Win an iPad for School from Avery!


Hey! Guess WHAT! Avery is giving away an iPad to one lucky winner and what if it was you! (It’s this iPad – 16 GB, Wi-Fi only, White or Black)

To enter, simply:

Tell us how you creatively use Avery products to plan a meeting, complete a project or organize an event like Back-to-School Night!

For this contest, we will be choosing our most favorite answer, so make sure your idea is a good one!

Winner will be chosen and announced on September 3, 2013. Good luck and happy back to school shopping!

*Sorry, USA only°

  • Avery labels are my favorite part of the dreaded paperwork that ensues my work desk, home, and church office. Being able to see at a glance what in in a folder, box, or spice jar makes my life much easier. Having five children ranging from 7th grade to 2nd year college…I need easier. I also need fun. My favorite fun memory using Avery labels is when we used the clear labels and drew mustache’s on them. The girls squealed with joy at drawing their own mustache and wearing them about.

  • Katie Saunders

    You know you are a teacher

    You know you are a teacher, when labels are exciting
    For simple sticky sheets can make your classroom so inviting
    You stock up on Avery products every year it’s true,
    For without these trusty items, what would a teacher do?
    There’d be no supply labels, the thought just makes me cry
    Glue sticks would be with crayons, a giant mess, oh my!
    The teacher spot would be a nightmare, with no labels for our desk
    How would we find stickers or pens? It’d be an awful mess!
    Field trips would not be possible for there’d be no name tags to hand out
    And going without name tags would be a scary thought, no doubt
    Centers would be impossible, and the book bins would be bare
    All the genres would be mixed, oh what an awful scare!
    There’d be no dividers for binders to keep everything separate and neat
    For organizing with kids is hard enough. and without dividers? An impossible feat!
    So, clearly, we need Avery, the company that has it all
    It’s a one stop shop, for our classroom to have us ready in the Fall
    And although we could try it without you, we really don’t want to do that
    Cause it’d take forever to organize and WE AIN’T GOT TIME FOR DAT!

  • Zoe Goldstein

    I bring the Avery product over seas to london, to use for school. Since nobody but me has the produces I always get a good grade. I am also a CIT(Counselor In Training) and I use the stickers to bribe the children. My family also uses the product to mark where every thing is in the house.

  • Linda Brooks

    We use Avery products for everything

  • sandy

    Well with school and business we prep avery view folders with picture of student on cover and it has school map- rules first pages after room to meet for parent meeting- they pick it up and put namebadge which is avery label- easy- when we meet they put papers in and take and send back and forth for new work to be added – new reports- We also have the small folder plastic sleeves we use to slide information about rooms- stations in rooms and it /they are used to identify things for kids etc. Teachers also are wearing tshirts with her whole class on them and yes kids can make them too and wear if they are going to meeting- get together. Love the arrow sticky notes to mark directions of bathrooms- room numbers etc.

  • Debbie

    Using the Avery Products is the only way to go… have a product that lasts and looks attractive. You can use this to personalize so many things making the children delighted to have a gift with their name on it for their classroom. It also give the teacher a little relief in having someone help with her or his job when they give so much of their time doing so much that few people realize. A lot of what the teachers do comes out of their own pockets due to the budget cuts. It’s a joy to help and so much fun creating things for the children and their teacher. Who couldn’t use this gift as a great way to start off the school year.

  • Debbie

    I only use Avery Labels/Products for all the items I make. I make the labels for all the grandchildren for all their personal products including the name badges for our grandson’s class, the desk names so that when the parents visit they know which desk belongs to their child. I also use the labels for all my products: Pure Indulgence Bath and Body Products including the candles I make, as well as all my Bakery (from scratch food products for those given as gifts) and The Barkery (all canine and feline gifts) Products. Creating the labels, name badges gives me such joy when I get to see the children getting something with their name on it. It’s a surprise to the teacher as well to get a gift all decorated for them…ready to use for the classroom. When I plan on making something then it will be with Avery Products because they are the best and it’s important to make something that is going to hold up and look pretty as well.

