Win an MMF Steelmaster Bundle (CLOSED)

  • Lily Kwan

    I need a Steelmaster bundle because I want to be more organized.

  • Malv

    I am a stickler for security and organization in my small business and this MMF Steelmaster Bundle would help me keep important papers, books and documents safe, secure and easily accessible.

  • Aaron

    I sell things for my little hobby and work from my home office, and I could use this Steelmaster bundle to sort all my mail, organize my reference books and keep track of important papers.

  • Milt

    I have a small home office and need to secure books, papers, documents and small items; so, I could really use these things.

  • Rob

    This Steelmaster bundle would be great for my side business organization of documents, papers and mail.

  • Paulet

    I sell some items for my home book club and these Steelmaster items woukd be nice to help organize my mail, books and information I collect.

  • Marc

    I do some business development from my office, and this equipment would be handy, to keep my mail, books, and documents easy for me to access.

  • Susan

    I need these to help keep my sanity

  • Amy Z.

    I would love a bundle in my office to help organize all my papers and receipts!

  • Gloria

    I need these great supplies to make my life easier

  • Darlene O’Brien

    this would be everything I need to organize my office I share with hubby..thanks for the chance

  • Jade

    these would be great to get the kids stuff organized

  • Mary Fagans

    Because I have to be the most unorganized person I know!!! This would really help with that!!!

  • sarah mendoza

    i need some organization in my life

  • Staying organized is crucial to maintain an office and home. These products are beyond perfect for that!!

  • Katherine

    Too many papers for one inbox

  • John B.

    This Steelmaster bundle would be a perfect way for me to organize my desk – I’d love to be one of the winners!

  • John H.

    I would use it to get myself more organized.

  • Diane Richards

    To help manage the office desk top madness, just a bit!

  • Twila

    What a great set of tools to get me organized

  • Sheila Vives

    I need the Bundle 1: Steelmaster Deluxe Steel 9″ Bookends and Soho Horizontal Organizer for my research and keeping things organized. My multi-tasking is complex and I stay quite busy. Keeping my desktop real estate free from clutter would make my work more efficient. I need to be more productive.

  • Amy N.

    We are just starting a non-profit and could use the supplies in our home office. Would also love to have them when we go out tabling to keep everything organized! Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway! :)

  • Beth

    This would help me keep all my school papers in the right spot

  • Organize my chaos!

  • Summer I.

    I need a bundle to keep our desk organized, it would be super helpful.

  • I need to organize all the papers that come from running my own business!

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    I need the bundle because I want the bundle! Yes!

  • Jennifer Scott

    to organize my work space

  • Debra G

    Oh, to organize all of my stuff!!!!

  • Jennifer H.

    I need this so that I can be more organized!

  • jeff

    I need to get more organized; this would really help

  • Dana

    I need the bundle because my binders keep falling over and it is driving me nuts!

  • Jennifer Pruett

    I totally need this for my classroom.. I see 90 kiddos for science every day and I have to be organized. This bundle would prevent more gray hairs!

  • Janell Churchill

    I need this for my home office. I need something tough enough to handle me being constantly busy but still keep me organized. These would be so helpful! Thanks for the chance :)

  • Marci

    It would keep my office well organized

  • Nicole Shaffer

    This would be perfect for organizing all of my kids things, bills etc.

  • Angela

    I could sure use any of these items in my home office. My kids are so rough on everything if it can be broke, they will break it. These appear indestructible, just what I need!!! Would love to have the to get organized.

  • Stella Methvin

    I could use this in my home office

  • Kelly Jo Francisco

    This would be great for my desk at work! My boss is always moving everything around and just laying stuff on my desk. If I had this, maybe he would put stuff where it’s supposed to go!

  • vanessa

    this would be great to win and organize my desk thank you

  • kourtney kvenbo

    my craft area is a mess, I need to clean it up and this would be perfect!

  • kymi a

    We’re renovating our spare room to a home office and we sure could use this to keep on top and sort out our business and personal accounts, plus we’ll be stylish and organized. Thank you for the incredible chance.

  • velder dixon

    dont have one

  • Marty C.

    This would be great for my university office; sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in stacks of paper.

  • Ali C

    This would help keep me organized and my office a lot neater.

  • Jerry

    Bundle #1 would be perfect for my needs!

  • Susan

    I could use these to be organized with all the random paperwork we have and they will be harder for my kids to tear up!

  • Mary Helene

    I have a small craft business and use Shoplet products because they work the best.

  • Angela Saver

    We need a Steelmaster Bundle because my hubby owns his own business & between his business & our household mail, we have so many papers to sort through & file! This would be so helpful to us & make things so much easier to stay organized!

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    I am always needing some organization in my home. I have a homeschool and lots of books and papers that I need to organize.

  • I need some organization of papers and growing mess. either of these bundles would be great!

  • Ann

    I work with children who use many different colors of papers. This would work great with that.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I need a :Steelmaster bundle in my office because i have my desk piled up and it looks terrible. I would send a picture but….i am quiet ashamed.

  • Bobby

    This would be great for helping to organize the different tax documents I have.

  • Rick

    These would be so great to organize the different kinds of paper I use on a daily basis.

  • Mary Dailey

    Right now, I have my heavy stock, regular paper, and colored papers stacked on top of each other. It’s very hard to get to what I need and a ream is pretty heavy. Would love to have something I could organize with!

  • Nancy Reid

    My hubs does a lot of real estate work from our dining room table. I would love to set up an alternate work station
    for him and the awesome prize bundle would make a good start. Thanks for the chance!

  • Geri

    I have more mail than I know what to do with. These would be a great help.

  • sandy

    could use both- so either one for school or office- love the comment box

  • We would use these to get our homeschool more organized! We are always losing papers and whatnot, so I think these would be a perfect storage solution that would save space as well!