Win Elmer’s Glue Sticks for Your School! (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Congratulations to Angie B. and the Windber Area Elementary School! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Elmer’s! School supplies are a major essential, and we can never seem to get enough of it. Here’s your chance to win some Elmer’s glue sticks for your school! We’re giving away 2 cases of glue sticks to the school of your choice. That’s one case of Elmer’s Washable Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks and one case of Elmer’s Washable All Purpose School Glue Sticks which comes out to be over 700 glue sticks!

Want to win for your favorite school? Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment telling us the name of the school you think should receive these glue sticks!*

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One winner will be chosen using and announced on Monday, June 25th!

*Please note that the glue sticks will only be given to a school and the school must be in the US. Thanks!

  • Melissa Mehler

    “Stick it to us!!” Rose Springs Rattlesnakes would love the opportunity to win. Not only are we “Wild About Learning” but also We’re Wild About Elmers!!

  • Amy

    George Julian Elem. School in Indianapolis


    Monticello Elementary should definitely win!!

  • lillian hemphill


  • Lisa

    Our school would used these for our many projects we do throught the year! It would help out our low-income population!

  • Laura

    Little lambs children’s center in gahanna, Ohio would love the glue sticks for crafts and projects. Thanks

  • Laura Martin

    LIked Elmers on FB!

  • Laura Martin

    Liked Shoplet on FB!

  • Laura Martin

    Subscribed to Shoplet by email!

  • Laura Martin

    Oakdale Elementary School would love some glue sticks!!

  • Diane Keller
  • Diane Keller

    I follow Elmers on FB.

  • Diane Keller

    I follow Shoplet on FB.

  • Diane Keller

    Toquam Magnet School in Stamford, CT would love these glue sticks!

  • Julie Jenkins

    Thomas Jefferson School in Peoria, Illinois is full of students that love to do crafts! We go through a lot of stick glue because we are constantly displaying student work that incorporates the arts and writing. My school would evenly distribute this gift as we have almost 600 students in our building that would benefit from this valued giveaway! Thank you for thinking of our students!

  • Katie Gilding

    Milford Junior High School, Milford, OH (extra entry for subscribing to the blog)

  • Katie Gilding

    Milford Junior High School, Milford, OH (Extra entry for pinning on Pinterest)

  • Katie Gilding

    Milford Junior High School, Milford, OH (Extra entry for liking Elmer’s on Facebook)

  • Katie Gilding

    Milford Junior High School, Milford, OH

  • Laura Weisenberger

    It would be great if Big Rock Elementary in Chesaning, Michigan could get these glue sticks!

  • Amana Yoshida

    Aspire APEX Academy in Stockton, CA

  • Theresa Graham

    Storm Academy! I like Shoplet on Facebook.

  • Theresa Graham

    Storm Academy! I liked Elmers on Facebook.

  • Viane

    What a great contest! I work at Prairie Elementary, 2910 Ambassador Caffery PKWY, Lafayette, LA 70506.

  • Gail Wiltshire

    I “like” shoplet on Facebook.

  • Gail Wiltshire

    I subscribe to shoplet via email. gwiltshire2atyahoodotcom

  • Gail Wiltshire

    Conway Elementary School
    Our school would be very appreciative to win these glue sticks. We are the largest elementary school in our county and have the same budget as schools 1/2 our size. These glue sticks would go a long way to help our classroom teachers and our art teacher. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Cindy Maxton

    The teachers at our school got NO money for classroom supplies this coming year. Mount Vernon Elementary in Mount Vernon, TX would love these glue sticks!!!! Thanks!

  • Hyrum

    I would love to win these glue sticks for Noah Webster Academy in Orem, Utah!

  • Diana Steelquist

    I love to shop at ! Please provide glue sticks to Gilmore Elementry in League City, Texas!

  • Karen

    I would love Fredericksburg High School in Fredericksburg, Texas to get the free glue sticks because I know teachers in every department need them, and I as a photojournalism teacher use them daily! What a great thing it would be to win glue sticks!