  • Alondra

    Avery products could not get better!They are very useful when it comes to organizing for a school project and classes. The three ring binders and dividers and tabs help a lot. It reduces my chances of loosing homework and class work. I can find things instantly without having to move things around and be exposed to make a mess and it reduce stress. Avery Products are the best way to start school.



  • Kristina

    With the amazing Avery products I found for sale, I created a masterful pop-up book, if I say so myself. Using the Tops Idea Collective Journal for the pages of the book, I created a story though a series of images to tell the life of volcanic rocks. With strips of red Project Popperz, I created a river of lava. With Index Cards, I was able to thicken pictures to really pop out of the pages. With trendy Stinky Stickers, I had pre-made faces for each rock’s “personality”. Being a school supply snob, I only use the best materials to create the projects I do. Each project filled with time and effort to give it my all. And thanks to Avery products, I am able to create them with the ease and perfection I crave.

  • Joy

    I use Avery labels to keep all my folders organized. They are easy to use and work well with my printer. I used them around the house to label certain items also. They are a great product to have around.

  • Lorene desjardins

    I work with special needs students and I use a variety of Avery products with my students. One product I use a lot are the 3 ring binders. I use them for a project I call ” social stories” that I do with my students at the beginning of each school year. Since my students usually have difficulties transitioning to different classes and activities , I make them a small binder that they carry with them. On each page in the binder is a picture of the child at that class or doing that activity as well as a very simple sentence ie: Pauline is jumping on the trampoline during P.E.”
    Thanks to the Avery binders, they are able to transition to all of their activities.

  • Jason Owen

    Well, on the night before the first day of school I plan to use some Avery labels to make a trail of clues so I will hopefully find my way to school on the first day, and then I will also be able to use them to find my way home after the exhausting first day. I also can use those very same labels to leave a “bread trail” to the teachers’ bathroom if ever I can get a break, I can hopefully find my way there. I also envision using the very same said labels to make a bread crumb trail for my students to be able to find their way back from their bathrooms also. The more I think about it I may need to buy stock in Avery, then I might be able to afford the ipad on my own. Any way Cheers for the first day of school.

  • Amy

    Back-to-school is always a bit easier if you have the right tools to keep you organized, and my choice is Avery to help me get off on the right track. Something I started doing my last three years as a third grade teacher was creating a school-home notebook that was introduced to students and parents at open house. After my first successful year, I shared my notebooks with my fellow teachers and now many of them still use them in their classrooms in grades K-3. The notebooks are an essential tool in our efforts to boost communication between home and school, as well as aiding in students becoming more organized and responsible. Avery products have available all one would need to make the notebook possible: a three ring binder which houses it all, sheet protectors to keep the weekly newsletters, reading logs, parent-teacher communication log, lunch menu, class scheule, and behavior chart protected and in one pace, pocket folders for graded papers, notes, and homework, a zipper pouch to hold sticky notes, a highlighter, pen, and pencil, as well as a secure place for any money that is to be turned in for field trips, lunch, etc., and of course paper both for students to write their assignments down, and to create a snazzy cover sheet for their binder. All of the essential supplies needed for the notebook, Avery has it,and more!

  • Michelle Small

    We use dry erase markers and board to make notes of everything we need to do to prepare for back to school night. I use Avery name tags so that everybody can get to know one another. And use Avery labels on clothing, books and cubby holes for easy locating.

  • Johnny Stevens

    Avery Labela are my absolute favorite brand, I use them for everything-labeling my kids’ lunches, using them to price mark garage sale items, and even for maili that I send out. Avery labels are awesome!

  • Paula Diekhoff

    I volunteer at a clothing pantry. I designed labels for the clothing racks, using Avery, then attached the labels to heavy duty magnets. These magnetized labels allow us to move sizes of clothing to different racks, depending upon need and volume. I loved using Avery for designing the labels, as the directions were easy and clear. I believe Avery is customer-oriented and their products are problem-solvers.

