customize your work feet with shoes of prey

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of walking around the city and realizing the value of good shoes. I’ll admit I always jump for the $10 ballet flats or cheaper heels but at this point in my life, I must make a change. Now it’s all about comfort and getting my feet through the day. Time to visit Shoes of Prey. On their website, you can create any shoe you’d like! (okay not any, but close.) Here’s a few of my favorites from their gallery:

Can you imagine how awesome these must feel? I’ll admit that the lowest shoe goes for about $180 so you may not be ordering custom shoes all the time. But what about a classic pair of black heels that you’ll wear a few times a week? They are handmade with the best materials! You can choose style, color, the fabric, the embellishments, etc etc.

Sorry to the guys out there, I don’t know of a place like this for you yet. This place looks like a possibility but will own you on the prices. Know of a place that makes custom guys shoes for cheaper prices? Comment below!