Green Office Snacking: Kelloggs Says “NO” To Destructive Palm Oil


Exciting news for the green-conscious, Pop Tart-loving office snacker! Kelloggs recently agreed to to halt the purchase of palm oil from suppliers who damage rain forests. Duane D. Stanford of Bloomberg News applauds Kelloggs in their decision, referring to it as “the strongest move yet by a public food manufacturer.” As early as 2016, Kelloggs will ensure that the palm oil it uses in its products- from Pop Tarts to Rice Krispies– will be sourced only through supply chains & plantations that exhibit an environmental conscious.

Historically, palm oil- a vegetable oil used to cook the majority of mass-produced, manufactured foods, like Pringles-has been synonymous with ruthless environmental destruction. According to the WWF, the orangutan population, numbering a measly 60,000 to date, has particularly suffered from the palm oil industry’s methods of deforestation.

We’re super psyched about this news & even prouder to carry a brand that uses its influence to better our collective consumer conscious. While there are still a bunch of improvements that we’d like to see made in manufacturing processes at large, we can be grateful to Kelloggs for taking a meaningful step that points us in the righter, brighter direction!