Why Should Your Business Go Green?

Going Green

Why should your business go green? Here’s plenty of reasons too! Customers, companies, and organizations are becoming more conscious of the cost and potential scarcity of our natural resources.  Going green is not just good for the environment, but also for your business as a whole, there are plenty of benefits that come with going green.

    Legal and Tax Advantages

Legal Tax Advantages


The ‘Going Green’ movement has evolved into something more than reduce, reuse and recycle. Implementing environmental initiatives in your business can save money, increase efficiency, and may even qualify small business owners for tax credits.

The federal government allows businesses to take a tax credit for up to 30% for the use of solar and wind energy.  Companies can install energy efficient products, like Energy Star labeled exterior windows and skylights, Energy Star labeled storm windows, Energy Star labeled exterior doors and storm doors, Main air circulating fan, etc.

     Improved work place

Improved WorkPlace

A “Healthful” Fact about Going Green: According to the Green Business Bureau website, companies that promote a healthier workplace report a 20 percent decrease in the number of sick days used by employees. This benefits companies through increased productivity and less money paid out in medical benefits.


    Reduce waste and Decrease Cost  Reduce Waste and Decrease Cost


Companies that focus on reducing energy consumption not only help the environment, but also reduce their costs in the form of lower energy bills. Also, improving energy efficiency and lowering operating costs can save a business thousands of dollars per year.

Some Quick Recommendations to Consider:

  1. Turn it off – many businesses leave their electronic devices on all day and night. Instead, turn everything off at night, every night
  2. Turn it down – Put timers on lights areas that are not constantly occupied, like bathrooms. Also, see if you can use less overhead lighting during the day, especially in the areas of your office that are situated by windows (daylight rules!).
  3. Cut packaging – Encourage existing vendors to ship products in less elaborate packaging and consider switching to suppliers that are less wasteful. And also encourage your own company to invest in greener packaging.

    Public image and Increased Sales

Green Public Image

Going green comes with a polished public image! Companies that emphasize sensitivity to the environment gain more consumers – studies consistently report that the general population feels more inclined to do business with products or services that demonstrate a general concern beyond the call of business.

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