  • Serena Adkins

    I am a school teacher and I love to use avery labels. Some of the things I make with avery labels are: Table Numbers, book bin labels, week day labels, pencil labels with my kids names o them, classroom schedule signs, Calendar numbers, day, months from A to Z, Calendar labels; A Day in the Life of a Classroom Teacher, Clock numbers to teach kids how to tell time, behavior coupons, room quotes for the classroom. I believe in organization skills because it makes for great learning.

  • Katherine

    Love avery products~ First off I make mailing labels for all the parents for sending notes good and “bad” home, kids have their bags that hang on the back of the chairs labeled with their names, above their coat hook and anywhere else I can label for individual children,.

  • Jennifer K.

    I use the Avery cards to print business cards for work. The card quality is just as good as getting them professionally printed but at a more cheaper and affordable cost! I use their templates that can be found on their website as well to line the art or print work. I find their labels also really useful for printing addresses, or marking folders or papers.

  • Deb C

    I grow heirloom tomatoes of numerous varieties. I like to compare taste and decide which varieties I want to plant again next year. I also give tomatoes away to friends and they like to know the names of them as well. After they’re picked, it is sometimes hard to remember which tomato is which, so I keep sheets of tiny Avery labels with the names of whatever I am growing printed on them. As I pick tomatoes, I stick the corresponding name on them. It’s very easy and effective.

  • Barbara

    Avery name labels are number one on my list of items for Back to School nights and beginning of the year staff meetings where we want people to be identified to others. We use Avery binders, printable dividers and pocket folder dividers to organize master copies of all our master documents for meetings. We put all our papers to teachers in Avery binders. Of course Avery labels are used for mailings for the meetings, Avery is number one in keeping us organized in our school office.

  • Brandon

    Avery products are very useful all the time. I love putting the dividers in binders when a project is needed to be presented. They create a professional look that I can only thank Avery for. They have just about anything you would need for school or setting up a meeting. Overall, Avery is a classy company that provides A+ products.

  • jeannine s

    I have the kids use the name tags to creat name tags for their parents to wear on back to school night. We use the dry erase markers to write notes to the parents on our boards to leave on the desk

  • Michelle

    I use Avery Labels to organize my everyday life, both @ work and @ home. Avery helps to keep me organized from A – Z in everything from my household chores and organization to file folders and cabinets at work. I love the ease of Avery labels, they help with crafting, and professionalism all the same.
    Thank you Avery for simplifying my life!

  • Jenny Bartschi

    I use the Avery mailable size labels for bridalshowers, weddings, babyshowers and thank you notes. I usually have a list of about 250-400 to invite. I take the names from my excell sheet and insert the label sheets in the printer and voila all addresses printed out and ready to stick on the invitations. Great for my return address labels, too.

  • Kristie S

    I use avery products all the time, I use note pads so that our reps or employees could take down valuable notes using avery pens or pencils, then if there were handouts to be given we would lable the avery folders using avery labels.

  • Ada Miller

    Well I use a lot of different Avery products in my daily life, having to get prepared for the returning back to school, weekly couponing shopping to save money, and just anything I need to do Avery helps me do.

    My main Avery product is my 4″ binder that I have my sheet protectors,pocket tabs, and note tabs in. I use the binder and sheet protectors for my coupon shopping, and the pocket tabs to put my coupons in that I will be using during the shopping trip. Behind my couponing supplies I have it fixed up for my weekly things to be done, reminders etc that I use my note tabs for. For example something really big now that I’m working on is my back to school shopping for our 1st & 2nd graders who of course need different things. {Would love to add I really hate that Avery no longer produces the not tabs and sticky tabs. Thankfully I was able to stock up on them when I caught them at a price I couldn’t resist,but my stock is running low.:( }

    Around the house I use the white address labels to label left overs,things being frozen etc to be used at a later date. I also use the pocket tabs in my filing cabinet that I keep all of our important information in. For our personal information such as SS cards,birth certificates,insurance cards I keep them in a pocket tab (the clear one) so I can easily see through it and they are protected and all together. Avery has been a life saver to me. Before Avery I couldn’t keep up with anything,and now I have everything organized and love it! It’s so nice easily finding things,and because of the ease I’m also able to save so much!! Just please don’t take anymore of your great products away,because most depend on them to have a easy flowing life.

