Hanneli: Ode to Summer Work Outfits

It’s sad to say goodbye to summer outfits! The office always seems to be a little more casual in the summer. Your co-workers are headed to the park during lunch or to a outdoor summer concert at the park after work and tend to dress for both occasions – work and leisure. Blogger and model Hanneli spots some of the cutest summer work outfits around. Here’s 5 things to keep in mind for next summer (and maybe this Fall. Who knows, maybe it will be warm?)

1. Sunglasses can be really classy and add to the look of your outfit. Maybe choose round over ray-ban style?
2. Simple silk dresses are beautiful. We love the painted silk blue dress below. Sometimes we tend to over accessorize, when simple is a elegant and a breath of fresh air.
3. Sheer blouses are tough to wear but if you wear white underneath, it still looks great for the office!
4. Bow ties and ties are not just for guys!
5. Adding a black blazer to anything makes it look appropriate for work.

Enjoy your summer work outfits while you can! We can see tights and jackets coming in the near future…