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  • We use Purell all over the office, we have dispensers on everyone’s desk and also in the hallways so employees are using it all the time. We even give it to our Techs who go to customer’s homes. After the stuff they see in some homes, they want to bath in Purell. They trust the brand and know that when they use Purell, they are getting the germs and can continue on with their day. Wouldn’t do business with it!

  • Lori Nash

    We have the handy dandy mini purell’s in our car, purses & backpacks! it’s a great thing to have while travelling. Ever been in an outdoor bathroom where there’s no soap?

  • Furbee

    i have two teens and hand sanitizer comes in handy particularly during the summer months when kids are outdoors. I also keep Purell in the car while traveling. While driving to visit the in-laws my husband’s tummy decided that whatever he had for lunch did not settle well. He vomited in the car while driving. With no water in sight Purell came in handy as a cleaner (believe it or not) and of course removed odor from my husbands hands.

    I have seen him use GOJO Natural Orange hand cleaner while working in this “shop”. I swear he drinks that stuff….it is his favorite. He also uses Purell constantly when gardening or working outdoors.

  • Lois D

    I practically flew to the stores when Purell came out with their sanitizer! I am grandmother to a very active 2 & 1/2 year old and this product is definitely a godsend! I keep it in the kitchen by the sink, for everyone to use; I keep a bottle in my purse for quick access when I’m out and about, and I even have a bottle on hand in my van. I would recommend this product to everyone. It affords us peace of mind in knowing that at least a few germs will not be given a ride to others via our hands!!

  • Sandra Hayes

    It’s gratifying when your 14-year old is germ-minded enough to keep a small Purell in her backpack. Her travel size proved in handy in the car, when leather upholstery got doggified (only try this on sealed leather). Although the wonderful smell of wet muddy puppy lingered a bit, at least the seats no longer had eau du jerms.on the surface. THANKS PURELL for handy portability!

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  • Tami A

    I’ve been in the hospital four times in the last two months. Before that I have not been in a hospital other than to have my kids. I am 38 turning 39 on Monday and have enjoyed good health until two months ago. I have learned now to not take my health for granted. In every room I had in the hospital was a dispenser for Purell. I noticed while lying in my hospital bed that the nurses were very good about using it every time they left my room which I was very thankful for being a patient there.

    But now when I see a bottle of Purell I have to chuckle because on one of the last days of my last hospital stay the doctor sat down with me to discuss my recent health issues and the Purell. He highly recommend that I use it to prevent the spread of germs and to make sure my kids had little bottles in their desks and backpacks to have with them at all times.

    So now each of my family members carries a small bottle of Purell with them at all times. My kids give me a hard time since there seems to be a bottle at every turn but I really believe this is a great product to have to prevent the spread of even more germs out there and I refuse to end up back in the hospital if I can help prevent it!! :)

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  • Jeremy

    Spending time with Purell Cottony Soft Wipes… read on at your own risk.
    I don’t have kids of my own, but I plan to one day. As a youth advisor, I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with kids of all ages. Some experiences are more memorable than others…

    One of the things I most looked forward to was the bike rides we would take the kids on. Half, actually more like 3/4 of the kids, went only to stop part of the way down the trail at an ice cream joint. Go figure.

    As an avid bicyclist, I am usually asked to patrol the trail… riding up and down the trail making sure no one had any problems. Earlier on the ride, I noticed one kid in particular having trouble on the cool, but sunny fall day. Later, from a distance, I saw him duck down in the weeds. Uh oh. You know where this is leading. As I pedal nearer, the scene becomes apparent. He was having stomach troubles. Get this, he said he heard something in the weeds and as he was investigating, he stepped in “something”. There was quite a mess if you can, but really don’t want to, imagine. One of the older youth leaders (who has lots of experience with kids) said that we had to keep the accident hush hush so the other kids would not make fun of him. I was asked if I had anything in my bike pouch…

    TADA! I had Purell Wipes! You know everyone had always made fun of me for carrying these around with me on the bike trail. Some of the youth group kids had even started bringing me various wet naps from restaurants as a joke. Now look who is prepared to help make this scene disappear!

    I handed over the entire package, and to this day, only the youth leaders know what really happened. Thanks, Purell, for containing a messy scene in more than one way.