    Thanks for the great products you offer us and now the opportunity to win a iPad!! Good luck everyone!!

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  • Kim Benefield

    Tag it, Label it, Organize it, and Inspire with it – Avery products make teaching and learning fun! Whether my students and I use our favorite Avery glue sticks for hands-on projects, the page projectors and write-able tabs for organizing our Avery binders, or the innovative dry erase notes and printable labels and magnets, our classroom buzzes with creativity and utility, enhanced and invigorated by Avery’s products. Thank you so much, Avery! Keep up the innovation!

  • Rhonda Peña

    How do I love Avery? Let me count the ways.

    My classroom is the perfect place to witness the Avery craze!

    On binders, on journals, on baskets, on files,

    Avery brings organization to my many piles!

    My students love what Avery products bring:

    Laughter and organization – it makes us want to sing!

    We practice spelling weekly on a dry erase sheet,

    Which makes our learning ever so much fun – and neat!

    Our homework folders are organized just great

    With sheet protectors and flashcards to practice 8 x 8!

    Thank you, Avery, for all you do!

    Our classroom is a better place because of you!

  • Monica Hiatt

    Since I will be at a new school next year I will use the labels to create a scavenger hunt to use as a getting to know each other activity. I will give them clues to find facts about me that will be hidden around the room.

  • Karen D.

    It seems like I use Avery for everything–binders, tab dividers and LABELS–what’s not to love!? Every school year I use the Avery address labels, 30 per sheet, and make a colorful sheet of labels with the name of each student. That way when a student needs a label for a for their supplies, notebooks and folders I have them covered. When a folder wears out or a new notebook is needed, Avery comes to the rescue. I simply peel off another name label from the child’s sheet and they are good to go. When I need to label their math journals for the 2nd half of the year, again I can just peel off another label. If any labels are left at the end of the year, I give the sheet to the child to take home to use for next year! When the new school year rolls around I go back to the Avery website to use their handy templates to make new labels for my new students! Thanks Avery!

  • Marisol Perez

    I use labels to keep parents informed in their child’s performance or give them a quick note. They save paper and the kids can’t lose the note because it is stuck in their notebook.

  • N. James

    I love Avery products! I use labels on my daily folders, name tags, file folders, and so much more! I also use the Avery products for presentations!!! I love creating name tags for field trips and I love the free templates online. I would love to win this iPad!! It would be a true blessing for me and my students. Please pick me!!!!!!!

  • jen Bolander

    I am a mother and housewife, At my house we use Avery labels to communicate throughout the day, slap it on a call it good. we label all of our Rubbermaid totes in the garage with Avery Labels

  • marsha webb

    I love Avery products. I use Avery products to organize my coupons. I use a 1″ durable Avery binder with a cute floral design. I use blue Martha Stewart with Avery sheet protectors to hold the coupons. I also use Avery label books for taking notes and marking pages. I love the different designs available. They are so handy.

  • Barbara Mayes

    I use the Avery® Assorted Color Coding Dots Label Pad 45472, When I get ready to have a garage sale, they are the perfect way to show the prices of items! Not only are they handy, but the color coding makes it easier to tell at a glance, the $1 items, from the $2 items etc!

  • allison

    I use avery products to organize my classroom. I make tons of labels with sticky notes and label things the students need access too. I use dividers to organize my readers and writers workshop conference binders and I use the label to make stamps that we use during the second grade post office


    I have given my grandson in his second year of college, Avery products. He wants to be a doctor so he uses many Avery items to help with projects. I buy him Avery items when ever I can for him.

