Come to the office with Jack Spade

*Note: This post is directed towards guys, but really it works for girls too.*

It’s hard to travel light when you go to work, especially when you spend an hour + each way on the train. I’ve debated what the best way is to carry extra items on the train and I often envy the men I see with empty hands and barren shoulders (there aren’t too many of these.) A lot of men carry bulky suitcases or other items that don’t look very comfortable or fashionable. The perfect solution? Jack Spade. Yes these bags are expensive but they will last. Check out 3 options or 3 different types of bags you can add to your daily routine:

Messenger Bags

More on the casual side but definitely nice enough to wear to work. Choose a basic color to wear everyday or pick the seersucker to get in a summery mood. Choose one here.


Dress it up a little or choose the nylon to stay casual. These are a great modern take on the classic briefcase. Shop for them here

Travel Bags– Not pictured because you probably won’t drag one to work but they have some really nice travel items. Shop for them here

Tote Bags and Backpacks

Get really casual here. The totes are bright and fun (probably not every first guy’s choice) and the backpacks..well don’t wear them to work. I don’t think nylon backpacks can fit into the work category.

Wondering why you would need a bag like this? Put this stuff in there:

  • Keys
  • Wallets
  • Lunch or Snacks
  • To-Do Lists and a Notebook
  • A Pen
  • Gym clothes
  • Gum
  • Cell phone
  • iPad or Kindle
  • Books or Magazines
  • etc.

As a dedicated fan of Seinfeld, I must remind you of the European Carry All used by Jerry Seinfeld.

Yes they used to a joke, but now they are in so get one. (9to5mac agrees)

  • I really like the messenger bags, although I prefer to roll my laptop rather than carry it. I’ll have to check out their site to see their other bag options. Thanks for the post.