Cute Laptop Sleeves That You Will Make You Famous

(At least in your Neighborhood)

I love my laptop. The thing with laptops is that you tend sometimes develop some affection for it. You take care of it as much as possible, as it will be your sidekick for the next couple years to come. And you are always fearful for the first large scratch, which is why most of us get some kind of casing or sleeves for it. Here are a couple example of sleeves for those who feel like accessorizing their dear laptops.

The “My Documents” folder on your laptop’s file system is the location where most of your files live. The whole “folder” metaphor was first developed by Xerox Parc for its ground-breaking Star desktop system. Those folders were designed to mimic the real-life paper-and-manilla-folders offices use to file paperwork. Now, that metaphor is carried on by all graphical user-interfaces. No matter what operating-system you’ve got on your laptop, you’ve probably got something like a “My Documents” folder.

The neoprene laptop sleeve is big enough to host a laptop up to 15.4 inches. The inner fleece lining keeps everything shiny and scratch-free. Also included is the pixilated cursor-pin to ram that concept home. The “My Document” Laptop sleeve can be purchased through Think Geek

9 to 5 Laptop sleeve

The 9-5 laptop sleeve brings with you to corporate America. Be sure to talk about it by the water cooler; you will be making a lot of friends with it.  Made of heavy duty vinyl and padded with 1/4 fabric backed foam. You can find it at BarrysFarm for just $40.

Without a doubt the sharpest looking laptop sleeve I’ve seen. It folds open like a flower around your laptop and then folds back up into an envelope-like sleeve. Made out of heavy gauge felt. Laptop sleeves are great if you don’t want to buy a seperate laptop bag and just use an existing bag you already own. You can find it at Red Maloo for just under $100.