  • Pam

    labels & stickers & binders, oh my!
    file tabs & pockets & dividers to buy
    anything to help me organize, I’ll try
    the number of uses is amazingly high

    name badges, business cards & templates galore
    I’ve used them often & many times before
    the only thing that would help me more
    would be an iPad sent to my door

  • Stephanie Chenard

    I use it to upload and distribute class documents to anyone who has an iPad…all others need to use paper…but with the iPad they can also fill out the tests and I get the info back digitally!! It makes my world a whole lot easier!! Plus I can use it to display images and play music when needed!! Its the most indispensable tool I have for teaching classes!!!!!!!

  • Ronda Walton

    I have purchased multiple pages of tab dividers to use in my students take home folders, letting parents know what is homework, practice sheets, federal word wall writing sheets and behavior charts.

  • I use Avery products to organize my projects! I’m a blogger and I have what feels like a million contacts and project and it’s vital to stay organized. With Avery, I can color code, customize and even create fun folders and notebooks to help keep me motivated when I have writers block!

  • Jeff dock

    I use folders for everything as I teach special ed and it keeps me organized. A folder for every subject and every child. Labels enable reuse of folders easily, and they still look neat. At open house I will get the phone numbers, emails, and address put in the folders on a label by the parents. conact will be easy then.

  • Scott

    I would use their scrapbooking products to put together an album for my daughter for her first day of school. It would be pictures of my wife, daughter and I of happy / fun moments together. Since it’s her first time in school, she can look at the scrapbook whenever she gets scared or misses us to remember that we will always be there for her.

  • Kris B

    Dividers to organize different papers, Labels to put name on books, name badges to help remember names,binders to put papers, and note cards to study words or math problems!

  • Angela A

    I’m a librarian and we use Avery products all the time. We use the labels to label books, binders, shelves, and multimedia items. We use the dividers for our binders for reports and booklets. We use the dry eraser products for our bulletin boards. We always have a use for the products. We have the best and brightest bulletin boards thanks to using Avery products!

  • rachel travis

    I love to use them to organize my home office and craft room as well as for homework and folders for school!!! They are amazing!!

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  • Crystal Harman

    I use Avery Labels for everything!!

  • I love using Avery products in my classroom. I use them to label bins and different centers in my classroom. I use them to label unit folders and activities. I use them as address labels when I go to science conferences. I use them in labs to label different stations.

  • Avery address labels are a time-saving and efficient way to use throughout the school year. It is a quick way to label student supplies, workbooks, portfolios, and folders. I use labels on donated books, as thank-you gift tags, and as name tags. A memory book for each child is compiled and it is so easy to label photographs, activities, and even include Bible verses.

  • Each year we take our 330 seventh graders on a field trip to the local Applied Technology College. I print out their names on Avery mailing labels and then run different colors of highliter along the edge so students, and parents chaperoning, can see who is in each group and what their names are in case they need to report any behavior problems. We also give each student a folder for class and again use the Avery mailing labels to create a uniform location for students to put their name, period, and locker number on the folder in case it gets “lost”.

  • Susan Fletcher

    I am a 2nd grade teacher in a public school in NC in a low income area. I use Avery products a lot in my classroom for projects – putting lables on supplies, notebooks, and folders. I also use them to make vocabulary cards and other things. Avery products are the BEST! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Margot

    I love Avery products!

    1. I use your labels for my class library. It’s to label each individual book, as well as the categories that they go in.

    2. I use your wall pockets for our classroom attendance. It’s the perfect way to put it up on the wall neatly. <3

    3. Binders are my life. I use binders for lesson plans, student data, portfolios, the list goes on and on. I'm partial to binders that have the pockets in the front. But it's the only way for me to stay organized.

  • Lisa Langley

    Avery products are by far my favorite office supplies, and with 3 kids in school and myself in college (nursing school), we have lots around! I think some of my favorite Avery products are the ones that help me everyday with school projects for the kids and keeping myself organized with my own crazy school schedule.

    Some of our favorites-
    Peel & Stick Dry Erase. We use these EVERYWHERE! They help keep everyone in the house aware of what is going on when (all three kids also play soccer and we coach all three teams!).