  • Kathy K

    I would love to nominat eFairview Elementary School in Sherwood, Ohio. They always use Elmer’s Glue Sticks for everything from cutting and pasting to glitter covered arts and crafts. It always makes it fun for the kids without being a messy clean up job after.

    Thanks Kathy

  • Michele Tangness

    I would love for this to go to my school, T.G. Smith Elementary in Springdale AR. We are a title one school and so many of our children come without school supplies. The teachers stock up on extra supplies just so the kids that show up without anything will have something. This would help out our school in such a big way especially in the lower grades where they use glue sticks only.
    Thank you for reading this and considering our school as a possible winner.
    Michele Tangness

  • Debbie M.

    Wilmington Friends School in Wilmington, Delaware would love to receive the glue. Thanks!

  • Julieh

    We would love Elmer’s glue sticks at Olga Brener Intermediate School in Shawano WI. We love, love, love arts and crafts. They are also really helpful when it comes to school projects. Our teachers are very HANDS ON. So, please pick us!!!
    Thanks ahead of time!

  • Erin R.

    I subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via Email. Thanks!

  • Erin R.

    Monte Vista Elementary School in Santa Barbara, CA. Thanks!

  • Marsha Webb

    pinned it

  • Marsha Webb

    subscribe to shoplet and elmer’s youtube channel

  • Marsha Webb

    Follow both on twitter

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    Like shoplet and elmer’s on facebook

  • Marsha Webb

    email subscriber

  • Marsha Webb

    Mountainburg Elementary School in Mountainburg, Arkansas

  • Lisa S

    The Christian Academy in Maryville MO

  • Debbie Welchert

    Fort Calhoun Elementary School, Fort Calhoun, NE

  • Jennifer Farley

    East Lynn Elementary School in East Lynn, West Virginia!!

  • Wendy

    MHLT elementary needs them…it nutures creativity and glue sticks are a big part of that!

  • Like both Shoplet and Elmer’s on Facebook

  • email subscriber

  • Ward School in DuQuoin, IL

  • Shopper62

    I would like Bascomb Elementary School , Wyngate Parkway, Woodstock, GA 30189 to win these glue sticks for 2nd grade classes.

  • Angela

    Teachers at Symmes Elementary in OH specifically request Elmers!

  • Theresa J
  • Theresa J

    I Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Elmer’s YouTube Channel


  • Theresa J

    I Follow Shoplet on Twitter and Elmer’s on Twitter


  • Theresa J

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook and Elmer’s on Facebook

  • Theresa J

    I Subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS

  • Theresa J

    Discovery Elementary school deserves this glue

  • Tamara Price

    Granger Elementary Granger, TX— I would love the gluesticks for our school!

  • Repinned on Pinterest

  • Followed on Twitter

  • Liked on Facebook

  • Subscribed via email.

  • John Pittard Elementary

  • Sandee Nagayama

    Ahwahnee Middle school in Fresno, CA – Home of the Warriors would love to have gluesticks!

  • Mary Mac

    I subscribe to e mail

  • Mary Mac

    Allen Park Elementary School

  • Kendra Haugen

    I “liked” Shoplet and Elmer’s

  • Kendra Haugen

    I subscribed via email.

  • Kendra Haugen

    Jacobson Elementary
    Belmond Iowa

  • Malynda Childress

    A.S. Johnston Elementary, Irving Texas 76054

    We used tons of glue sticks this past year!

  • Mike S
  • Mike S

    I subscribe to Shoplet and Elmer’s YouTube Channels

  • Mike S

    I follow Shoplet and Elmer’s on Twitter – @gmstavros

  • Mike S

    I Like Shoplet and Elmer’s on Facebook – mstavros2

  • Mike S

    I subscribe

  • Mike S

    Freeport Middle School, Freeport, ME

  • Tracey Singh

    DeAnza High School Special Education

  • Rachel

    I subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via Email and would love these for Dr. Rodriguez Elementary in Harlingen, Texas.

