Win an iCase – take it to the beach!


This weekly giveaway is sponsored by MMF! One of the biggest downsides to going to the beach or doing any aerobic outdoor activity is finding a place to put your valuables. We all look for that “hidden bush” or rock to put them under or maybe somewhere under the car. When you have a nice iPod, you don’t really want to stick it in the dirt or in some car grease. Hello perfect invention – the iCase.

This lockable case is made out of sturdy plastic, it’s 5-7/8W x 9-7/8H x 1-1/2D Inch, and you can fit everything from iPods to digital cameras to your wallet or cellphone inside. You can hook it on to a park bench when you play ultimate frisbee or onto a pole at the beach when you go surfing. Watch their video about the iCase.

How can you win one? (We’re giving away 4 iCases!)

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  2. Tell us about your summer plans and how you could use the iCase! Example: “@shoplet I’m headed to the Bahamas and need to lock up my essentials while I’m snorkeling! #icase” or comment on this blog post.
  3. Four Winners will be announced Monday, June 14!

Don’t forget! If you’ve won before, you can win again :)

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners! Jerry F and Scott on our blog and @bikeohio and @debralu on twitter!

  • Mike

    going to the beach in the Gulf and I want to keep my things safe from the oil….

  • very nice. air while enjoying the beach but we still can indulge

  • michelle

    A lot of us don’t twitter…frankly we think it’s lame.

    Can’t you facebook some of your offers??

  • That’s a really good idea – as long as there is somewhere to lock it to!

  • Sally Wong

    I’m a computer teacher who wants to keep my office open and welcoming to students and teachers alike, but can’t with all the valuables housed there. I would love to win an icase to lock keys and valuables so I can always have an open door! Thanks!

  • Sara

    I barely have any money because I’m going back to school this fall, so I’d really like any money I can accumulate to not be stolen! Plus, I love going to the beach and pretending that I can tan, and I love going to the park to run. I never have anywhere to put my valuables; except sometimes if I have my iPod with me, I’ll stick it in my cleavage, but that doesn’t always work so well! I would love to own the icase, but I can’t afford to buy it right now!

  • Mark Vaughn

    This would be great for camping or Rock Climbing, I do both and when I’m away from the Campsite or 100 feet off the ground it would be a great place to keep my valuables. That is just less I have to carry and heck if I’m doing that, I’m not worried about missing a phone call, they can leave a message :)

  • Thelma R.

    This would be great for when we go boating so that items would be secure and not lost in the shuffle. Great for my camera, cell phones and ipods along with items you don’t want little fingers getting a hold of or into.

  • james h

    Sand in my shoes, but not in my iPad – nor in my bologna sandwich with both iPad and sandwich safetly tucked away and locked up in my icase. I wish I could win one and if I’m lucky enough to do so, then I sure would have the opportunity to spread this message to 10 other people – or more!

  • @shoplet I’m headed to PR, DR & Orlando, FL for 2 weeks with my whole crew. But most important, for my son when he starts college this fall and needs to lock up his essentials while he will be out of his share room!! #icase”

  • carol henthorn

    Such a perfect take-along device for the safekeeping of one’s valuables no matter where and how you use it! – Where can I buy one if I’m not lucky enough to win one in your giveaway?

  • Kim Kenty

    Saw the case advertised in email again today! I really really really would like to win one! THANKS.

  • joy

    Well, our family goes ocean boat fishing every summer to Newport Beach. If I win one Icase then I need to buy just two more for my twin son’s and my husband’s Ipad. We don’t have to worry about them and enjoying every moment of fishing vaction. We will catch the biggest fish!!!

  • tony

    need one

  • I live 3 blocks from the beach… last year I only went 4 times. This summer I promised myself I’d go every weekend! An icase would be the perfect addition to my beach commitment!

  • Jo

    Not to rain on the parade, but this is only plastic. Do they intend to make this in metal?

  • Sandy Noll

    Yesterday I brought a Phat cycle home and I want to take the new periwinkle blue cruiser with white wall tires to the neighborhood park a mile away, tennis and a picnic anyone? With an icase I could stash my valuables while enjoying my mini vacation I created for myself.

  • WOW! This icase is amazing! I spend my summer moths in Hawaii, at the beach, snorkeling,and body surfing..I could really use one of these for my important items!

  • Terri

    What a wonderful gift to give away!!! Congratulations to whomever is lucky enough to win one of iCases. It is so great and cool to see what folks are creating that makes folks lives easier and handy.