  • Mary Ciriacy

    I love purell hand sanitizer because it does not freeze. I can keep a bottle in the car and in below zero temps, it still squirts (cold and somewhat slow, but it does not freeze and crack the container). I put a bottle in my friends outhouse – which is used all year long. Works great! The car bottle was a lifesaver, when we had a carsick child and needed to clean up “in the middle of nowhere”. Great Product.

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    One time we ran out of Purell and I asked a co-worker to pick up some up. He couldn’t find any and came back with some generic hand sanitizer. I immeidately told him to return it and go find the Purell elsewhere. Purell is the only brand I trust

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  • Nathan Cronin

    Okay, so about a year ago, I was on my way to work at a restraunt as a busser, and I accidently broke a glass and cut my hand, so I decided to just forget about it, and put a bandaide on it and get back to work. After about an hour or two, my hand starting to sting. I did not think that there was much of, I just thought that salt or something got into it. After work I decided to check it out, and unfortunatley it looked really nasty, and infected so I looked everywhere for something that could keep it under control and I cam across some purell, so I used about half dollar size, and rubbed it all in, and yeah it stung, and I was a little worried because I never used it before. And aout a week later I wnt to get my physical for baseball, and my doctor checked me out and everything, and came across the cut, so she askd, and I explained the whole story. But because she is a Doctor she was worried about the cut happening in a restraunt by a used glass. She looked at me and “You are one lucky boy”. I was confused for a minute, and asked what I used on it and “Purell” she explained t me that the Purell actually saved that part of my hand. Ever since that da I neverlooked at Purell the same, and bring it everywhere I go, and use it all the time. I wish I could thank Purell, but I’ll say it here THANKYOU SO MUCH PURELL!

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    I cant live without Purell. I go everywhere with it and everyone knows! One day my niece was with me doing some shopping. We were in the toy department of course and she was looking at all the toys. A little girl came over and was eating some kind of candy and her hands were all sticking. She then proceeded to touch all the toys with her hands! I guess my niece freaked out and said, Auntie, hurry, get me some Purell stat! I laughed so hard!!! It really made my day :o)

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  • My son and I went to Chuckie Cheese to get pizza and play some great games, I mean where else could you have that much fun for $20 bucks. My son headed over to the play area where they have the equipment to climb in and while he was in there another child came out the end of the tubes and had snot all over his clothes and hands. Of course my son came out right behind him and you can only imagine what was on his hand and clothing. I immediately squirted on the Purell and headed for the bathrooms. Thankfully my son never got the monster case of the boogies that boy had because Purell took care of all the germs case closed. I shudder to think of what would have happened if I hadn’t had my trusty bottle in my bag.

  • Jen

    When my son was born he had a hole in his lung. He spent several days in the NICU. After we brought him home we were to avoid anything that could cause infection as much as possible while the hole finished healing. We kept a bottle of Purell in his diaper bin next to his crib, one in the bin next to his pack-n-play and of course one in the diaper bag. It was wonderful to be able to so easily decrease the risks to him with such a simple step!

  • Laura Alumbaugh

    We were christmas shopping at the mall last year when my 15 month old started to get sick. She started vomiting everywhere we were running into the bathroom and I slipped and fell into a puddle when I entered the bathroom. I was absolutley disgusted, but thank goodness I had my Purell in my purse. I washed my hands, and arms and legs and quickly rubbed Purell all over my exposed skin. (after landing on the dirty, public bathroom floor I needed help) LOL Thank goodness my friend was there to help with the baby and clean her up… she was able to wash up and sanitize withpurell, and we also cleaned the baby up and sanitized her hands as well. Thank you for being around even in the dirtiest situations. :)

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  • I work off campus at a hospital but a hospital nonetheless. Every year we have a vendor’s fair and there is always a booth set up passing out free bottles of Purell. I think every hospital employee has a bottle in their car, purse, or sitting on their desk to use, especially if we have to make a trip to the main campus, we want our hands free from germs.

  • Jodi Kozloff

    I have had Purell in my purse seems like forever. When you have kids its a necessity. We take our bottles back to the grocery store here in MI and I could not imagine not having Purell with me after all is said and done at the recycling center. Sticky and germy..ewwww

  • Mara Richardson

    Ever since I had my baby I am a Purell freak! I use it everywhere in my house, car and have it stored in all bags we take places! I love it!

