Keep Collected: Office Fashion

My new friend Brooke is coming to visit NYC this week (all the way from Utah!) and I’ve been addicted to reading her blog – Keep Collected. I’m not sure what the dress code is where she works, but where I work it’s business casual. Business casual as a dress code is very very vague. At one place you can wear a jean skirt and tights and other places you can only wear a dress shirt and slacks. These aren’t outfits I’d necessarily recommend for an interview or business meeting. But once you get comfortable and you’re just going to work everyday, it’s time to start mixing it up.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from Brooke about dressing for work:

  • Try a monochromatic outfit.  Sometimes it’s a little easier on the eyes and a little classier in general.
  • Dress is too big? Put a belt around it.
  • Add a blazer to a dress, skirt, or pants.
  • Pink and pinkish hues are back for girls, so wear it!
  • Go preppy, put on a sweater
  • Let your outfits be inspired by everything about you – album covers, magazines, movies, etc.
  • Get a nice, expensive white or cream colored blouse. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit.
  • Button the top button on your dress shirts – it actually looks nice
  • Plaid is great (I must admit I already know this one. )
  • Add a bright-colored scarf to liven up your outfit

Check out some of these great options for work below!