Ecobutton helps reduce PC Power Consumption


Here is another little gizmo that I supposed to help with the carbon footprint.  Each time you take a short or long break, a phone call, go for a meeting etc. you simply press the ecobutton™ and your computer is put into energy saving ‘ecomode’ which ensures that both your computer and monitor draw only the same nominal power as when they are shut down!

The ecobutton™ is illuminated and sits on your table/desk top next to your keyboard for easy access. It connects to your computer via a USB cable. Each time your computer is put into ‘ecomode’ the clever ecobutton™ software records how many carbon units and how much power and money you have saved by using the ecobutton™.

What some may criticize that the ecobutton™ is just anoter shortcut for hibernating your computer the people behind it claim that the ecobutton™ mode turns off all the components inside your system except the essential memory. When in ecobutton™ mode your system is using as little as 1.8 watts.

You can find more facts facts on Ecobutton and stats on the savings of electricity bills and C02 reductions