  • Angie Flowers

    I keep my Purell close at hand with a jelly wrap strapped to my hand bag. That way no matter where I am I have purell to clean my hands. You can always use it at the store where the carts are covered with germs. Not to mention if you go to a public restroom to find there is NO hand soap left in the dispenser!!! I also make sure that my husband has some in his work truck. He is in and out of stores all day and always around people and germs.

  • not enough sleep

    In our sleep lab we have Purell dispensors wall mounted at every door in the facility. We have a policy for every employee to use Purell everytime they enter a room so that the patients see the employee sanitizing their hands before they do anything (even just talking). Patients are instructed that the Purell dispensors are for their use also when they are in our facility. Purell shows our patients that we care about having a clean enviroment and respect them by providing a product that protects them from germs.

    Purell keeps patients and employees safe from germs! Stopping the germs before they enter our bodies!

  • Purell. When I wake up. Purell. Before I eat. Purell. After I eat. Purell. As you cam tell I have a germ problem. Purell has been there for me….helped with my anxiety and concern about bacteria & pesky germs that get everywhere. I don’t only Purell by skin, but also surfaces that I always touch. Thank you Purell for all that you have helped me with. i heart you Purell.

  • Mindy

    Being in the nursing program for my BSN I learn more and more about bacteria and infections. I use Purell about 20 x a day at work and at home

  • sfandbf

    I use Purell all the time- I am a teacher!

  • OpsMgrLR

    When I go to lunch with the receptionist at the office, she offers everyone at the table her Purell bottle to sanitize their hands after handling the “germy” menus. Now I carry a bottle of Purell and provide the same kindness to call my fellow diners.

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    Just recently found Shoplet and, based on my usage in the last couple of months, have found an ordering solution to many of my Purchasing problems. You have almost everything needed to support our company in so many ways. Also, the capability to utilize PayPal makes my day much easier.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Elaine Oppenheimer
    EWJ Purchasing

  • Mary RN

    We were passing around a baby…Daddy came and picked her up. Mommy scolded him…You didn’t even clean your hands! She has wipes and bottles of Purell in every room and in the Diaper bag! Keeping that baby from germs!

  • Pat

    I use the wipes to wipe down my keyboard and phone on Fridays before I leave for the weekend. Also keep a few in my purse to wipe down the shopping carts at stores.

  • Doug

    I love to go fishing but my wife does not. Purell makes it easy to get rid of that fishy smell (which she hates). I’ve tried other products but Purell works the best.

  • My friend’s little girl, Elizabeth (Ellie or Elle for short) wanted to pet the llama at the petting zoo, but wouldn’t do it until her mom “washed” her hands. “Llamas and girls don’t need to share germs,” she said. “I wouldn’t want a llama petting me with its dirty hands, so I need to show him the same respect!” It was “pure Elle!” Luckily her mom had some Purell, so the proper respect was shown to the llama by petting it with clean hands. Elle stayed germ-free too!

  • Love Pod

    Purell is used by just about everyone at our workplace. After crawling under desks to service PC’s there is nothing like a clean feeling after washing your hands and using Purell Hand Sanitizer. Our facilities team also uses GOJO products to remove grease/oils. To keep ourselves generally safe from common cold/flu viruses everyone uses Purell, which is gentle enough to everyday. It does not dry the skin like some other brands. Store brands claim to be just as good but contain different ingredients…don’t let them fool you.

    Purell gives everyone peace of mind!

  • Star Salcedo

    Purell is very popular in our place since there was this virus called A H1N1. It helped many people to stay clean and healthy. Every time I go everywhere, i always see someone carrying their bag with a Purell chained in their sling. Also most of the students in our school are using it. It because there is a disease caused by pigs and several people have died because of it. The news told about it and to avoid it is to keep ourselves clean by using hand sanitizers and we should wear masks to protect ourselves from spreading the virus, especially when we are traveling. People preferred to use Purell as their Hand Sanitizer because they said it is not the same with other sanitizers and it could not keep their hands dry.

    That’s all i can remember from my story, i hope i get something. Good Luck to everyone!

  • Lori C

    When I go grocery shopping I always use the wipes the store has available to wipe down the buggy and as soon as I get in my car, I pull out my bottle of Purell to rid my hands of all those germs!

