tamara foret

    a new chair would be great! I have one from our local thrift stores and it is in really bad condition. My boyfriend needed one also, so I got him one for christmas and stayed with the old one.

  • Diana Gibson Moore

    I haven’t had an office chair since our home burned in 2007. I have been using a wooden chair, this would be so much more comfortable.

  • Amber Cheras

    It can help me feel more comfortable and motivate me to get more work done. Thanks for the chance and happy new year!


    How can a new office chair help you get some work done this year!?
    Sitting in a new leather chair, soft and supple, would be much more conducive to thinking about my work rather than thinking about how uncomfortable my current chair is.

  • Autumn M.

    My husband is going back for his RN license, and most of his school work is done online since he also works full time. Since ours is in terrible shape, this would be perfect for him!! He’s always doing stuff for me and our two boys. Thank you so much for the chance!

  • I actually need to organize my office. How about set it up for my high schooler. I think this would be great for her

  • Kathryn Knight

    Starting January 13th, I will be able to work from home. I am very excited but this, but our makeshift home office/guest bedroom could certainly use a few upgrades. This Samonsonite chair would be the perfect place to start, and would help keep me comfortable while working from home.

  • Heather

    It would make it so much easier to get work done. Having a comfortable chair helps you to focus a lot better.

  • Betty Sagel

    It will be easier to sit with comfort, and when I am comfortable it is easier to concentrate on what I am writing/working on! (Less distraction)

  • David Alms

    My current chair has seen it’s better days and comfort is key!

  • Julie B

    A new office chair help you get some work done this year! My current computer chair is shot and not very comfortable.

  • Jeff

    Could use a new one. Would be more comfortable.

  • Crystal Rosas

    I had one like this 3 years and I loved it!

  • Amanda Gardner

    A new office chair would help me get my new home business of to a great start!

  • Rena hyde

    It will help me be able to work longer without back pain

  • Susan

    This would make my job so much easier

  • kathy d

    It look likes it would be super comfortable so I wouldn’t mind sitting to do my work

  • Beth

    I could use a new chair at school. Mine has seen better days

  • Gloria

    A new chair would really get me motivated to get some work done

  • Tabitha Pyle

    It would go great at my desk.,
    Being an adult doing college classes can be tough! ;)

  • Loraine

    My chair currently is very low and I have to sit on a pillow- this would help me look more professional.

  • Meredith Tinsley

    I bet 1000 other people have said this, my back HURTS! And it’s in big part due to this old chair and it’s faulty hydraulics, it’s always falling and does it when I least expect it, so I sit kind of funny on it to reduce the chance it will fall and, even if I don’t realize it all the time, I’m sitting all tensed up and stiff knowing any second I could be sitting on the floor again… TIRED of it!

  • julie

    i’d feel more comfortable and relaxed while brainstorming

  • John W.

    I currently use a wooden dinning room chair as my office chair. It’s killing my back and bum! I could certainly use this wonderful,proper office chair.

  • Karrie Millheim

    It would be perfect to be comfortable!! I could finally get some work done

  • Angela kern

    I could sure use a new chair now that I’m working from home a lot more! Would love to have a comfy new chair!

  • Ada Miller

    A new chair would be more comfortable than my current one so I’d be able to sit and do more as well as when I did get up from the computer I wouldn’t be as sore I’m sure. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Evelyn

    This chair would give my back the needed support.

  • Holly B

    It would help my neck pain!

  • Billie R

    I would get a lot of writing done with a chair that is that comfortable!

  • jennifer aguero

    I have a wooden rocking chair as an office chair. this would be a greatly needed upgrade for this momma of 4.

  • cris

    allow me to work longer and get more done without having any back pain

  • rebecca day

    It would help me by helping me be more comfortable and hopefully my rear wont be as sore

  • stephanie ziglar

    This chair would make working at home with the new baby so much easier!

  • Kelly

    Would love to have this chair in my classroom. Looks so nice and comfy. My currant chair is hard and old than dirt.

  • Cathy Thompson

    Oh my I so could use a new modern updated office chair as mine had broken and I haven;t replaced it yet. It would be great to be able to sit in comfort properly which in turn would help my posture and various other things.

  • Justin dubin

    This chair will allow me to see my keyboard, as I will no longer have to sit on the floor.

  • Barb Miller

    It can help my poor sore rear….