    Binders. Of course we have tons of these! Every semester, I have to buy a “packet” of information that comes in two to three half inch to 1 inch sizes for my classes. But, I need them all, every day. So, instead of carrying around 3 different binders and taking the chance of forgetting one- I buy one 3-4″ binder from Avery. My favorite is the Heavy Duty with EZD ring. Then, I load it up with dividers, tags, flags, and sheet protectors for my class calendars! Everyone is always impressed with how organized I am in my clinical group.

    Removable adhesive pockets. I LOVE these! I have a metal covered clipboard that I use for clinicals at school. I have put these in the inside back, so that they can hold my personal products and things I need to be separated from the paperwork.

    Gotta love Avery for helping me to stay organized!

  • deanna hanson

    I leave post it notes around the house for my kids to remind them to do things and not to leave things laying around

  • Jessica Petri

    with 4 kids we use sticky notes all the time to mark who’s stuff is who’s. We also use printing labels to label the dresser drawers so the younger kids where to put their clothes away.

  • shannon sharp

    Wow!! I would love to have an Ipad–and since this is my only chance :) Here is why I like avery products…..I use the labels, generally the mailing address size labels…i like how they offer the templates to print/customize these for any use you may find. they are great not only for mailing out packages to people, but general organization as well. I use them to help my daughter label her school folders, to label boxes i put in storage, for christmas present gift tags, to label my magazine boxes, my binders of craft and decorating plans……the uses go on and on. They are wonderful!

  • A backpack would be nice to tell me where my son is! Then I would know if he’s actually in school!

  • Sarah McLamb

    I am the notebook queen!! I love using view-front notebooks and using the online Avery templates to design the perfect covers for all of the different notebooks I keep for club meetings, booster meetings, trip planning, etc. I also use lots of tab dividers to keep my notebooks organized. My favorite Avery tabs are the alphabetical ones for my parent contact info notebook and the monthly ones for my lesson/dates/personal planners. I’m a Choral Director, so even my sheet music gets organized into a big notebook with dividers for each of my choral groups and each different performance. Avery sheet protectors are also a great way to stick choreography notes in with all of the show choir sheet music. :-)

  • Carrie Bartlett

    I have a drawer of Avery labels in my classroom. Beginning the first day, that drawer is an important part of my classroom! I label the students desks with an Avery label on the first day of school. This alleviates confusion on the stressful first day AND helps me learn the students’ names (vitally important). This semester each student will have a history term labeled to their back and their partners must give them clues to guess the term on their back (fun way to practice/review important vocabulary). I know these may not be the “intended” uses of these Avery products, but they make my classroom a better place!

  • Rhonda Stanley

    I use Avery labels to show the contents in the different storage containers in my storage cabinet….it makes it so much easier to just read the label than to have to look through each bin.

  • Allison

    I use Avery labels for so many things in my Kindergarten classroom. They help to set the stage for reading by enabling me to label all the classroom materials. Avery labels are on all of my art bins, my toy bins and math manipulatives. This year I even used Avery labels to create my classroom library. My little learners will now be able to easily find books by their favorite authors and/or topics. Avery has also made it easier for me to communicate with parents as they have been used to label the interior of the folders I send home weekly; now at a quick glance my parents can easily see what needs to be returned to school and what should be left at home. Avery has truly made my job easier thanks to the variety of sizes, templates available and product quality.


    I use the labels for flash card take home pack – sight words, math facts, color words, etc. Each child brings in a pack of index cards and I put the sticker ( with desired word/ fact) on the 3×5 card and we have a set for each child.

  • I would love to win this as it would be perfect to help with those meetings that Avery products make so wonderful. I use Avery products all the time to organize meetings, back to school nights, and even our career days. Having labels for different folders and things organized is the best. I also find that I can use them for behavior management with the students. We have a system where kids fill out forms when they are sent to the office and so these go into folders to be entered into a data base and so folders to help organize by grade level make it easier when it is time to enter them. But that does not stop there I also have a K-5 bullying reporting form and so to organize them by grades to be entered and then organized by grade after entered so that if the bullying does continue we can easily find the reports. You could say that Avery has helped us to tackle the bullying issue in our school as we have seen a huge cut back since using Avery products to organize our forms. Each classroom has their own bathroom and we have Avery products storing blank forms so kids can easily get one and report with out others knowing. Thank you Avery for helping us make a huge dent in cutting down the bullying at our school.

