Win an EcoStatic Kit with SlickyNote Pads (CLOSED)

EcoStatic Giveaway

Update: Congratulations to all of the below winners of the EcoStatic giveaway! Awesome!

Time to get green with all of your note taking. Forget paper sticky notes with glue that’s bad for the environment. Introducing EcoStatic! The 100% recycled, glue free way to staying organized. These little guys are charged with electro static and stick to almost any surface with no glue, therefore, no residue! Unlike traditional sticky notes, these sheets are double sided and one side is completely reusable. This is as green as it gets!

This week, 5 lucky winners will score a set of Eco static note pads and an EcoStatic beginner whiteboard combo kit! Pretty sweet is you ask us!

So, wanna enter to win this awesome green giveaway? Here’s how!

To enter: Enter your info in the Rafflecopter prompt below telling us why you have to have this awesome EcoStatic bundle.

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  • Carolyn Barnett

    Thank you so much! I sent my info!! Woo Hoo!!!

  • Marc

    I love this fast, convenient, and easy green way to keep track of upcoming events, information and other important dates.

  • Milt

    This is an excellent way to take notes, especially in my office where I have a mess of papers and other clutter.

  • Rob

    This would be nice for my home office; I’m always looking for something to write on quickly.

  • Karren McIntire

    We are starting homeschooling. It would be a great teaching tool, as well as a place to keep the boys’ daily schedules posted! Thank you for the chance!

  • Michell

    This would be a great addition to my home office plus it is reusable. I love that you can also use to organize your ideas in a bigger platform as well.

  • Kathleen Gereg

    Why didn’t think of this when I was rubbing balloons on the kids heads to make them (balloons) stick to the wall?

  • nicole bowers

    As a single working Mom of 3 kiss, I want to reduce my NEGATIVE footprint on the environment and I love how EcoStatic Kit with SlickyNote Pads is 100% recycled, glue free way to staying organized!

  • Ron Miller

    for the home office!

  • Susan

    I love that they are reusable. awesome

  • Beth Facemyer

    This would be great to help my children with their school work, to help better visualize concepts. I can also see it hanging in my kitchen to help me remember all the things that seem to escape my mind.

  • Jerry

    This would help keep me organized

  • Jerry

    This would be of great use to me!

  • Evans B

    This would be great to keep up with writing down notes and everyone’s schedules for the whole month! think big-post it notes! :)

  • crystal gibson

    I love that it doesn’t leave any residue so it wouldn’t damage any surfaces.

  • Leanne Campbell

    This would be a great product for a Special Education Teacher!!!!

  • Beth

    I could really use this in my classroom

  • Janice McKnight

    I have to have this EcoStstic Bundle because it would be a great asset to my classroom. I could use it with my groups during center time, or I could use it during a whole group activity. The possibilities are endless!!

  • lorene desjardins

    Would help to keep us organized….. Maybe

  • Teresa Organ

    I have to have this EcoStatic Bundle because I think it looks really cool and it would make things a lot easier.

  • Connie Hutmacher

    Organization is the name of the game!

  • Kristine Ream

    I would love to use these at work to be more productive. -Louly

  • Brenda E

    This would be awesome!

  • To help keep me organized

  • Judy O

    What a fabulous idea! Sticky notes with no adhesive is science at its best!!

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I want it because i have run out of them! I use them a lot!

  • Diane Richards

    Love that they are green, can easily use both sides and is safe to stick on surfaces without any worries.

    I use sticky notes often and I love that they are reusable and not having to unstick a ton of old notes from out of the trash can.

  • rose

    I need these to make notes!

  • Lori

    Would love to win this! With our busy schedules and two little ones running around, this would be great for our home and to keep organized. I love that it is reusable!

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    Glue is bad for the environment and I can use them to stay organized.


    Would be great for the computer room to help me keep more organized.

  • Always can use sticky notes for my Math Intervention class.

  • Kathy P.

    At work, we’re always sticking notes all over – the tape is getting on my nerves.

  • Mike S.

    I need them because they are, •21% More bigger than your regular 3×3 sticky notes. Awesome!

  • Hana

    I use sticky pads non stop.
    But the white board would be a change and may be useful!
    I actually teach privately at home and have never used a chalkboard or white board for, but for theory exercises, etc. could be useful on here. Thanks! :)

  • Madelon

    We use sticky notes all the time and this would be wonderful.

  • Kat

    I would love this to help me remember my appointment dates. I have so many that I lose track.

  • Nicole Shaffer

    It would help me stay organized

  • I like being eco-friendly, and I think my students would be intrigues by the ecostatic slickynote pads.

  • Maryann D.

    My family needs to be more organized and this product would help us all very much.

  • theresa J

    I love things that stick to walls

  • just to remind me if I have something going on

  • Colleen

    use in my classroom

  • Kathy S.

    I am addicted to office supplies!

  • Leanna

    Sticky notes are always appreciated.

  • It would help me organize he activities and schedules for my family of five.

  • Kaye Newman

    I have to have this because all of those sticky notes are making my house look messy!

  • Ed Gibson

    Just what I need

  • Niki Rowland

    I use notes with my students as a way for them to share their thoughts during lessons. We call it “sticky learning!”

  • wow awesome contest!! this would be perfect for my work place everyone in the office is obsessed with sticky notes!! good luck everyone and thank u for the chance!!

  • marisela zuniga

    I use sticky notes very often! They really help me not forget about appointments and other important things going on

  • I love the concept. Reusable post its:)

  • I want a board to organize the kids summer activites. I have notes everywhere and can’t find any of them.

  • This would be a welcomed addition to my sticky note supply. Love them. : )

  • Amy C.

    They sound awesome and I’m always reaching for a post-it!

  • Jeff Dock

    These are super useful in the classroom! I need this kit!

  • Sandra Watts

    It sounds like it would help me get my life organized and I love that it is 100% recycled.

  • Stick to it :)

  • Angela Flowers

    Great way to get organized!

  • Jenelle

    Love using post its to keep notes and reminders.

  • Jenelle

    I use post its everyday for lots of reasons. They always come in handy.

  • Lee McKeon

    I would love to have this for my daughters classroom!

  • aketch

    To organize my life! :)

  • Gloria

    I use sticky notes all the time and would love to have this great variation of them