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  • Carla Sisson

    I was pumping gas and the gas overflowed and got all over my hands. I don’t like pumping gas but i am a widow and don’t have a choice so getting gas on my hands is really icky. I was so glad to have my Purell bottle in my purse. I got it out and I was so surprised at how well it worked! The smell of the gas was gone and what a relief. I will be a loyal customer from now on.

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    I used to work as a cashier and I couldn’t make it through the day without Purell hand sanitizer.

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    I work at a public library and don’t know how many times I hear “Oh, I’ve been so sick- that’s why I didn’t get this book back in time.” When I hear that , I head for my Purell. It’s kept me from getting “so sick” for years.

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    I love Purell because it kills all the nasty boy cooties!!!

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    Mine is the time we went a petting zoo and my son petted a goat that had some nasty stuff on it. Thank god I have purell in my purse

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    I love using purel when out shopping to keep my hands free from germs. My 10 year old loves it too!

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  • Purell has saved me so many times. Just a few weeks ago i was out running errands and picked up some cat food at the vet and after i handed my card over to receptiionist, she coughed loudly and told me how she was sick and then handed my card back to me. I promptly pulled out my purell and thank goodness- no cold!

  • Lisa Carr

    I’ve recently started treatments for a chronic health condition, with immune-supressing drugs. I have to be very careful not to catch anything, because the drugs can make the illnesses so much worse. I now carry Purell in my purse and use it constantly, to prevent any infections or illnesses.

  • M.K.

    I take my dog to the dog park as often as possible and there are plenty of germs there… as you can imagine. Purell Hand Santizer comes in very handy and people are always asking to use some.

  • Laurissa

    My son started college a couple of months ago. He got a job at the health center. Since he has a job at the health center he has the nurses and his mom telling him to use Purell. .

  • Chrissy Morrissey

    We keep a large bottle in our office and use it regularly, and even more often during cold and flu season. I have a small bottle that I carry with me on outings and when traveling. It’s easy to be clean!

  • Patty

    I love the Purell small bottles that go on a key chain. Awesome after returning empty pop bottles to the grocery store. The sticky goes away!

  • I love the Purell products. I personally like to carry Purell with me in my car, because I often like to use it after handling gas pumps to put fuel in my car. It’s a fantastic product.

  • Jon B.

    Every time we shake hands at our church I go straight for the Purell afterwards to get rid of the germs. :P

  • Tony

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  • cathy s.

    We recently used Purell in our office for everything when we had a week of no water because of E. Coli in the water supply. We also use it to clean medical equipment between individual users.
    We’ve always used it for cleaning white boards, counters and the toilet when little boys aim poorly! We buy it in large containers and fill smaller containers from it so it’s easier to work with.

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    The #1 way to prevent infection is clean hands. We have Purell dispensers throughout the hospital where I work. So when I brought my newborn home from the hospital, I made sure I had several bottles of Purell hand sanitizer. I also keep a bottle in my purse. It’s the brand I trust to keep my family safe and healthy.

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    I attach a purell bottle to my backpack. I constantly get some friends and sometimes random people coming behind me and using some of my purell! I’m glad people around me take action from getting others sick and like to keep their hand’s clean!

  • jay w

    I once worked at a place where we always kept a bottle on the counter of the reception desk. One day after the boss sneezed he went over to use it and found that we were out. He sent someone right out to get a refill.

  • Karmen

    Purrell … unfortunately have no story to tell. Except to note that I am a recent convert to anti-bacterial products. And still do not consistently use them; afraid that good bacteria will be eliminated as well.

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  • Terri Wendt

    1 year ago I began working in the office of a small special education school. I had been loving my new job with the many visits to my desk by students who like to high-5, hug & shake hands, when a much-appreciated reminder was given to me: these kids have their hands all over the place, including their own bodies, as many of them have the mind of a very young child (even tho they may be 20 or 21 years old). How grateful I have been! From that day forward, I keep Purell hand sanitizer ON TOP of my desk and use it many times a day. I’ve had to take only one sick day in 13 months (and did I mention I have 3 boys of my own at home?)…

  • Felicia

    Thanks Purell for killing the germs.

  • Ellen

    As a music therapist that works with kids with special needs, I live Purell. Sometimes the children I work with like it a little too much as well…Try Purell on your face! Slap it right on and feel that cooling sensation take over.