  • Kim Kenty

    I would love to win the icase!! Of course, my son would ultimately get it to store his Ipod Touch instead of always having me “take care of it for him”. He could attach this to his bike or a fence for safekeeping his Ipod and house key when out and about.

    THANKS for the opportunity to win such a COOL item!!

  • Jerry Fair

    Hey! Sign me up for the drawing for the icase… would be a perfect place to stash my cigs while I paddle around in the water!

  • Bonnie S

    What a great idea. There are many times that I would like to be able to lock things up – especially while traveling.

  • Jennifer

    @shoplet; My husband and I both have iphones and lots of gadgets we could store in such a cool case, but if I were to get one of these, I would give it to my brother in law. He is a pastor of a large church and does tons of travel speaking to youth across the USA. He also does motivational speaking for businesses. I think he would love this as a surprise gift and would use it far more than my husband and I.

  • I think this is a great idea! I work for a school district, and I can see many uses for students and teachers. Personally, I could use it in the office (I don’t really have a place to secure small “pilferables”, on the road (beach, mountains, leaving items in the car, etc), and when presenting (don’t have to worry about talking with people around the room because my valuables will be locked away)…so this icase might become attached to my hip if I’m one of your lucky winners :)

  • Anthony Hollister

    love one

  • Maria

    I’m moving to Hawaii in August! BF & I will be road tripping with our 3 doggies to the west coast. We’ll be seeing the sights & camping along the way to enjoy things like… sunrise on the Grand Canyon, a night of fun in Las Vegas, chilling on the beaches of San Diego, & finally ending our trip in my home sweet home, Maui!

    A LOT of fun to be had this summer & this #icase would be perfect to keep my valuables safe & sound. What a fun, nifty little case :)

    Following on Twitter via @xriyah

  • Laureen

    I could hide my chocolate in this case when I travel. Must keep the valuables safe!

  • Cindi

    What a cool case!


    This is a need and a want all wrapped up in one!!

  • Anne

    I would love this icase to take with me when I take my kids summer class to six flags in July. This would be great to keep all of our belongings safely locked up in the car. This is the perfect size to slide under the seat of the van.

  • Sarah Cary

    I would take it with when we go camping! This is another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!?” items!

  • wow what a nice way to lock up all that jewelry you are dying to wear to the beach but not to swim in! and it will be there safe not laying around waiting on that odd looking man with the metal dector to locate!

  • I think an Icase would be awesome for my trips to the beach with my kids!!! My teenagers phones are always the BOMB with the teens.. My kids wait all year to get new latest and greatest phones for their birthdays and only to have them Stolen at the beach! We are on phone #4. If i would have had the icase i wouldnt be responding to this ad!! what a great invention!!!

  • Headed to a cattle show next week. Lots of water and other “natural” stuff to contend with. an #icase would be the perfect solution for our Itouch and camera

  • I just came back from a tradeshow and would love to have an icase to lock up my iPad and other valuables in our exhibit booth. We’ve had two iPhone chargers stolen already! Put your logo and info on it, and it would be great, FREE advertising for you in our booth!

  • Sara

    I love it!! That’s such a great idea! I’d use it when I take my kids to the park, so that I can play too!

  • Eew! Sand in your expensive electronics! Can’t be good! Better lock them in an #icase.

  • Brad

    I am heading to Florida next month, this would really help!

  • Not a bad idea. Nothing is more annoying than being at the beach and wondering if your wallet will be there when you get back!

  • Kimberly K.

    What a great way to keep your electronics and other valuables safe while you are out and about this summer.

  • I have an awesome balcony but scary neighbors. I could use the icase to hide my spy binoculars, zoom lens, long range microphone and camera. I use them mostly on my balcony and am afraid my neighbors might walk over on a board or maybe swing over on a rope and steal them. I would be lost without my voyeuring equipment. The balcony railing would be the perfect location to “lock up”.

  • I would love to win one of these awesome cases! I am heading to Mexico and the beach and it would be great to lock up my goods!You know how sand gets in everything!!

  • Sarah Hirsch

    @shoplet We’re taking a family vacation and I want to lock up the gadgets when not in use. Enter the ever-so-convenient #icase

  • @shoplet I’m headed to the beach and need to lock up my essentials while I’m avoiding the sharks in the surf!! ! #icase”

  • Jeremy C

    I’d love to win one of these to secure my valuables when I am biking. You never know when a bird will swoop down and try to make off with something!