Clothed Much: Classy Office Fashion

My friend Brooke who I wrote about a few months ago here had a link on her blog to another cute fashion blog – ClothedMuch – written by Elaine. Her style is pretty classy and she has great outfits that would be perfect for any job or dressy occasion.

Straw hats are very cute and summer-y.

Polka dots can actually be classy

White t-shirts are also summer-y and perfect to calm down bright patterns. This is a very fresh, clean look.

So shorts might not work for every office situation but those people at cushy ad agency jobs can and should try it out.

Summer time doesn’t mean saying goodbye to grays and blacks. Simple color schemes are classy.

But then so are bright colors? Orange-y/red actually looks good with a lot of different skin colors, hair colors. The necklace is pretty bold but it’s guaranteed to get a lot of smiles when you walk down the street.

Oh that nautical theme everyone keeps talking about. Navy blue stripes are just great

And the classy black with pearl necklaces.

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  • haha i love your pushes for a more fashionable work place. yep elaine is the classiest.