  • I teach school and use AVERY labels all the time but my favorite use is not at school but at home. Okay, you guys are going to love this. My husband and I have guardianship over a cousin, Layne, who has downs syndrome. She is 51 years old and happens to still believe in Santa Claus. She is also a major KISS (the rock band) fan. I know you are wonder what this has to do with AVERY but trust me it does! Avery has come to the rescue several times. You see, each year Layne comes up with a list of things she is just sure that Santa is going to bring her. The only problem is, that many of the things on her list do not exist in the real world but only in her mind. One particular Christmas, the top thing on her list was KISS beer. Another year is was KISS lipstick (chap stick). Last year, she insisted that Santa would be bringing her KISS shampoo and KISS bubble bath. AVERY labels has come to the rescue all three of these years. Santa’s elf simply locates images of KISS, print them on AVERY stickers and make labels for cans of beer, chapstick, shampoo, and bubble bath. We have photos to show her excitement, especially with the KISS beer and KISS bubble bath. So thank you so much, Avery, for keeping the spirit of Christmas and the belief in Santa alive and well for the sweet lady.

  • Dean Miller

    At this year’s open house I will be giving each child’s parents/guardians a sheet of 30 labels. I am going to ask the parents to write their address on 10 of the labels, an encouragement for their child on 10 of the labels, and on the remaining 10 I will have them write their child’s name. I try to send home letters of good news to two students each week of school and the addresses will help save me time. I simply locate the child’s sheet of labels and stick one on the envelope to go in the mail. I can also use the addresses for other notes that need to be mailed throughout the school year. Throughout the year we have several big assessments that our students take. During these times I can place one of the encouragement labels on the students’ desks that their parents filled out at the beginning of the year. A little encouragment from mom or dad always seems to help them during those assessments. The last 10 name labels I will use to label a variety of folders I will use to collect data on each child throughout the school year. With 30 labels I am able to accomplish a variety of tasks and stay organized at the same time.

  • Amy

    I use the name tags and pens to allow students and parents to decorate their own name tags on back-to-school night. One of my favorite projects involves using the t-shirt transfer as the students publish their work on a plant. Their drawing is scanned and goes on the front. Their short paragraph about the plant or animal (depending on the year) goes on the back. They LOVE wearing their “school work,” and it gives them such pride in their work! :)

  • Stacy Belson

    AVERY!!!! I use Avery products ALL the time! I use the notebooks with my students in my Science classes. I use file folders with the labels to organize my class room, one per student! I have used the business cards to give to parents during open houses. I have used labels and binders for keeping my curriculum notes in order. I even follow you on Pinterest so I don’t miss anything! I would love an Ipad to use in my classroom!! Pick me please!!! :)

  • willow_kidd

    I’m partial to the sticky-notes, but since they’re no longer being produced my new fav by list shift upwards: the file tabs. I stick them in text books to mark where chapters begin. I use them in my personal index card organizing, because the premade alpha-tabs are useless to me. I like the flexibility of the tabs. I can use them anywhere. And with one year of classes left before a degree, I see myself using tons of them.

  • Mary Dailey

    I love using the Avery Big Tab Pocket Central Insertable Plastic Divider.

    I like the Plastic pockets for storage of papers without having to punch or fold them, the larger tabs and inserts provide more printing space, and the best part is you can create tabs with the free template from Avery!

  • Donna Kozar

    They would be perfect for our Fall Family Fun Night. We have a variety of items auctioned off to raise funds for the school. The Avery products would be great for the flyers and signs. And they would be great in one of the gift baskets.

  • Melinda Dartmann

    I use Avery tabs for the tops of folders when I need to make a presentation and I have my notes with me. It keeps me organized and ready to select the topics I need in a hurry instead of hunting for the correct sheets. Love them!

  • mary mcmenamy

    i would love to own one never had i need to help myy online