New Fall Fashion Colors for Work


{A quick note before you jump into this great post from my new friend Beckie at Cubicle57 – I love that she politely told me that our Office Fashion section hadn’t been updated in awhile and she was totally right. I promise I will try to work on this. The truth is that I work from home so my office fashion is non-existent. Sad right? If you ever want to contribute a post about office fashion, please let me know!}

Just because its fall doesn’t mean that you have to throw color out the window when you get dressed for work in the morning. As it starts to get drearier and grayer I develop a tendency to become camouflaged against my surroundings and usually sometime during November I look down and realize I’ve worn some form of a groutfit {gray+outfit} for about a month straight. No wonder I’m depressed by the end of the workweek.

This year I’m making a conscious effort to ward off the seasonal depression by going out of my way to inject fall’s best colors into my wardrobe and keep them around all winter long. Color of the moment for me is this blush-y pink. Inspired by the photo below that I took just last week when the man-friend and I were having a luxurious Saturday afternoon stroll through Central Park. If nature can keep hope alive, then so can we ladies {& gentlemens}!

About the writer:

Beckie is an administrative assistant by day, and a blogger on her lunch hour/nights/weekends. Visit her “at work” over at Cubicle57 where she documents her various methods of keeping sane when one types words and un-jams copiers for a living. SPOILER ALERT: It’s a lot of DIY projects, light crafting, internet finds, cat photos, amateur photography, and other fun bits and what-nots.