  • Working in comfort will help me get a lot of work done – that’s how this chair will help me.

  • marygrace

    this is a nice chair, it sure would help me sit up straighter, i tend to use my ipad lounging on couch but need to start sitting at desktop again too much slouching!!

  • Judy O

    A new and modern chair is just the ticket for overall comfort when I am creating, developing or just plugging away.

  • A new office chair would help me get some work done this year because this wooden dining room chair is very uncomfortable!

  • Doreen

    A new chair would help my back and allow me to get more work done in comfort as we enter busy tax season.

  • Natalie

    Being the last hire, I got hand-me-down furniture in my office. The chair I have is old and does not provide support anymore. It also no longer adjusts or roll well. Having this nice new chair would be awesome to provide a seat that actually does what it’s supposed to so that I can comfortably do what I’m supposed to.

  • Susan Highland

    My husband has the worst office chair on the earth. He deserves this beautiful new chair so he can be comfortable and supported while he works at his desk here at home.

  • Gina N.

    The Samsonite Premium Bonded Leather Chair would definitely be a welcomed addition to my home office as I do spend many hours sitting at my desk tackling work projects on the computer. The high back and coil spring seating wrapped in memory foam would put less strain on my back and provide me with added comfort while I’m sitting completing work assignments for what seems like endless hours. Plus it would look extremely handsome in my home office and would make #BacktoWork cozy and enjoyable!

  • Mary Helene

    I wold give this to my husband who’s current chair has way to much duct tape on it.

  • Mike

    I spend so much time at my desk, I might as well be comfortable, right? This will help!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I have an older chair.This one looks comfortable so I could get my work done.

  • Lynn B

    This chair would help me get my paperwork done faster because my school chair is very uncomfortable. While teachers got new chairs several years ago, aides did not. I got an old chair with a cracked seat. If I lean back on it to much it gets tippy. My jacket and bag gets stuck on a knob that sticks out of the back of my chair, or hooks onto anything when I go by. Please—I could use some help!

  • Susan

    Our current computer chair is broken so this would be great to get work done not having to worry about the chair!

  • Need a great chair to help with my back so I can sit at my computer and be comfy. This chair looks wonderful and I would be able to sit ,relax and get some work done at my computer w/ less pain! Thanks for the chance

  • LeeAnn P.

    A new chair would help me get a lot more work done because right now I’m using a really uncomfortable kitchen chair and all I can think of is how much it’s hurting my back!

  • Sheryl Edwards

    My office chair is old. It is uncomfortable and does not support my back. A new, nice office chair that is comfortable and supports my back would help me be more productive. I could work for longer periods at my desk.

  • Jerry

    A new chair would certainly help a lot! My chair is way past it’s
    better days and a new one is certainly in order!

  • Jonathan G

    A new office chair would mean I wouldn’t have to sit on a kitchen chair when I’m using the computer, which means I would be able to sit down longer, and more comfortably to get things done.

  • Deb C

    Since my current chair is screamingly uncomfortable and has duct tape on the arms, this lovely chair could only make me far more productive just by alleviating the pain.

  • mary ballerin

    I could spend a lot of time in this comfy, chic chair, my back and neck wouldn’t get sore ….. it looks like I could nap in it if I so desired ;)

  • Melody Johnson

    It would make me more comfortable so i could work longer.

  • A new chair would help me get more work done because my chair is uncomfortable and makes my back ache so a new comfy chair would enable me to work for longer periods without having to take a break.

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    I wouldn’t have to worry so much about falling out of the one I have. LOL! The darn thing leans. The less I’m worried about falling off of it the more work I’d get done.

  • Theresa J

    A new chair would save my back. FOlding chairs suc

  • Ann

    i would be more comfortable and relaxed

  • Angela Saver

    A new chair could definitely help me get lots of work done as it would help support my back & I won’t have to get up & move around so much because my back hurts!

  • Dina Lindquist

    I have severe back pain and it’s hard to sit for long periods of time. My current chair is old and uncomfortable. A high quality office chair would help my back and enhance my productivity!

  • JenniferB

    It would help with my back as it looks very comfortable. I would be able to sit long to work at the desk.

  • Mike S

    Oh that chair looks so comfortable! I would enjoy spending time in it while working from home.

  • Geri C

    A new chair would give me better support for my low back pain. It would really improve my posture.