  • Mitzi Diaz

    I have a 16 year old son and he carries Purell in his backpack, his baseball bag and his car. We love Purell!!

  • Kirstie

    I’m an office manager and this cold and flu season, I’m stocking my breakroom, bathrooms, and all employee desks with Purell. It’s a must have with all the germs that float around a busy office. I also keep a mini in my purse and car!
    Thanks for your great products Purell :)

  • Rhonda

    P – Pocket or Purse
    U – Use often at home or work
    R – Really great
    E – Exciting fragrance options…
    L – Lubriderm, Ocean & Aloe
    L – Love it!

  • Annie Lee Billings

    In 1997, I was diagnosed with a liver disease that has a poor track record for survival. I was placed on immunosuppressant drugs and told the disease was controllable but not reversible. I would always be required to take these (nasty) drugs!

    Always susceptible to “germs”, I began using Purell in a rather “OCD” manner. As a direct result, I have been illness-free greater than 98% of the time since then…a much-better track record than my healthy counterparts.

    In addition, the diagnosis was reversed in 2001!

    Thanks be to Jehovah Rophe!

    Thanks, Purell, for making this tool available!

  • Yolanda

    I just love Purell. I have a five year old and one time she was eating some candy in the car that left her hands sticky and she asked for it to clean her hands. I of course handed her the dandy bottle I keep in my car at all times while i got off to put gas. After i pump gas I always use Purell on my hands and rub some on my steering wheel to avoid getting icky germs on it. Well as I get in the car to ask her for it turns out she used what was left of it ‘cleaning’ the rest of her arms and legs because she said they were dirty! Too cute, yes she finished my bottle but can I blame her. Luckily i reached for the pocket sized one in my purse.

  • pauline miller

    In the job that I have I’m continually in contact with people and germs. I have a bottle next to my computer on my desk. I also have a bottle in my purse for times when you can’t was your hands after using the rest room (no water, no towels, air dryer wont work) also for when I worked my part time job at a dry cleaner. nothing like touching dirty clothes and trying to eat lunch! I went through a lot of Purell at that job!

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  • Dana

    First, I am an avid outdoor person so it comes in very handy. I have those mini-purell bottles in every piece of outdoor gear I own (i.e. climbing pack, bike bags, jogging stroller, ski jacket, you name it). You just never know when you might need it. However, I grew to love purell even more when I discovered how it is the only thing that can remove “sap bombs”. We have poplar trees around the house and driveway that drop this mustard colored sap. It gets on, dogs, play equipment and once it gets on the shoes it gets tracked everywhere. Oneday. in an effort to not sit on some that had gotten on my car seat, I squirted some purell on it and off it came. Since then, I clean everything with, dogs, play equipment, shoes, etc.

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    I used to use Purell in High School when I wanted to get out of gym class. Draw a few odd shaped circles on a parts of your body, drop a small amount of Purell in the middle and swirl it around, instant bruise!

  • We go through quite a bit of Purell at my library where we put containers of it out for our patrons. But hey, all about killing a few germs, so all good.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

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  • Debbie C

    I have sensitive skin and use Purell copiously at work. It doesn’t dry my hands out! I make sure it’s Purell in my work station.

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  • Best story I have is that I always carry it in my purse and was the hero of the playground when two kids fell on the basketball court (wearing shorts) and skinned their knees, no other parent had anything to help, I used the Purell to help clean out the wounds until the kids could get home.

  • Mike S

    My daughter did a science project in 4th grade, swabbing the water cooler, the bathroom door handle, and the classroom door handle. She had two petri dishes as controls and two each for the swabbed areas. She used Purell on the experimental dishes and killed virtually all the bacteria that grew in them. Gross but cool that she did the project to validate our use of Purell. I use it every day, every chance I can think of it.

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    Purell is a must have during the cold and flu season! My husband is a pool player on several different leagues… He has played for a lot of years and back when he did’t carry Purell with him, he would come back with colds and one time he got pink eye! He now carries it in his pool case and we have stayed a lot healthier.
    I also carry Purell with me when we visit older relatives to not pass anything we might have picked up on to them. There are so many uses for Purell, the list could go on and on!
    Thanks Purell for protecting our family all year long!

  • Deissa D

    I have 2 dogs they always seem to do there buisness on the carpet so I have to clean it up and after that I put on some Purell hand sanitizer and Germ Free!!!!

