Saving the World, Amazing Practices


Here at Shoplet, we believe that being green and environmentally friendly is important for any company. Being green may seem like an arduous and expensive task, but many green practices are effortless and may actually save you and your company big bucks in the long run. From using non-disposable supplies to turning off the lights, these small acts can make a huge impact. However, while there are many simple ways to go green, knowing where your ecological weak points are and deciding what is important to you and your business can help you make the transition. There are some pretty awesome companies out there that have made going green a part of their business model and are very successful. Wanna know what they are doing? Check out these two green biz innovators who are making a big impact and saving the world:

Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion, a pizza restaurant chain, has puts special emphasis on green building methods. They promote recycling, using recycled and repurposed products, and offer refunds to consumers who return the pizza boxes. In addition, they host free kid’s classes that teach the importance of recycling. What’s even cooler still is that all delivery staff uses hybrid cars to deliver orders. Talk about dedication!




If you are looking for environmentally friendly writing utensils and green binders, Stride and Schneider perform amazingly. Their ecological responsibility is also top notch. Schneider, who produces amazing pens, had the whole green thing down to a tee. Schneider uses natural energy, recycles practically all of their waste, and their electricity is 100% hydro powered! Aside from the environmental achievements, Stride, who produces high quality and recycled binders, is a woman owned company with 50% of their workforce consisting of people with developmental disabilities. Social and ecological advancements come together beautifully!



You don’t have to be a big company to find creative ways to go green . Using natural cleaning products such as lemon juice and baking soda is quite an inventive way to clean your desk or office. Regardless of what method you use to go green, the end result is that you are helping the environment. Need some more motivation? Here are some quotes that might inspire green greatness in all of us.

Happy Greening!