  • I have a new craft room and a bad back. A good quality well-made chair would help me a lot!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Shay

    Would love to win one for my husband!

  • Marci

    It would help because it would be comfortable. My chair is not comfortable so it’s hard to sit long and get much work done.

  • Toni B

    It would be great to have a chair with wheels that WORK! Yeah!

  • Samantha

    A new chair would be a blessing to my back, help my posture and start the year off right.

  • Rochel S

    I could be a lot more productive if I had a comfortable chair to sit in!

  • Vera S

    A new office chair is just what the doctor ordered! I can’t tell you what a huge difference a new chair would make to my back. I sit long hours at my desk , comfort and support from a new chair would help my performance immensely.

  • This new chair would help me accomplish a lot in my 6th grade classroom! My $25 chair I purchased several years ago just isn’t good on the back or motivating me to do accomplish much! :)

  • Qun Ying Mai

    A new chair would replace my broken chair and allow me to comfortably get work done.

  • margaret maggie porter

    I would be more productive if I had a new comfortable chair to do my work in

  • Rust

    A new chair would help with my lower back that complains after sitting too long.

  • I would love to have this chair for my classroom. With 130 students to teach, I have lots of work that this chair can help me accomplish.

  • Shannon Kirby

    My desk chair at work is broken! This would be amazing!

  • Lisa Dorsett

    A new samsonite would help me get the work done and complete my task with ease and comfort. No more tiredness and stiffness in the neck or arms in a no-arm chair. Just the comfort would motivate me to get all I need to get done, rather than think about the pain and/or stiffness and worry while still have to work on designated tasks. Would love to win this chair!!

  • A new chair would help with my posture and creativity plus i wouldnt have to use a kitchen chair anymore .

  • Linda Poplees

    I nice comfy office chair will keep me at my desk longer. I can accomplish more work.

  • Jennifer Phillips

    My sons have taken the other chairs I had and now I sit on the edge of my bed and that is not working out for getting work, done, a nice chair would really help my back and my physical therapist would probably like that I was sitting properly too!

  • Linda Knight

    Better posture = a productive day!

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    The chair will improve my posture and my health. I can be more productive! Yes!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    A new chair would allow me to sit at my desk comfortably and get a lot more things done!

  • Susan Tice

    Winning this chair would help me so much. It looks so comfortable so I’d be in it all the time and its very stylish.

  • Kelly Brown

    A new chair would help me get things done because it would be comfortable…my chair is so uncomfortable!

  • Teresa Organ

    This chair looks very comfortable. It sure would help me to get a lot of work (entering sweepstakes) done!!

  • Sean I

    Really working on my posture this year, as I sit quite a bit at my job, a new chair would help with ergonomics!

  • This would help me because right now I am working off my couch with a portable table. Having a nice comfy chair would be nice.

  • nosogirl

    a new office chair would help me get more work done this year because it would be way more comfortable than the straight back dining room chair that i’m currently using.

  • Pamela

    A new comfy chair would making working long hours so much easier!

  • susan smoaks

    i would love to get a new office chair and get more work done in 2016. i would use the chair and it would be comfortable so i wouldn’t know how long i am working therefore i would get more work done.

  • Judith Greenberg

    It would allow me to be more comfortable, get more back support and I’d be more productive.

  • Ron Miller

    Leather! Enough Said!

  • Evans B.

    This will be a big help with my sloppy posture that I tend to do spending hours working in front of computer. Thanks! Happy New Year!

  • The Desk Chair will help my Back ! !

  • Daniel M

    current chair is falling apart need one that will help me work well at the desk again

  • Erin Ellis

    Ooooh! I would finally be comfy!!

  • Colleen

    I’d never want to leave my desk, so work would get done! (maybe?)

  • Robin Doty

    When I look good working, my work is better.

  • Cheryl

    A new office chair would make me comfortable at spending more time in front of my desk.

  • I would give me a better posture, while sitting for long periods and help keep the strain off my degenerative arthritis in my neck. Awesome chair! TY for the chance!

  • Naomie

    It would help my back tremendously, my old chair is not comfortable at all.

  • Nicole Henry

    A new office chair would be a god-send. My current chair has no cushion left, the plastic is peeling and it also doubles as my husband’s chair in his deer stand during hunting season. I would LOVE some fresh comfort that’s all my own! I would actually be comfortable for change and have better posture. He’d have his chair then, too. Win, Win!!