  • Daisy M

    I love Purell I use it after taking a shower and before eatings something or before I get germs on something important! :D

  • Deissa Dizon

    I use Purell before eating or using any tool!!

  • Sharon
  • Sharon

    I am subscribed to your emails.

  • Sharon

    I follow you on facebook (Rust Hawk).

  • Sharon

    I am one of your twitter followers! @rusthawk

  • Sharon

    My trusty bottle of Purell lived in my backpack when I went back to school last fall. Those bathroom doors just scared the heck outta me …one kid would get sick and it would just sweep across campus. Even the large entry doors to the buildings, I knew they were seething with germs I knew I didn’t want. When I couldn’t use my elbows to open them (LOL) my Purell de-germified me.

    /no, I have no OCD issues, I just have kids at home that I didn’t want to bring germs home to :)

  • Roberto L

    I guess I’m one of those guys that just does things, “A GUYS WAY”
    Not sure what URL means, not sure you’ll get this, and never really new what purell was.
    I always seen it by my wifes side of the sink. So when I ran out of bar soap in the shower
    one day, I figured, What the Heck. I’ll just use that. I emptied the bottle and came out squeeky clean. Wife was not amused. I bought enough for both sinks…..Just in case.

  • Patricia C

    I love Purell hand sanitizer, I have one in my car and home. Purell keeps me healthier by keeping germs at bay. I use Purell after handling money,using restrooms, shopping, banking and pumping gas, after swiping my credit card, to name just a few.

  • Amanda

    Purell works for everything. I slightly cut my finger at work and wanted some neosporin or something. We didn’t have any but surely my boss had purell. We laughed about and I closed my eyes while she put it on. Healed in a jiffy!

  • I was using a different hand sanitizer for a while, until I tried the Purell that is kept in the bathrooms and kitchens at my work. I always noticed with the *other* product that if I put my hands near my mouth after using it (perhaps while snacking on a few m-n-m’s, I would end up with a nasty taste on my lips. Purell has no such “aftertaste”. It’s good stuff!

  • Felipe

    One time when I was a child, my friends and I went through the forest beyond our schoolyard during recess, and to our surprise, found a dead body! We started playing with it and poking it with a stick, and some of my friends even went as far as to touching the body! It was a horrid scene, but we didn’t know any different and were acting from what we learned from “Lean On Me” at the time. Well!! It was lunch time, and my friends weren’t that sanitary due to their youth; so they just went into the lunchroom like nothing happened. So we all got our food, but before I ate, I noticed that something was hanging off the side of my backpack! A bottle of Purell (: So I applied the silky stuff to my hands and offered my friends some, which most of them took. Well, the next day some of my friends got sick, and I noticed, oddly, that they were the friends that didn’t take my purell! They ended up having to go to the hospital, but nothing too terrible happened. So Purell LITERALLY saved my life (to an extent), and even if I don’t win, I want to thank you for that (:

  • Cindy C

    Love Purell hand sanitizer, I keep one in my purse, my car and my fav place in my husband’s fishing tackle box so he can snack safely!

  • Pete

    After picking up some fast food recently at the drive-thru, I noticed (too late) that the shake cup was dripping. (Yes, I know eating junk food in the car for a hurried lunch wasn’t my best decision of the day.) Instinctively, of course, I wiped the offending drips with my hand. Bad idea. Big problem: Sticky hands. Sticky steering wheel. Luckily, my trusty bottle of Purell hand sanitizer awaited in my glove box. I pulled over, cleaned the steering wheel (!) and my hands with the wonderful stuff. Problem (mostly) solved! Thanks for the chance to share — and don’t order shakes at the drive-thru, or eat while driving. :)

  • Crystal M

    Hmmmm not sure i habve a story about purell I do know we by it everyear for school supplies because its by far the best and my son always has to have one with a clippy thing to hang on his backpack oh and i have to keep it away from the daughter she thinks is someting she can drink even though she knows better shes still tries!

    Cbrocious1984 AT gmail dot com

  • Patricia H

    I am a Mother of 3 and a CNA at a local Retirement facility and I am constantly washing my hands. I use Purell multiple times daily for the instances when I can not get to a sink to wash m,y hands. I also love that Purell does not dry out my hands and my kids love it to for the car.

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