  • Rachel

    Dr. Rodriguez Elementary, Harlingen, Texas!

  • LeeAnn P.

    I like both on FB [ LeeAnn Prescott ]

  • LeeAnn P.

    I follow both on twitter @murphykatt

  • LeeAnn P.

    email subscriber

  • JudyO

    Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts School

  • LeeAnn P.

    Seawell Elementary in Chapel Hill, NC




    ht middle school

  • Karen Cloud

    St. David’s Day School in Wilmington, DE. They helped my son while we were going through the process of having him diagnosed with PDD-NOS (autism). He did not have an IEP yet, but they did whatever they could to meet his needs and to make him feel like he was “just one of the gang.”

  • Gloria Rodriguez

    Fairway Elementary in Miramar, Fl. And BOY do we need them! =)

  • Enid Kaplan

    Freedom Shores Elementary in Boynton Beach Florida could really benefit from this fabulous giveaway!

  • Judy Behling

    My school – John F. Kennedy Middle School – could definitely use your wonderful glue sticks!

  • memory jones

    West Point Elementary School in West Point,KY could sure use these.

  • Terri Stauffer

    East Clinton Middle School, Lees Creek, Ohio!

  • subscribed to both Shoplet and Elmer’s Youtube page: LuvSavingMoney

  • Shannon

    Franklin County Schools

  • Follow Shoplet and Elmer’s on twitter as @angiewith3

  • Like and Elmer’s Glue on facebook

  • Windber Area Elementary School

  • Carrie Bartlett

    Long Beach High School

  • Cyndi Buell

    Grayside Elementary

  • virginia ott

    I recieve shoplet’s emails

  • virginia ott

    i like shoplet on facebook

  • virginia ott

    i like Elmers on facebook

  • virginia ott

    Samuel F.B. Morse elementary in Baltimore City always in need of glue and glue sticks.

  • Casey

    North Vista Elementary!!

  • Lori Archer

    I have liked both pages on facebook.

  • Lori Archer

    I am following the Shoplet Blog.

  • Lori Archer

    Milan C-2 elamentary in Milan, Mo

  • Debra Manuel

    Bonnie Holland Elementary (Katy, TX)

  • Victoria Wale

    Glen Taylor Elementary in Henderson, NV

  • I like them both on Facebook.

  • Marion Primary School

  • katieneu
  • katieneu

    i also follow on your youtube channel

  • katieneu

    i follow you on twitter

  • katieneu

    i follow your on twitter!

  • katieneu

    i liked you on facebook!

  • katieneu

    i get all your emails!

  • katieneu

    Northfield Community School

  • Brandi Travis

    Valley Life Charter School

  • Janice Lane

    Mary Lou Dieterich Elementary in Modesto, Ca

  • Amanda Wright

    Horse Branch Elementary School

    Subscribe to Elmer’s on YouTube

  • Amanda Wright

    Horse Branch Elementary School

    Subscribe to Shoplet on YouTube

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    Horse Branch Elementary School

    Follow Elmer’s on Twitter

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    Horse Branch Elementary School

    Follow Shoplet on Twitter

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    Horse Branch Elementary School

    Like Elmer’s on FaceBook

  • Nancy

    WACS Schools Winona, MN

  • Amanda Wright

    Horse Branch Elementary School

    Like Shoplet on FaceBook

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    Horse Branch Elementary School

    Subscribe to Blog via email

  • Amanda Wright

    Horse Branch Elementary School

  • Heather

    Erskine (Followed Shoplet on Twitter)

  • Heather

    Erskine (Here’s my second entry for liking both pages on facebook)

  • Maureen Smith

    Troy Middle School, Plainfield, IL

  • Heather


  • andrea

    Harvard school of Excellence in Chicago, please!

  • KMac

    Allen Park Elementary

  • Gloria Wilson

    United Christian Academy

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