  • Jeff

    I need a chair that is not all ripped up

  • Julie Ahern

    My classroom office chair is at least 20 years old and was handed down to me by a teacher that moved to a different building so…. It has some interesting stains!!

  • Angela Spicer

    My current chair is falling apart and gives me back ache after a while so a new chair would be very welcome.

  • Mike S.

    The office chair that I have now doesn’t tilt at all. It makes working pretty tedious when you can’t really stretch and rock back a bit every once in a while. I would love to have a new chair with all the features of a modern comfortable and most importantly ergonomic chair. When you spend 8+ hours sitting in an office chair every day, you really should spend good money on it.

  • Awesome CHAIR! Love to win it thanks for the chance to win!

  • Shelton

    I have lumbar and hip problems that make it difficult for me to sit for any length of time in the chair I have now. This would be a great improvement!

  • Ericka Coello

    It will help my back feel better

  • Chris

    I could replace the chair I sit in, which is actually older than I am. No joke!

  • I’d be more apt to stay at my desk in my home office if I had a comfortable chair which was not falling apart and I can no longer adjust the height. I have a lot of input to do regarding income tax so it would be a welcome relief to have a Samsonite chair!

  • Lorlee

    I would be giving this to my husband, fixing up a home office for him and he does not have a comfortable chair. He just retired from over 30 years with the department of the Navy and starting a new time in his life. He bought me my dream ranch for our retirement home, would love to win this for him.

  • Mary Dailey

    My chair is shot and this one looks so comfly!

  • Lindsay Bade

    A new office chair would help me get a lot of work done! I work from home and am currently sitting on a kitchen chair! A new office chair would be great for my back!

  • Carmela Capano

    I work from home and work long hours and my current chair is so uncomfortable! This would be perfect for being able to get my work done and not having so many aches and pains from my current chair. Thanks for the chance!

  • Gloria

    This would really help my back and therefore I would get more work done.

  • Tami bates Blackroze

    bad back and neck, if it comfy, be aweome

  • anne

    I am pretty short so the current chair I have keeps my feet from touching the ground as it’s not adjustable. That makes it uncomfortable to sit for very long and I have to take frequent breaks. This would let me work longer between breaks.

  • Wendy Forbes

    A new office chair would help me get those late night college assignments done with comfort.

  • Sohair

    It would help me sit good and not hurt my back from sitting wrong way or in a bad chair thanks

  • Kirsten

    My chair is broken so I’ve been using my laptop in a recliner. I’m ready to get back to my desk.

  • I would be able to sit and do my work instead of standing up

  • A new office chair can help me get some work done this year by giving me a more comfortable place to sit while working; and replacing the old second-hand chair that is no longer able to adjust its height!

  • Sharla Long

    My current chair is so worn out and uncomfortable that I have to get up every 20 minutes – that takes away my productivity and really makes it hard to get my 8 hours done in a timely manner! This Samsonite Premium Bonded Leather chair would help me get #BacktoWork in 2016 in style and comfort!

  • Angie

    This would be so helpful to me…my old chair had all the wheels fall off so I can’t roll around in it anymore which makes it hard to have to pick it up to move anywhere, and it has holes where the stuffing is sticking out which means it sticks to your legs and is very uncomfortable!

  • Katherine

    I need one to help with better posture and comfort so I can sit doing work longer

  • A new chair will definitely help with my posture health!

  • Frances

    I never know when my current chair will let me down! The pneumatics are going. I will be able to be more productive if my seating is stable and does not let me down!

  • Tokarzt

    This would help me get so much work done. Kids ruined my chair so i really hate being in it

  • This would help me be able to sit at my desk to post more blog posts. Would also help my kids be more comfy doing homework.

  • My chair has no more padding on the seat and the fabric is worn and coming apart.

  • I can get my work done in comfort instead my current chair which isn’t doing my back any favors. :-/

  • kara kudro

    would love this our chair is wobbly and in bad shape this would make work so much easier

  • Elisabeth

    This would be so helpful! Instead of focusing on my back pain while working, I could actually just focus on my work!

  • Robin

    It would help me because since my old chair broke I am sitting in a folding chair which is not at the right height nor is it very comfy despite my use of a couple of pillows to help prop me up and support my back.