Awkward Home Offices That are Actually Amazing

Everyone has that one awkward space in their home that they have no idea what to do with. It’s tough to optimize space especially when its an unusual shape, under a staircase or in a random nook. If you can’t dedicate an entire room to a home office, why not use one of those awkward spaces as and transform them into not so awkward home offices? We scoured the internet to see what other people are creating in their homes and we categorized them by space type. So if you have no idea what to do with that awkward and unused space, here are some pretty sweet ways to optimize them.

The Cloffice

[ Klo-fis] noun: A workspace erected in an unused or underutilized closet.

Cloffice 2

This Cloffice is set in an IKEA PAX system so you can tuck away the mess. Awesome!

Cloffice 3

Removing the doors to an unused closet and adding a little glam with wallpaper makes the space feel cozy.

Cloffice 4

Adding just two simple shelves can create a minimalist office hideaway.

The Cloffice

For maximum storage, build up! Add modular and stackable drawers and cubes for a perfectly customized workspace.

Looking for more neat Cloffice inspiration? Check out this Cloffice design post for more information on this office trend!

The Nookffice

Nookffice [Noo-k-fis] noun: A workspace erected in any secluded or obscure corner or small recess.

nookffice 1

Have an odd nook? Use a lower shelf as a work surface and build up! Make your nook a colorful focal point instead of an eye sore!

nookffice 2

Any awkward space can be transformed into a cute little desk with a few strategically placed shelves.

nookffice 3

Perfect minimalism.

The Nookffice

Adding a cute table lamp and recess lighting can make any nook feel purposeful.

The Wall-to-Wallffice

Wall-to-Wallffice [wawl-too-wawl-fis] noun: A workspace erected along the entire span of a permanent upright construction having a length much greater than the thickness and presenting a continuous surface except where pierced by doors, windows, etc. (thanks!!!)

Wall to wallffice 2

Tiny rooms can still command admiration with ultra chic wainscoting and a custom desk.


Wall to Wallffice 4

Shiplap, floating shelves and under counter strip lights can make for a super elegant space.

Wall To Wallffice 5

A wall to wall office set up is the perfect excuse to showcase your out of control book collection.

Wall to wallffice

Transform a porch into a charming wall to wallffice space

The Stairffice

Stairffice (stair-fis) noun: A workspace erected under a series of steps for going from one level to another, as in a building or home.

Stairffice 2

Office under stair, don’t care.

Stairffice 3

Yeah, custom built in’s are pricey but look at these results!

stairffice 4

Pops of color and clean white lines can make an under stairs space magnetic.

The Stairffice

Bold art and an unusual desk make this office a focal point.

and… for the win….The WT’fice

WT’fice [w-t-fis] adjective: An abbreviation for what the office. An office successfully erected in a space that most would render impossible. An office that defies all offices and draws forth a sense of awe and admiration. EX: An office in a closet with a wall to wall desk situated under a staircase. See below.

WT'fice for the win!

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