Happy Earth Day! Here are Some Green-Tastic Videos

Earth Day 2


(AKA Shoplet’s favorite holiday)

You’ve probably heard that “Earth Day should be celebrated everyday.” Well, the folks here at Shoplet most certainly agree. We’ve instated first-to-the-web green tools and resources to make going green a far easier battle to rage. And our Shop Green page has been a brilliant success. Merely shopping for green recycled products, however, doesn’t come close to the efforts that we exert beyond the scope of retail. That’s why we’ve compiled some super-useful video tutorials and tips, which discuss cool ways to embrace a greener lifestyle for life. Check out these awesome green-tastic videos!

For starters, let’s run through the basics on how to green up our homes:

Upcycle your useless floppy discs into a makeup brush holder – so clever!

Avoid using mainstream cleaners with harsh chemicals. Try using homemade DIY cleaners with household-safe products, instead. This video brushes through the many brilliant uses of baking soda:

Don’t buy new sipping envelopes- upcycle your old cereal boxes, instead. This is a great way to save money at the post office & decrease waste in our landfills!

Clas Ohlson teaches us how to upcycle old furniture using decoupage. This could be really cute for the home office or pantry!

Breathe toxins outta your home with house plants! Easy.

So you’ve made the switch from plastic cutlery to metal cutlery…but you still have some plastic spoons left over from seasons past…should you throw them away? No way! Turn ’em into a mod lampshade:

Green prank your office. Only the best from Grist TV:

And more from Grist TV, save bunny rabbits by greening up your morning makeup routine:

This video’s quiet, but AWESOME! Turn your desk lamp into a planter:

Earth Day is a day to celebrate everyone’s home sweet home. No matter what patch of planet you claim to be your very own, the earth at large belongs to all who are lucky enough to experience and wander upon it. A day that everyone and anyone is invited to celebrate, Earth Day is a day whereby we can (at least try to) push aside political and social contentions in favor of protecting and enhancing what’s most important to us all: our future.